Chapter Six

"So, that's it, we're just giving up," Jack said as he and Martha followed the Doctor.]

"We surrender but that doesn't mean we go in without a plan," the Doctor said, looking over his shoulder.

"And do you have a plan?" Martha said.

"I do. I need to get a few spare parts but I have an idea for a device that might aid us in escaping."

Jack and Martha looked at each other and said nothing as they followed the Doctor. He found an ATM and the Doctor's companions watched in awe while he used his screwdriver to make a withdrawal.

"Damn, I need something like that," Martha said as the Doctor withdrew 1000 pounds from the machine.

He found an electronics shop and purchased two cheap laptops. Martha wondered why he needed two but figured he was buying one to replace the one she lost in the explosion. After they went outside, they boarded a bus and found a cheap hotel. The Doctor got a room for them and they went up to the 2nd floor.

"Wanna tell us what's going on?" Martha said when they went inside.

"Jack, can you get us something to eat?" the Doctor said, handing over the last of the money. "I need to get to work. Martha, you can go with him if you want. I need to concentrate for awhile."

Martha nodded and she followed Jack as he walked out of the room.

"Wonder what he's building?" Martha said to Jack as they walked to the lift.

"Dunno but I hope it helps us escape. This Master is a complete bastard. I'd like to put my fist through his face for what he did to Rose."

"What is so great about this Rose? Is she some sort of goddess?" Martha blurted out.

Jack stopped and Martha gave him a sheepish look while he studied her.

"You're in love with the Doctor, aren't you?" he finally said.

Martha looked at the floor and nodded.

"Well, you're not the only one. Unfortunately for both of us, the Doctor still loves Rose deeply so I'm afraid neither of us has much of a chance."

"I just wish he'd get over her sometimes. She's not coming back and this Rose doesn't even remember him."

"I know. But you weren't with them when she traveled with the Doctor. Their bond went deep. I saw that and I only traveled with them for a few months. He's not gonna forget her in a day, maybe not forever. If I were you, Martha, I'd find someone else because I don't think you have a chance here. Having said that, I know you're jealous of Rose but I'd love for you to reserve judgment until you meet her. The reason why the Doctor and I go on about her is because she's a warm, loving, generous person. She saw good in me back when I was a con man and a scoundrel and she became a surrogate sister to me when I traveled with her. I'm just as protective of her as the Doctor is because of that. I like you, Martha. You have a good heart. But I hate to see you hate someone you don't even know because you're harboring a childish and unrealistic fantasy about the Doctor forgetting Rose and loving you. I know you might not like to hear this but I'm telling you this as a friend."

"Thank you," Martha said, nodding. "I know the Doctor is out of reach for me but…he's the most remarkable man I've ever met."

"Don't I know it," Jack said. "And you're not alone. I also have a fantasy of my own but I know it probably won't come true. Doesn't hurt to dream sometimes though. Anyway, how about fish and chips for dinner?"

"Sounds good," Martha said.

She smiled when Jack put his arm around her and they continued walking towards the lift.


By the time they got back to the hotel room, the Doctor was hard at work making the devices. Martha came up to the table he was sitting at. He'd taken apart one laptop and was using the parts along with some keys. The other laptop was open and she could see he was streaming BBC News, listening to the broadcast while he worked.

"Glad that money didn't come out of your account," Martha said, picking up a circuit from the table. "Seems a waste to disassemble a new laptop."

"Yes, but it was necessary. I needed the parts," the Doctor said, leaning back in his chair and taking off his glasses. "Fish and chips?" he said, sniffing the air.


"Good, I'm hungry. I'm gonna take a break and eat," the Doctor said, getting up from the table. "Martha, what's the Archangel Network. The newsreader mentioned the Master held a press conference and talked about it."

"It's a mobile phone network. I have it. Lots of people do," Martha said, pulling her mobile out of her pocket.

The Doctor walked over to the bed and sat down on it. Jack handed him one of the fish and chips and he flipped open Martha's phone and studied it while he put a chip in his mouth. Jack and Martha sat down on the other bed and ate while the Doctor ate his meal and looked at Martha's phone.

"He also mentioned satellites while talking about Saxon," the Doctor finally said to Martha.

"Yeah, he put satellites in space as well. He singlehandedly built the Archangel Network from the ground up," Martha said while Jack nodded in agreement.

"Satellites…" the Doctor murmured. "I think I have an idea about how he was able to hypnotize everyone."

"How?" Martha said.

"You said most people use Archangel on their phones?" the Doctor said.

"Yeah, their calling plans have a lower price than the competition. Insanely low, actually," Martha said.

"Insanely low…so he made sure people would want to use his mobiles," the Doctor said, staring at the phone.

"You think he rigged the phones then?" Jack said.

"I do. The Master is a master hypnotist but even he could never hypnotize so many people, not without help. I think he used the satellites and the phones to hypnotize everyone into voting for him. Jack, what about you and your friends? Archangel as well?"

"Yes," Jack said.

They watched while he tapped out the four beat rhythm on his legs with his fingers.

"You did this when you were talking about voting for him," the Doctor said. "I think it's more than a nervous twitch, it's part of the signal. Wait…"

He used the screwdriver on the mobile and suddenly they heard a high pitched beeping. The beeping was the same four beat rhythm the Doctor had just tapped out. The Doctor nodded.

"This is it. This rhythm was the signal the hypnotized everyone into voting for Saxon."

"Mind control?" Martha said, her blood turning cold at the thought of being controlled by her phone.

"Yes but more subtle. Hidden in this phone in the background, it made it easier to creep into people's mind with no resistance. I told you he was a master hypnotist."

"But if he can do that, how can we stop him?" Martha said.

"Oh, he's not invincible. I've faced him many times before and beaten him again and again. There are ways to stop him."

"That key thing?" Martha said, pointing to the table.

"Well, no, that won't work on him. But it could help us escape his underlings."

"What is it?" Martha asked.

The Doctor ate and explained about the perception filter at the same time. After eating, Martha and Jack lay down on the beds and watched TV while the Doctor went back to his work.

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