A/N: These stories are written with the help of my friend Carol (Ninewood).


My name is Rose Tyler and I'm a warrior.

Didn't used to be one but that was before I met the Doctor and everything changed. The Doctor showed me the whole universe and I learned there are dangers out there that must be fought. There is evil and injustice on Earth but there is also evil and injustice in the universe as well and sometimes that evil spills over onto our planet. That's where I come in.

But I don't do it alone. I have help from two people who I've learned to love. My adopted dad in this reality, Pete Tyler, and the clone of the man I love, Matthew Charles Tyler or Matt for short.

How did he land up with a name like that? Well, he is known as the Metacrisis Doctor and when he was choosing a human name for himself, he decided against the Doctor's alias, John Smith, thinking it too plain. He thought it over and decided to use the initials M and C for metacrisis and he decided on Matthew Charles. Tyler he borrowed from us since he had no surname.

When the Doctor left us behind, he loaned us a bit of the TARDIS coral so eventually we could have a TARDIS of our own. Donna or rather the DoctorDonna gave us a hint on how to grow it quickly and that's what Matt has been doing. He has his own lab now and he keeps the coral there, to safeguard it until it's ready for use.

I still work for Torchwood with my dad and Matt helps out from time to time. I'm head of a team that investigates aliens and alien phenomena. Sorta like X-Files, I s'pose. I told Matt that once and he joked that he must be Mulder if I'm Scully.

Matt's still trying to adjust to being part human. It's a struggle for him since he remembers his life as the Doctor and now he has to cope with not being the Doctor. Well, not completely. He has the Doctor's memories and his looks and his intelligence but not his stamina or strength and of course if he dies, there's no coming back. So unlike the Doctor, he's a bit more cautious and doesn't charge headlong into danger like the Doctor used to do.

I must admit I still miss the Doctor but I'm getting used to Matt now. I don't mention the Doctor to Matt because I know he gets jealous and insecure being compared to him. At first I pined for the Doctor and wished he would come back or I'd lie awake at night and dream about ways to get back to him. But it's been nearly a year now and the dreams and wishes are fading away. Matt is my future and I've committed myself to him.

Now you might think that being stranded her on Earth would get boring after being inside the TARDIS and seeing time and space. But to our surprise, the Doctor was right about this Earth in need of defending. Since we came back to London, we've had a lot of adventures and I realize that perhaps the Doctor knew what he was doing when he left me here with Matt.

I feel proud to be the defender of this Earth along with my lover and my father. It feels nice to be able to make a difference in the world and do more than just fold shirts and Henricks.

Perhaps you'd like to hear about some of our adventures? Very well, pull up a chair and have a listen to some of the things we've been doing here on Earth.

I'm Rose Tyler, I'm a warrior and these are my stories…

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