Chapter Seven

After resting up, the Doctor, Martha and Jack traveled to Heathrow Airport. They wore the perception filters to slip through security and get out on the runway. Martha was amazed when the filters did just what the Doctor said they'd do. No one even noticed them as they went through the airport. The Doctor made four of them, three for them and one for Rose so they could rescue her. Around 7:30 PM, they walked to the edge of the runway near Air Force One and waited. They could see several secret service agents guarding the jet but no one looked their way. The air was slightly chilly and they could smell the remnant of jet fuel in the air. The Doctor looked around, trying to find the Master and Rose. Finally at about ten minutes to eight, a limo pulled up near the jet. A young man got out of the driver's seat, walked back and opened the back door. The Master got out, wearing a black suit with a black bow tie. Then the Doctor's breath caught in his throat when Rose got out of the limo after him. She was wearing a black evening gown with a mink fur coat and stiletto heels. Her hair was pulled up into a bun and her face was made up. The Doctor admired her beauty as she followed her husband towards the stairs of Air Force One.

The Master looked around and just as the Doctor predicted saw them easily. He smirked and the Doctor's blood boiled when he stepped up to Rose and kissed her passionately.

"Can I go rip his penis off his body and make him eat it?" Jack said to the Doctor.

The Doctor raised his eyebrow as he seriously considered letting Jack do that for a few seconds.

"Um…no, stay here," he said.

"Damn," Jack said.

Rose looked their way but unlike her husband, she couldn't see them. The Doctor gazed on her longingly while she milled about, looking bored, while the secret service agents went into the jet to inform the president-elect that his guest was here.

Then Rose started walking towards them and the Doctor fingered the spare perception filter in his pocket. If he could just get her away from the Master and get her to safety…

The Master's attention was diverted when President Winters came down the stairs towards him. Rose stopped and looked around. The Doctor wondered if she was sensing them and that's why she was headed in their direction. His eyes darted over to the Master who was shaking Winter's hand and he cursed the fact that he could see through the filters. If only he was fooled by them, he could slip the filter around Rose and the three of them could escape into the darkness with her.

Of course, I'd probably have to render her unconscious since she doesn't know me yet, he thought.

He cursed when the Master looked back at her and called for her to come meet the president. To his surprise, Rose turned, looked directly at them over her shoulder and walked back to the jet.

"She knows we're here," Jack said.

"Yes. Maybe she'll be curious enough to come back here," the Doctor said, watching while Rose walked over to Winters and shook his hand. She stepped back and the Master talked to Winters but every so often Rose looked back over her shoulder at them. The Doctor observed the Master who was arguing with Winters. He decided to chance it and removed his filter for a few seconds. Rose's eyes bulged when she saw him and the Doctor knew he looked like he just appeared out of thin air from her perspective. He put the filter back on but Rose knew he was there now and she stared at him for a moment before looking at her husband. The Doctor's hearts raced when she began to edge away from her distracted husband and head towards him. As she walked towards him, she kept looking back at the Master but his back was to her and he was so busy arguing with Winters that he took no notice of her. The Doctor walked forward, closing the distance before the Master knew what was happening.

Rose stopped in front of him and looked him over. The Doctor's hearts hurt when he saw no recognition in her eyes, just curiosity about him.

"Are you one of the people Harry was meeting tonight?" she said.

"Yes, I'm the Doctor. We spoke over the phone."

"Ah yes, I recognize your voice now. Where did you come from? You appeared out of nowhere."

"Special talent I have, teleportation," the Doctor said.

He paused waiting for her to say something but she stood and studied him. His hearts ached knowing that no matter what he did, this Rose wouldn't suddenly remember who he was. His only hope lay in trying to befriend her and make her see that the Master was evil.

"It's cold tonight," Rose said.

The Doctor nodded.

"I notice you're wearing a fur coat though."

"Yes, Harry got that for me. He's always buying me expensive gifts like this," Rose said.

The Doctor wondered if that was one of the ways "Harry" seduced Rose into being his wife. But he kept his thoughts to himself.

"I heard you speak to Harry. He wanted you to surrender to him. What for?"

"Because my friends and I are a threat to him."

"Why? What are you planning to do to him?" Rose said, narrowing her eyes.

"You might not believe this but he's not the benevolent man he pretends to be."

He looked into her eyes and saw her shift them. He smirked. He'd always been able to read Rose like a book.

"You already know that, don't you?" he said, his eyes boring into hers. "You've seen the evil he's committed."

"What if I have?" Rose said defiantly.

"You might not believe this but I know you, Rose, and you'd be objecting to any evil he did. He's done something to you so you'll go along with his evil schemes."

"You know me? How do you know me? We've just physically met each other."

"No, we've known each other for a long time, you just don't know it."

He noticed a flicker of fear in Rose's eyes and she stepped back.

"You're stalking us?" she said.

The Doctor snorted.

"No, your husband stalks me and now he's stalked you and made you his slave."

"I'm not a slave."

"Yes, you are, Rose. You just can't see it. He married you to torment me."

"What? You're daft. I married Harry because I love him."

She flinched when the Doctor's dark eyes bored into hers.

"Is that really why you married him?" he asked her.

Rose shifted uncomfortably under his piercing gaze. She was about to answer him when she heard the Master calling to her.

"Ah, I see you've met our guest," the Master said as he walked up to her side. "Guests, I should say," he added, looking over the Doctor's shoulder.

Jack and Martha looked at each other and took off the filters. Rose blinked in shock when she suddenly saw them. She looked to the Doctor for answers but the Doctor only gave her a tender smile. The Master smirked at that and put his arm around Rose's shoulder.

"This is the Doctor, darling, I'm sure he introduced himself and these are his friends, Jack and Martha. They're going to be staying with us on the Valiant. Now that I've finished with doofus over there, perhaps all of us can go? It's chilly and I want to get back to my warm bed…with my wife," he added, giving the Doctor a pointed look.

Rose frowned when she noticed the Doctor's jaw tighten and his fists clench at that. She didn't know who this man was but his statement about knowing her at some point in the future intrigued her. She made a note to talk to him at some point when Harry was busy doing something else.

"Now, follow me and no tricks or you'll be sorry," the Master said to his captives. "Come, darling, back to the limo."

Rose turned with him and glanced back over her shoulder at the Doctor. An angry sigh escaped the Doctor's nose as he and his companions followed the couple back to their limo.

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