Chapter Four

Rose shifted uncomfortably in her seat. The journalist was asking a lot of uncomfortable questions and she was running out of good answers. She knew now that Harry was right, this woman was a threat to both of them and needed to be silenced somehow.

"I've done a bit of research on you as well and you come from a lower middle class background. You lived in a council estate?"

Rose's nostrils flared.

"What's that got to do with anything?" she said angrily. "Are you implying I'm not good enough to be the wife of the Prime Minister?"

"I'm merely pointing out your modest background," the woman said. "I wanted to know where you came from since there isn't a lot of information on you either. How exactly did you meet Harold Saxon?"

"That's none of your business," Rose said coldly.

"My dear, have you ever asked your husband about his life, his accomplishments? We found background information on you but apart from the official website, no information for Harold Saxon exists. It's like he appeared out of blue one day. Where did he come from?"

"I'm not at liberty to say," Rose said, her nervousness increasing.

"Come on, dear. Please help me out. Harold Saxon is not who he claims to be and I'm sure he rigged the election so everyone would vote for him. Surely you don't want to be the wife of a fraud, do you? Please tell me the truth."

Rose thoroughly hated the woman now and she was glad when she heard the door creak open. A smirk spread over his face when she saw the woman shut up and stare at the Master with a sheepish look.

"Mister Saxon, I'm sorry, I meant no harm, I was just interviewing Rose," she said.

"Oh but you're absolutely right, I am a fraud."

Rose tried to hide her laugher at the shocked look on the journalist's face.

"Oh really?" the woman said, smelling a major scoop. "Who are you then?"

"I'm the Master and you will obey me," the Master said, coming towards her. "Do not print anything you heard or you'll live to regret it."

"Is that a threat?" she said, crossing her arms. "I'm not going to be intimidated…Master!"

The Master and Rose shared a look and the Master sighed.

"You're right, it will be messy," he said.

"What are you on about?"

"I'm on about your death," the Master said menacingly. "If you won't shut up on your own, I'll have to shut you up by force. And this is how I'll do it."

There was a flash of light and a strange floating orb appeared above the Master's head.

"This is my friend, my friend doesn't like people who won't obey me," the Master said, pointing up. "He has ways of dealing with people like that. Come my dear, let's leave them alone for a moment."

"Wait! You can't do this!" the woman said, rising from her seat the same time as Rose.

"I can do what I like, I rule Britain now. Shame you won't be around much longer to be a part of my empire. Rose…"

The journalist tried to follow them as they walked to the door but the orb blocked her way. The Master and Rose hurried out the door as knives jutted out of the bottom of the orb. The Master quickly closed the door when the woman started screaming the moment the orb attacked her.

"That was too close for comfort, Harry," Rose said as they stood by the door. "That's what I mean when I say that people are beginning to discover the truth. What if we end up at the mercy of an angry mob?"

"Won't happen. Tomorrow night, the world will be under our thrall and no one will be able to stop us."

The Master hugged his wife tightly. He hadn't anticipated anyone breaking free of his mind control this early. He had hoped that by the time people began to wake up he would be conquering the apes. He understood his wife's fear that a mob would storm Downing Street and tear them limb from limb but he had the Toclafane, his enforcers, and he felt confident they could handle any threat. He opened the door and grimaced as he closed it again.

"Yup, we'll have to have someone clean up the mess," he said to his wife as they walked away.


After Rose left him to relax and have another glass of wine, the Master went to check on the TARDIS. The TARDIS had been hidden on the Valiant, an airship of his design. He had a transmat installed in a supply cupboard so he could travel back and forth. He used the transmat and landed in the meeting room on board the Valiant. He nodded to two guards standing by the lift as he got into it. The guards started to follow him and he told them he needed no escort. They went back to guarding the room as the lift door closed.

When he came to the cupboard, he opened it. The Toclafane guarding the time ship moved forward towards the door but fell back as soon as the Master showed himself. They parted and let him pass. He unlocked the TARDIS and went inside. The cloister bell was sounding and the interior was red but he ignored all that as he looked at his masterpiece. The TARDIS was now a paradox machine. The Cloister Bell was her way of protesting what he'd done to her but he didn't care. She was now responsible for keeping the Toclafane firmly in the 21st century and she was also responsible for Rose. The Master had wanted his enemy to remember his beloved and be tormented by the thought of her being his wife and in order to do that, he had to preserve Rose's former timeline even while he changed it. He knew that without the paradox machine, the Doctor would forget Rose since he got to her first and technically she never traveled with him. When he first thought up his plan, he had debated on getting Rose after she met the Doctor and keeping her enslaved, making her watch while he tortured and killed the Doctor. But he decided that would be far too dangerous. This way, there was no change of Rose remembering her time with the Doctor and turning against him. As far as she knew, the Doctor would be just a random person when he finally caught him. And he would catch him. He had just finished taping a speech that was designed to trigger a voice activated bomb that he had planted on the back of Martha's TV. The bomb would trigger when he said the words medical student and explode. He doubted that would kill the Doctor and frankly he hoped he would escape so he could catch him later. He loved the cat and mouse game, toying with his prey before capture and death. He wanted to bring the Doctor here to the Valiant. He had a plan for him, a plan to make him old and feeble and then make him watch as he romanced his former companion. He figured he might even chain grandpa up in the bedroom and make him watch while he shagged Rose. His mind whirled with a thousand possibilities when he finally had the Doctor in his clutches. He stood for a few minutes more, staring at his creation before he turned and walked out of the TARDIS.

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