A/N: This is an AU version of Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords with Rose taking Lucy Saxon's place.

Chapter One

The Master snickered as he listened to the Doctor pounding on the door of his TARDIS pleading for him to open it up so they can talk.

"Sorry, no time to talk, got things to do and less time to do them in," the Master said as he set the controls. "I just woke up from being a stupid ape and I need to make up for lost time."

He gasped when the controls beside him suddenly jammed up, sending sparks into the air.

"Damn it, Doctor, you won't stop me!" he yelled.

"Please! I want to talk!" the Doctor pleaded through the door.

"Yeah, yeah, you always wanna talk, ya old windbag," the Master muttered.

He tried the controls and giggled insanely when the rotor started and the Doctor yelled at him through the door to stop.

"Gotta go, darling, have fun with the kids! Ta ta!" the Master yelled.

The Doctor's angry yells faded as the TARDIS vanished and flew into the vortex. The Master tried to the coordinates and let out an angry yell when he realized the coordinates had been locked by the Doctor. He realized he could only travel between the year 100 trillion and 2005 to 2007 London. The Master thought for a moment.

"Access files on the Doctor," he said to the TARDIS. "Give me recent information on his activities."

He bent over and watched the monitor. The more he watched the more interested he became in the human child called Rose. He suddenly realized after a half hour of watching her interaction with the Doctor inside the TARDIS that they loved each other. With this new knowledge, he began to formulate a plan. He had no doubts that his foe would find a way to escape from the future. After centuries of battling him, he knew that he could find a way to travel back in time without his TARDIS if he needed to. So he needed to be ready for him. He smirked knowing he had a way to torture his old nemesis and possibly bring him to his knees. He knew the Rose child was now trapped in another universe but if he was able to go back far enough in 2005, he might be able to meet Rose before the Doctor did and make her his own. He set the coordinates as far back as they could go and raced towards London.



The Doctor fought to recover his equilibrium after he, Jack and Martha used Jack's vortex manipulator to return from the future. He laid his hand against the wall and steadied himself while Jack shook his head.

"Ugh! That vortex manipulator is rough," Martha said.

"Now you know why I travel in a TARDIS," the Doctor said as he took his hand off the wall.

"At least it got us back to the present day," Jack said, looking around. "Now all we have to do is find the Master. I have a feeling that'll take forever and a day."

"No, it won't," the Doctor said, looking around. "He's here…somewhere."

"But how are we going to find him?" Martha said. "That voice in the TARDIS, that wasn't the professor. Does he have an assistant or something?"

"No, he regenerated," the Doctor said as the three of them walked off.

"What's that mean?"

Jack explained regeneration to Martha while the Doctor looked around him. He knew he locked the TARDIS controls so the Master couldn't flee across time and space. He knew he was here but unfortunately he didn't get a look at his face. But he would recognize him the moment he saw him. Time Lords had that ability.

While he was looking around, his attention was drawn to a familiar voice rising above the London crowd. He looked at Jack and Martha and noticed they'd also heard it. They ran off and followed the voice until they rounded a corner and saw a television set mounted on a pole. The television was broadcasting a report about the Prime Minister. He staggered back when he saw who the Prime Minister's wife was.

"Son of a bitch! It can't be!" Jack said.

"What? What's wrong?" Martha said, hating to be left out of the loop again.

"It can't be. She can't be his wife," the Doctor muttered as he stepped forward to the television.

He watched in horror as Rose Tyler, his Rose, kissed the Master and looked like she meant it.

"Doctor, why is she there…with him?" Jack said, pointing to the TV.

"Who? Who is that?" Martha said.

"It's Rose. She's the wife of the Master," the Doctor said, his hearts sinking as he watched Rose slide her hand into Saxon's hand while he kissed her cheek.

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