Chapter Two

"What do you mean, Rose is his wife?" Jack said. "If he went back and met Rose before you did, history should have changed, right? We wouldn't know her. So how come I still remember traveling with her."

"I don't know but whatever the Master did, I'm going to rescue Rose and stop him," the Doctor said.

Martha stood by the Doctor and watched the TV screen. So far she'd remained silent about the events unfolding around her but she had mixed feelings regarding Rose. On the one hand, she was upset that she was back; on the other hand, she was also upset that she was the wife of someone who was evil. She loved the Doctor and wanted him for herself but she didn't want Rose to get hurt, rather she wished she would just go away so she had a good chance of luring the Doctor away from her. Despite her feelings, she was ready to assist the Doctor in stopping the Master and rescuing Rose. She hated to see her friend so visibly upset and the last thing she wanted was him to be even more upset if Rose ended up dead.

"So what do we do?" she asked the Doctor. "Go to 10 Downing Street and fight him?"

"Not yet. We need a plan. I'm sure the Master is waiting for us to show up. He probably has a…plan," he trailed off when Rose kissed her husband again.

Martha glanced at the monitor and noticed Jack clenching his fists and gritting his teeth at the sight of Rose being so close to the Master. She wondered if he had feelings for her as well.

Whatever Rose did to charm these men, I wish I could replicate it, she thought to herself.

"We need to find a place to hide and find out more information on Harold Saxon," the Doctor said.

"We can use my flat," Martha said. "I have a laptop in my room."

"Brilliant. Let's go then. If Rose is in danger, we don't have time to waste," the Doctor said before the three of them walked away.


The Master breathed a sigh of relief as he walked back inside 10 Downing Street with his wife at his side. He hated the press conferences and keeping up appearances but for the moment it was still necessary to pretend to be Harold Saxon. But he knew that in a few days he would unveil his surprise on Planet Earth and then the Master would rule over all. He glanced at Rose who was by his side. She was wearing a red strapless dress that he had to admit looked gorgeous on her. The past couple of years had been spent conditioning her to become his wife and helpmate and pawn in his struggle against the Doctor. But in those two years, he had to admit he'd grown quite fond of the little ape. She was highly intelligent, unlike most of her kind and that was why he finally had to resort to a combination of hypnotism and drugs to keep her from disobeying him. He hated to do it but when he met her she was innocent and she had a good heart and he knew that she would eventually object to what he was doing unless he kept her under his influence. His greatest worry might be that she would betray him to the Doctor, even though he made sure he went far enough back that she hadn't met him yet. His adversary had just as much influence over people as he did, he had no doubt about that.

He smiled as he remembered first meeting the Rose child. He had learned where she lived from the TARDIS database and had followed her for about a week, learning her basic routine. She worked at Henricks as a shop girl. She rode the same bus to and fro work at about the same time each day and usually after work she'd stop at a chippie with a few friends for some dinner before she went home. He stayed in the shadows during this time, making sure she didn't see him. And then a week after he began shadowing her, he decided to make his move when she and two of her friends went to the chippie to eat.


(Early 2005…)

"Blimey, I'm sick of Bossyface Mildred and her need to control everything," Rose said to her friends as she sat down at the table with an order of fish and chips and some tea. "I gonna punch the bitch in the jaw if she doesn't back down."

Her friends Sharon and Julie worked with her at Henrick's. Both of them were around Rose's age. Julie was African American with long black dreds hanging down around her long, thin face and Sharon was Irish with long red hair and freckles on her heart shaped face. Both women worked in the same department as Rose and knew who she was talking about.

"Don't let her get to you, Rose," Julie said, picking up a chip. "She treats all the underlings like that. She thinks she's Lord God Almighty or something."

"I don't care who she thinks she is. She's no better than we are," Rose said. "She hates me, I know she does and she's determined to make my life miserable. Today she whinged because I didn't fold a shirt to her liking. Stupid cow."

"I agree with Julie, ignore her," Sharon said. "She wants to make you angry so she can get you into trouble and get you sacked."

"Fat chance of that," Rose said with a snort as she lifted her cup of tea to her lips.

"Don't look now but someone's checking you out, Rose," Julie said, nodding at the counter near the window.

Rose glanced over her shoulder and saw a man standing near the counter ordering his meal. The man caught her eye, smiled and nodded. Rose snorted.

"Bit old for me," Rose said, turning her attention back to her friends.

"He's still watching ya," Sharon said.

Rose rolled her eyes as her friends snickered. She sipped her tea, sensing the man's eyes on her. She chatted with her friends and they laughed and joked while they ate. While they were doing that, the man passed by them and took the table behind them. Julie and Sharon glanced over their shoulders and shared a conspiratorial look while the man ate his food.

"Ooo, hottie," Julie teased Rose while Sharon sniggered.

"Puh-leeze, I can do better than that," Rose said softly.

"Sure about that, Miss Council Estate?" Sharon teased. "After all, it's either this guy or Jimmy."

"No, thanks, Jimmy can go to Hell as far as I'm concerned," Rose said.

"Talk to him, go on," Julie said softly. "Maybe he's a nice guy."

"He probably is but I'm saying he's a bit old for me," Rose said.

"Nah, probably got money or something," Julie said. "Maybe he can be your sugar daddy."

"Yeah, right," Rose said with another roll of her eyes.

Both women urged her to go talk to the man and Rose finally gave in so they'd leave her alone.

"But if he's some sort of creepy stalker, I'm giving him to you," she said, pointing to Julie and Sharon.

Julie and Sharon grinned when Rose got up and walked over to the man. The man looked up from his fish and chips and gave her a questioning look.

"Um…hi, my friends wanted me to say hello," Rose said sheepishly to him.

The man smiled warmly and Rose had to admit he was handsome. He gestured to the seat across from him.

"Would you like to sit down?" he said.

Rose nodded. She glanced at her friends while they watched her and she pulled out the chair from the table and sat down across from the man.


"Mister Saxon, your cabinet meeting is in five minutes."

The Master was jolted from his thoughts when his secretary came up to him and spoke. He had arranged a meeting so he could kill everyone and take total control. Of course, he hadn't told anyone that, not even Rose. After all this time and he still didn't completely trust her. As he walked into his office, he asked Rose to sit as he walked over to the wine decanter on a table by the door. It was a crystal decanter with two crystal goblets. He poured two glasses and when he was sure Rose wasn't looking, pulled a small vial out of his pocket that was filled with a white powder. He poured half of the powder into Rose's glass, put the stopper back on the vial and put it back in his pocket. The powder was a strong mind control drug designed to keep the young girl under his control. Every once in awhile he sipped wine with Rose and administered the drug to her so she wouldn't turn against him. He picked up the goblets, carried them over to where Rose was sitting and handed the tampered wine to her. The powder was odorless and tasteless so Rose never suspected a thing as she sipped her wine.

"I hate meetings," he said to Rose. "Boring, completely boring."

"Yes, but it's necessary, Harry," Rose said with a shrug. "Gotta do what you have to when you're in charge of the government."

"Yes, well perhaps the government needs an overhaul. And perhaps I'm the one to do it."

Rose smiled at that.

"If anyone can do it, it's you, love," she said.

The Master smiled at that and bent over to kiss his wife on the lips. It took awhile for him to get used to kissing an ape and get past the feeling of disgust but now her lips tasted good and it became a pleasant experience for him. Despite all her faults, Rose was a good kisser. He finished off the rest of his wine, set his glass down on the table and ran his finger down Rose's cheek while he told her he was off to his cabinet meeting. Rose nodded and sipped her wine, watching as he walked towards the door and headed towards his meeting.

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