Chapter Six

(One day later…)

Bill and Nancy met Rose and John at the entrance again but when they came inside, they saw twenty other people of varying ages grouped together, staring at him with awe.

"Welcome party?" John said, pointing to the gawkers.

"I told them you translated the message and sent one back in their own language. I believe it's your fan club now," Bill said.

"Oh, well…glad to know I have one," John said, winking at his wife.

"You have two actually, I'm the other one and I'm the only member," Rose whispered to him while Bill and Nancy led them past the gawkers. He led them to the break room. Inside were vending machines and a magazine rack against the wall and several tables and chairs. There were several framed posters of stars and galaxies on the walls and a dingy linoleum floor.


"At the back were several members of The Brotherhood," John said to everyone. "They were as I described them earlier and they were just standing there, looking at us. Then they spoke and…Rose, how would you describe it?"

"It was like a male voice with a hint of female mixed in," Rose said after a moment's thought. "Like a man impersonating a female, I think. I thought their voices were odd and unsettling. Turns out though, the voices were the least unsettling thing about them."

"Did you kick their butts?" Mandy asked.

Rose giggled when John looked at her.

"You mean, did I kick their butts just then?" he said to her.

"Yup," Mandy said.

"Um…no, but I should have," John said while Rose laughed. "I should have kicked their butts back into their spaceships but they weren't being a threat just then. They were being nice people and not mean."

"I would have kicked their butts," Mandy said.

Everyone laughed while John gave her a long, hard stare before patting her on the head.

"So anyway," John teased while everyone laughed.

He smiled and patted the bed beside him and Mandy sat down on the side of the bed.

"Only teasing, love," he said fondly as he patted her head again. "I wish you would have been there to kick their butts, it would have saved the world a lot of trouble."

He paused for a moment, looking at Mandy and Tom.

"Actually, perhaps I should continue this story after the little ones are in bed," John said. "What I have to describe would give them nightmares."

"I wanna hear it," Michelle said.

"Me too," Mandy said.

"Not you," Lori said to Mandy. "I don't want you having nightmares. You can hear a tamer story than this. You…" she looked at Michelle.

"Please! I can handle it!" Michelle begged.

"What do you think?" Lori asked Jim.

"Please, Daddy, I wanna hear it!" Michelle said.

"If we let you do this, we don't wanna hear you complain if it gives you nightmares, alright?" Jim said.

"Yes, I promise I won't complain," Michelle said.

"Alright, you and Brit can hear it. You and Tom are too young," Lori said to Mandy.

"Noooo," Mandy said. "It's not fair!"

"How about if I tell you a story then?" the Doctor said to Mandy.

"Mandy studied him for a moment.

"What kind of story?" she finally said.

"The kind that will not give you horrific nightmares and have you running and screaming in terror while your mother boots me out the front door of the house. How about it?"

Tom walked up beside Mandy.

"I wanna hear," Tom said.

"Okay," the Doctor said, sitting down while Mandy and Tom gathered around him. "Well, one time me and Rose…"


Rose opened the TARDIS door and stepped outside into a magical land filled with rainbows, sunshine and bunnies, bunnies, bunnies. The Tenth Doctor came out and shut the door.

"This is Rainbow World where everything is bright and sunny with absolutely no trauma or scary things whatsoever," the Tenth Doctor said.

"Ooo, look, Doctor, it's raining rainbows!" Rose said, pointing to teeny tiny rainbows falling all around her.

"Yes! And the bunnies are hopping," Ten said, pointing to the hopping bunnies all around them. "Let's hop with them!"

"Yes, let's!" Rose said, taking his hand.


"And so we went hippity hop, hippity hop across Rainbow World," Eleven said.

He paused and giggled at the dubious looks on Mandy and Tom's faces.

"We did! Didn't we, Rose?" Eleven said, looking at her.

"Oh yeah, we just hopped all day on that planet," Rose said while John snickered.

"You're full of shit," Mandy said to the Doctor.

"Mandy!" Lori said, trying not to laugh with everyone else. "Mandy, that is a naughty word. You don't say that, alright?"

"Sorry," Mandy said to the Doctor.

"I hope so," the Doctor said, trying to look stern and failing miserably. "That is not a polite thing to say, especially not to me. I just took some time out of my busy schedule to tell you about Rainbow World and you say a naughty thing back to me? The very nerve!"

"So Doctor, how come you never took Rory and me to Rainbow World?" Amy said.

"Because…I already went there with Rose so there's no point in going back, is there?"

"You mean like when you kept going back to Satellite Five?" Jack said.

"The second time I went it was called the Gamestation so it wasn't the same," the Doctor said.

"He's just trying to divert our attention from his weak, boring story," Donna said to them. "Not even a four and a five year old liked it."

"Did you like it?" the Doctor said to Tom.

Tom shook his head and grinned.

"Well, I was asked by your mum not to mention blood and guts and disturbing things in my story so I didn't. Blame her then," he said, nodding his head at Lori.

"And blame me for this too, let's go get your bath, kids, and let Rose and John rest for awhile," Lori said, standing up.

The children groaned.

"Upstairs. Let them rest and heal up," Lori said. "You can talk to them later."

"Come on, kids," Jim said. "Rex, come on!"

They watched while the children and Rex followed Jim and Lori up the stairs.

"Well, I need to get a couple more bags of saline and ready some more syringes," the Doctor said, standing up. "Donna, Jack, come and help me, will you?"

He looked at Amy and Rory. Amy smirked.

"You can't order us about, Raggedy Man, we're beyond your reach," she teased.

"Then…float quietly," the Doctor said while the Ponds giggled. "Donna, Jack, with me."

"See ya later, Blondie! See ya, John," Jack said, waving while he and Donna followed the Doctor. "And I need to go to Rainbow World someday, it sounds fabulous."

"Oh, it was just incredible," Rose said while everyone laughed. "It was the highlight of my travels with the Doctor, especially hopping with the bunnies."

Jack grinned and winked at her before going into the unfinished room. John watched they go into the storage room before looking at Amy and Rory.

"We'll float quietly here, promise," Amy said.

"I was just thinking it was a shame you didn't get to Rainbow World," John said to them.

"I know, what a bloody shame," Rory said. "We would have loved hopping with the bunnies. Although…I suppose we could do that here," he said, looking around Heaven.

"So…how about we do that and let them rest," Amy said to her husband.

"Okay, we'll go find our own Rainbow World around here and be back later. Have a nice rest."

"And it was nice meeting you both," Amy said.

"And you," John said while Rose nodded in agreement.

They watched while Amy and Rory vanished into thin air. John looked at the crystal and noticed it was still turned on. He shrugged and sighed as he put his arm around his wife, cuddled with her and fell asleep a few minutes before she did.

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