Chapter Eleven

"Well, where was I?" John mused. I suppose I was at the first meeting between me and the Brotherhood. Like I said, the Brotherhood was keen on meeting me because I could translate their language and speak it as well. They had several meetings, both with SETI and NASA and heads of state but they always wanted me and Rose there to observe and give input. I thought at first that they were honoring us but it turns out they were keeping careful watch on us and spying on us. This went on for a few months and I finally became suspicious because they kept making up excuses for the delay of their info and technology but always they wanted to meet with important people and with me and Rose. And like Brit said, it was like V, not only the whole we come in peace thing but the spaceships hovered over major cities and wouldn't leave. I finally asked if they could move their spaceships further up into orbit so they wouldn't have a tactical advantage if they decided to attack but they told me no. They said that they were keeping them above the cities so the residents would get used to their presence. That also sent off warning signals but I kept silent for the moment. I was only one man and I only had one life so I had to be cautious about fighting them since I could have landed up dead. Like I said, this whole back and forth went on for a few months until the Brotherhood finally decided to make their move…"


John sat in his office, working on some paperwork when he heard a knocking on his door. He looked up and smiled at Rose but the smile fell off his face when she saw how upset she looked.

"What is it?" he said.

"Another meeting with the bloody Brotherhood," Rose said, putting a piece of paper on his desk. "This time with Obama. I'm getting tired of flying all over the bloody world just so we can listen to them drone on and on about friendship and peace and we're gonna share this technology with you but we never do because we need to compile the data or the higher ups are in the loo or the cat needs to be put out."

John chuckled.

"So, you're also realizing that all this could be a sham, eh?" he said.

"They keep talking about helping us and they never do. But they wanna make sure we observe them at every moment. I'm tired of it," Rose said, sitting down in the chair in front of the desk. "Is there a way we can politely decline?"

"And face the wrath of Torchwood?" John teased. "You know they want us to go as well."

"Sod Torchwood, they're not flying around the world attending these meetings," Rose said. "I…"

She fell silent and looked over John's shoulder. John frowned and Rose pointed to the window behind him. He swiveled around in his chair and his eyes widened when he saw a blue force field dome coming down from the sky, containing all of London inside it.


"That was step one," John said to everyone. "The reason why they had spaceships over every city was because when the time came, they would project a force field dome over the city, trapping everyone inside. The peaceful meetings were a delaying tactic that allowed them to set up and get ready for the invasion. We had tried to warn everyone at Torchwood that this was coming but Pete was the only one that believed us and even he wasn't able to convince anyone. We wanted to warn the world leaders and the others at these peace meetings but the Brotherhood made sure we were never out of their sight so by the time everyone realized their true intentions, it was too late."

"Were you scared?" Michelle said.

"I was a bit scared but I was scared for Rose rather than for me. I didn't care what they did to me as long as they left Rose alone. Sadly though," he said with a sigh, "that was not to be."

"So they came down after they put up this force field and took you all?" Brittany said, rubbing Rex's head while she listened to them.

"Yes. Actually, they also put mini force fields around Torchwood, Parliament, BuckinghamPalace, 10 Downing and other places so they could contain the most important people. They did the same all over the world, trapping world leaders and politicians so they could be seized later. We were trapped inside that building and had to watch while they sent down smaller ships and started strafing the crowds with laser fire and taking control of everything. Rose and I should have gotten everyone to the dimension cannon and tried an escape there and then but we thought perhaps we could combat them. That was a big mistake."

"They made sure that we were all disarmed when they finally came inside," Rose said. "They made a point of coming after me and John and making sure we were contained. We knew one of the leaders of the Brotherhood since he pretended to be the liaison at the meetings and he pretended to be friendly with us. He said he had a name but he preferred to be called Matthew since he liked the sound of the name. He looked like everyone else except he had this squiggly tattoo over his right eye and his robe was trimmed with gold. If he didn't have those things, we wouldn't know him from the others. He came and saw us personally after we were captured…"


Rose and John knelt on the floor of Rose's office while five Brotherhood soldiers stood around them and kept laser rifles aimed at them.

"What is this, what are you doing?" John asked them.

"We are beginning our harvest," one of the Brotherhood said dispassionately.

"Harvest? What harvest?" Rose said.

"Harvest of the planet and its resources," John said grimly.

"Very good, Mister Smith," the Brotherhood soldier said with a smirk. "You are much smarter than these brain-dead humans."

"So this is what you do then?" John said. "Invade a planet, strip it bare and move on?"

"Again, you're very smart," the soldier said. "Many times we are met with resistance early on but this time, it was incredibly easy. Like I said, brain-dead humans, so trusting and naïve. And you, you are part Time Lord; our commander did a scan early on. Tut tut, little part Time Lord, you should know better than to throw your lot in with a bunch of apes. Now you will join them in their captivity. Of course, it is up to the Commander to decide your fate…"

"Was that Matthew?" Michelle said.

"Yes, the commander was Matthew," John said. "We didn't see him for a bit since he was overseeing the invasion so we had to wait on our knees with guns pointed at our heads and listen to the sounds of screams throughout the building while the lesser Torchwood workers were slaughtered. It was during this time that Jackie and Tony were killed. We didn't know it at the time but they knew where Pete lived and they specifically targeted them because they were our relatives. Guilt by association," John said, taking Rose's hand when she lowered her eyes. "And they made sure we saw the bodies afterwards, just to ram home the pain. Of course, they were the lucky ones, all the dead were lucky because the living had to endure the living hell that came after the initial invasion."

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