Chapter 14

The other Time Lord, temporarily known as 'Theta' looked distinctly uncomfortable, as two of the knights dismounted from their horses, drawing swords at they came towards him.

"Hello again, Gentlemen." He said, lifting his hat. "Are those swords in your hands, or are you just happy to see me?"

"What happened this time?" Clara's Doctor murmured to him. "Or do I want to know?"

"Whatever it is," Clara added, "you've really not gotten on their good side, have you? They look as if they can't wait to turn you into southern fried Time Lord."

"Yes." Theta said dryly, "I had noticed, my dear. And I didn't do much of anything, to speak of."

Clara's Doctor snorted. "Nonsense! You forget. It's me standing here. I'm always doing something. Life would get very dull, otherwise."

"Quite true. Since we're all standing around and having a nice chat, perhaps you could convince them that they need me alive—or rather us, if we're to stop this Goji from waging a war on this planet."

One of the knights approached warily. He thrust his sword in Theta's face. The Time Lord merely stepped back slightly. He gave the man a stern look, as if he were dealing with a particularly mettlesome child.

"You know you really ought to be more careful with that thing. You could poke someone's eye out."

"I say we kill him now, my lord bishop." The knight growled. "Save us the trouble of roasting him."

"Oh yes," Theta nodded sagely, "your firewood's bound to be damp from all this rain."

"Or you could let us all help you defeat the Goj—er, the dragon." Clara's Doctor interjected.

"Silence, peasant!" The man with the ax shouted from his horse.

"Peasant? Peasant?" The Doctor exclaimed indignantly. He flashed open the red satin lining of his coat at the big knight. "Does this look like the attire one would wear for ploughing or reaping or threshing or whatever...ingy... things, they happen to do around here?"

"And what are you doing here, good sir?" Spoke the bishop for the first time, reining his animal around the knight with the ax. "Tis' odd that I'd had no word of any visitors to these parts."

"Careful, my lord." The big bearded ax man cautioned. "We know not what he intends. He may be in league with that sorcerer."

"They think you're a sorcerer?" Clara asked Theta, raising her eyebrows. "Shouldn't you be wearing a pointy hat and carrying a wand or something, then? Though you really look more like a Hobbit, if you ask me."

"Nix on the levity, Clara." The Doctor muttered. "Not helping."

"Well you see," The Doctor addressed the bishop, spreading his hands depreciatively, "I am here with your sorcerer..."

"Ha!" The ax man cried out triumphantly, "I knew it!"

"...If you'll let me finish? I am the one who sent the sorcerer to you." Before the ax man could interrupt, the Doctor hurried on, "To help you fight the dragon."

"Why would a sorcerer want to fight a dragon? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard." Ax man said scornfully. "I think you're right, Wulf. We should kill him."

"Wait!" The Doctor told him. "You don't understand." He racked his brain for a reason to stay the other Time Lord's execution. "He's not just any sorcerer, you see. He's a...a..."

The Doctor's mind groped for more to say, but Clara beat him to the punch line.

"He's an anti-dragon sorcerer!" She smiled up at the big knight.

"They're just stalling for time." The ax man said to the others. They all slowly kneed their horses forward, as the two knights on foot raised their blades menacingly. "Let's just kill them all now. They we can turn our attention to taking care of that dragon."

"OK, not good." Clara sighed. She turned to the two Doctors. "What now?"


Clara took in a breath when she saw both Doctor's shrug helplessly.

"Two of you and all you can say is 'Erm—? Fat lot of good you are. I suppose my showing them a bit of leg won't work at this stage of the game?"

She got her answer when the nearest knight prepared to swing his sword at her head. Clara winced and shut her eyes.

"Guessing not, then. Been nice knowing you, Doctors."

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