Chapter 16

Mounted on their horses, surrounded by the bishop's knights, the two Doctors and Clara set off for the bishop's home. But no sooner had they left the confines of the little hamlet, when they encountered an obstacle.

A small child sitting in the middle of the muddy track, crying. The big, dark bearded knight no longer brandished his ax. But he kept on riding, as if the child wasn't even there. Obviously he had no problem with trampling a child under foot.

Clara trotted her horse to the front of the group, in order to block his progress. The knight reined his horse up short, scowling at her and raising a fist as if to strike.

"Out of my way, you..."

"That will be quite enough of that, I think."

Kneeing his horse between her and the knight, the Doctor interrupted him. He shot the man a hostile glare that only a Time Lord can give. The knight actually paled—though whether in fear or anger it was hard to tell.

Cruelly digging in his spurs the knight pulled back on his horse, causing the animal to open its mouth in pain, jerking up its head and rolling its eyes. This caused the Doctor to frown even more deeply at the man.

"Very well, your grace. But keep your...woman on a tighter leash from now on."

The knight still suspected that Clara was no lady. Not in those sorts of garments, he thought to himself. Who did this lord whoever he was, think he was fooling? Though mind you, she was quite a fetching little wench. He mentally undressed her with his eyes, even while he was drawing away.

For her part, Clara tried to ignore the man's look. But inside she felt a cold shudder travel down her spine.

"And you would do well to stop taking your anger and whatever petty insecurities you have, out on innocent people." The Doctor spat back.

While he was talking, both Clara and the other Doctor, Theta, has clambered out of their saddles to see to the child. They squatted down beside the crying boy.

"There, there, now. What's your name then?" Theta asked softly, chucking the child on the chin and smiling at it.

The boy's reaction was to cry even harder. Theta looked at it unhappily.

"What can I say?" he shrugged at the boy, "Nobody is perfect...whoever you are."

"I think I know who he is." Clara murmured sadly.

"You've met him before? I was under the impression you'd just arrived." Theta said to her.

"We had. We were talking with him. Only then, he was a full grown man. One of the local peasant farmers."

"Yes, I see. Then that can only mean..." Theta replied, glancing around warily.

"That the Goji is probably here. Right now. Watching us." Clara nodded.

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