Chapter 5

Before the little girl could open her mouth to explain, a terrible scream came from inside the house she'd just exited. Before anyone else could react, the Doctor was already sprinting for the front door. A woman was yelling for help, her voice choking with abject terror. Then, almost ominously, there came an abrupt silence.

The Doctor had almost reached the door when it burst open, splinters and chunks of wood flying everywhere. Forced to leap back, his arm thrown protectively across his face, the Doctor fell. Out of the door leaped a creature such as Clara had never seen before. The child beside her began to whimper, so she wrapped arms protectively around Safara. All the while keeping an anxious eye on the Doctor.

From his rather undignified sitting position on the pavement, the Doctor looked up at the creature which now stood over him. He raised a curious eyebrow.

The creature was a burly male, dressed in ragged, dirty, medieval style clothing. It was about half the size of an adult. It had a normal human body from the neck down. However, the head was like a grotesque parody of a human head. Around its neck was a shaggy brown mane like a lion. It's forehead and front of the scalp was sharply split into a V-shape from the bridge of the nose.

It had wide, slanted, almost feline gold eyes. A thin fringe of hair formed between the eye and a prominent thin cheekbone, becoming longer as it tapered back towards the creature's otherwise bare head. It had an enormous, eagle-like beak of a nose. It's skin sagged slightly around a wide mouth, ending in a steeply pointed chin. But the oddest thing about the creature was its enormous square teeth, which he bore in a wide, triumphant grin as he stared down at the Doctor.

The creature was holding a dagger in one hand. In the other it held what appeared to be a small perspex box, which gave off a green, gently pulsing, glow.

Smiling back at the creature, the Doctor's eyes lit up. "I know you! You're one of the Four Beasts of the Tor of Krell. Better known as the Goji. What the humans call a gargoyle. But that's wonderful! I thought you were all extinct. You were all defeated in the Last Battle of Lornesse. Wiped out by the twelve combined armies of the Merovingian kings."

The creature didn't bother to answer. It merely gave a vicious laugh and pressed a button on top of the perspex box it was holding. Clara and the policeman both had to shield their eyes from the sudden flash of blinding green light.

When Clara looked again, the creature had vanished. Where the Doctor had been, was now a fourteen year old boy, wearing the Doctor's over-sized clothing.

He looked down at himself and frowned. "Oh dear. I'm do hope I'm not going to have to stand on a chair to pilot the TARDIS, now. That would be far too humiliating."

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