Chapter Eighteen

The house they were moving into was in the heart of Mayfair. It was an old brick Georgian detached house, three stories with plenty of room for everyone. They gave John and Rose the guest room on the floor so they wouldn't have to climb the stairs. The bedroom was still lavish with cream colored wallpaper and matching carpeting. The room had an adjoining bathroom with toilet and even the bathroom was spacious and lavish. Because they already bought a better bed for them, they put the hospital bed back in the TARDIS med bay. The children each had a bedroom with their own bathrooms and Lori and Jim had the same. They even had a few spare bedrooms for visitors, friends and the Doctor and Donna. The Doctor and Donna stayed long enough to make sure that everyone was settled in and all the furniture had been moved into the house before telling everyone goodbye, promising that he would see all of them again in the future. When he got to Rose, he hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

"Beware this lot, they can drive you round the bend if you let them," he said to her.

"Nah, I traveled with you and stayed sane, I'll be alright," Rose said, with a shrug.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," the Doctor said while she chuckled. "And tell you I will see you again so you and John get well so we can have some fun in future."

"Oh? You want me to travel with you again?" Rose said, raising her eyebrow.

"I do and Donna does as well. But John can come as well, you did a good job taming him," he said to her.

"Wasn't much to tame. He wasn't that dangerous, Doctor," Rose said.

"I know that now," the Doctor said, nodding. "I let anger cloud my judgment."

"And that's why everyone keeps saying you need to have people with you when you travel," Rose said. "So I'm glad Donna is with you. She'll look after you and keep you from going off your trolley."

The Doctor chuckled.

"You couldn't be more right about that."

He hugged her tightly, kissed her cheek and whispered his goodbye to her. Rose let out and squeezed his hand briefly before watching him head towards the TARDIS.


(One month later…)

Mandy was skipping down the hallway of their new home while singing a little song to herself. Everyone else was in the lounge watching TV but Mandy was bored with doing that and decided to play by herself.

She stopped skipping and spun around when she heard the familiar wheezing sound coming from the kitchen. She squealed with delight and sped down the hallway to the kitchen. The TARDIS was in the corner of the room, next to the stove. Mandy hurried to the door and stopped when the door opened. She was shocked when the Doctor didn't step out; instead a lizard woman stepped out and looked down at her.

"Hello there, young human. I am Madam Vastra, is this the Stevens' residence?" she said to her.

Mandy didn't say anything for a moment, staring at the lizard woman with wide eyes. Then she suddenly ran out of the room, screaming for her parents to come into the kitchen. The Doctor stepped out beside Madam Vastra.

"Was that Ps and Qs?" he asked Vastra.

"I do not know, she was tiny though," Vastra said.


"Yup, that's Ps and Qs," the Doctor said when they heard Mandy squealing.

Mandy stopped at the doorway and the Doctor waved cheerfully. Seeing him, Mandy relaxed and walked towards him while Lori, Jim, Rose, John and the children stepped into the room. Meanwhile, Donna came out of the TARDIS behind the Doctor.

"Sorry, he thought it'd be funny if his old friend came out first and scared someone," Donna said to them.

"Sorry, I would like to introduce Madam Vastra, an old friend as Donna has astutely pointed out. She is a Silurian. May we come in?"

"Sure, come in and have some tea," Lori said.

"Ah, tea sounds perfect," the Doctor said, letting out a contented sigh as Donna shut the door and they went into the lounge to relax.


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