Chapter Three

After drinking his tea, John wanted to lie back down and smiled when Michelle helped adjust his pillow and fluffed it up a bit for him.

"You're very helpful. How old are you?" he asked her.


"And how about your family? Mother, father…"

"An older sister named Brittany. She's fifteen. I have a younger sister named Mandy who's four and my brother Tom is five. I have a Daddy and Mommy and there was Rex, our doggie and the Doctor is our adopted Uncle, River is our aunt and Amy and Rory and Donna are brothers and sisters."

"I don't know Amy and Rory. I know Donna and River though," John said, snuggling under the blanket before Michelle sat back down.

"Amy and Rory traveled with the Doctor but they got in an accident with Weeping Angels and got sent back to 1930 New York and got stuck. They're dead now but they watch over us from Heaven. Donna had her memory wiped for a bit until the Doctor used the chameleon arch and made her Time Lady so she could remember and not die."

"Donna's a Time Lady now? Oh, there goes the universe," John said, shaking his head.

"I like Donna."

John smiled.

"I do too. I was just teasing," he said. "So she has two hearts now?"

Michelle nodded.

"So he's no longer the last."

"Well, Aunt River is part Time Lord too."

"She is?" John said in disbelief. "That was one of her secrets then?"

"I guess," Michelle said, shrugging.

"So much has happened since we left," John said, shaking his head. "In both universes."

"You're like Donna was, right?" Michelle said to him. "You're part Time Lord? Maybe the Doctor can make you all Time Lord with the chameleon arch."

John let out a ruthful laugh.

"Sorry, my little friend, but having one Doctor too many was part of the problem," he said. "That's why he took me over there and left me with Rose. I doubt he'd make me a full Time Lord and have competition over here now. Besides, if I became a full Time Lord, I would live on past Rose and I don't want to do that."

"Can he make you all human then?" Michelle said.'

"Perhaps but I don't want that either. I've come to terms with who I am and I'm happy being this way," John said. "There are advantages to being this way and I'd lose them if I became one or the other. Thanks for thinking of me though."

"I think Mommy would let you stay with us until you and Rose got better. We have a big house and she and Daddy are looking at one in…Mayfair. It's very nice. Uncle Doctor gave us this winning lottery ticket and made us rich so we want to leave Indiana. Sarah Jane and Jack are helping us too and Donna's family so we know people when we move here. Maybe you and Rose could stay with us and look for work and stuff and be a part of our family."

John thought about that.

"I don't know if you'd want us living with you, considering we got our other family killed," he finally said.

"We know the Doctor, isn't that just as dangerous?" Michelle said, shrugging. "He told us stories and I know he's got lots of enemies. So what's the difference if you come and live with us? Maybe you and Rose could help protect us and London."

"Well, in this condition, I don't think we could protect a mouse at the moment," John said, pointing to his gaunt body.

"You'll get better, we'll help," Michelle said.

John smiled, his heart warming at her childish enthusiasm and innocence. He missed having children around after Tony was killed. He and Rose had discussed having some but then the invasion happened and there were more important things to worry about. But the more he talked to Michelle, the more he liked her and he could see why his other self was so fond of her.

His head jerked up when he heard Rose groan and Michelle pulled the mobile out of her pocket while she walked over to her.

"Rose? It's me, John," John said while Rose struggled to wake up. "I'm here beside you so don't be afraid. We're safe."

"Doctor, Rose is waking up now," Michelle said, speaking into the mobile while she stood beside the examination table.

"John?" Rose said groggily while her eyes opened a crack.

"Yes, Rose, I'm safe and so are you. The Doctor found us and we're in the TARDIS med bay. You're being treated and you're on an exam table so stay still."

"Who was talking just now? Sounded like a child's voice?" Rose said, turning her head toward Michelle.

"Me. I'm Michelle, nice to meet you," Michelle said as she ended the call. "Doctor's coming now. I was just talking to John and we were waiting for you to wake up."

Rose finally managed to get her eyes open. She studied Michelle while she waved back.

"Hello," Rose said, finally managing a smile.

"Hi. Doctor's coming, so don't worry," Michelle said.

"He's regenerated, Rose. He looks a bit younger and a bit geeky."

"Well, you look like a geek as well so I wouldn't talk if I were you," Rose said, slowly turning her head towards him.

She turned her head back when the Doctor and Lori came into the room.

"Rose," the Doctor said, moving to her side.

"Wow, you do look geeky," Rose said.

Michelle giggled at the incensed look on the Doctor's face.

"Or hello, if you prefer," he said while Michelle giggled even more. "Nice to see you again, Doctor, thanks for saving our lives."

"Sorry," Rose said sheepishly. "Is this your companion then?" she said, looking at Lori.

"Yes and no, this is Michelle's mum," the Doctor said, pointing to Lori. "She's traveled with me but not full time and not to anything dangerous. I'm helping them look at houses and you and John showed up so we came back for you, brought you in here and we're trying to sort you both out. How are you feeling?"

"Like a lorry ran over me," Rose groaned.

"I don't doubt it, you look like a lorry ran over you," the Doctor said, scanning her with his sonic.

"Did you find a good house, Mum?" Michelle said, stepping back towards her so the Doctor could check on Rose.

"I think so. We found a large one and it's very nice. But we're going to look at one more before settling on it," Lori said, putting her hands on her daughter's shoulders. "Will they be okay?" she said to the Doctor.

"I think so, just needs to heal and put some weight back on," the Doctor said over his shoulder.

"Mommy, can we find a house where they could stay with us? They could get better there," Michelle said.

The Doctor's face brightened.

"There's a thought," he said, turning to them. "Pigs in a blanket and enchiladas galore and they'll put on weight in no time," he added while Michelle and Lori laughed. "Besides, this family will warm your heart. Believe me; I keep coming back for more."

"You've gone domestic?" Rose said with a smile.

The Doctor froze and pretended to be shocked by that while Lori and Michelle giggled.

"Hey, I have, haven't I?" he said. "I guess I said what the hell the moment I had Lori's enchiladas. Eh, why fight it?" he said with a shrug. "But yes, I now have a homebase and a family to go to whenever I need a bit of rest and fun. But the house we were looking at would have more than enough room and it's posh. Something you're used to now?"

"Actually, we moved out of the mansion when we were able to afford it," Rose said. "We didn't want Mum watching us every moment."

"Too right," John said.

"I think you're stable enough to move to the bed. TARDIS, could you move her next to John, please?"

There was a flash and Rose disappeared from the table along with her IV pole. Another flash and she was beside John under the blankets with her IV pole beside her.

"Your ship is very handy for moving things," Lori said.

"That she is and she could do it without causing anymore internal injuries which is why I asked her to do it. I want whatever harm to be healed without me causing further damage."

John smiled tenderly at his wife and caressed her cheek while she relaxed in the bed. The Doctor asked Michelle to stay with them again while he and Lori went back out to check on the house. Michelle pulled up a chair and waved goodbye to her mom and the Doctor as they headed back out of the room.

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