Chapter Ten

Jack sat in his cell fuming. First guards came to get the Doctor and then they came and got Martha. He was all alone now, thinking up ways to kill the Master for everything he's done. He stood up when the guards brought the Doctor back to his cell. The force field was down and they had an iron grip on his arms but he could tell his friend was demorialized and it made him even angrier.

"I hope you idiots know you're working for a psychopath!" he yelled at the guards as they locked the Doctor into his cell.

The guards ignored him and walked off while the Doctor slumped down on his camp bed.

"Martha's gone," Jack said.

The Doctor had been staring at the floor. He raised his head up and got up from the bed. He looked through the bars at the empty cell and Jack could see barely contained rage on his face.

"Where is she?" the Doctor growled.

"Don't know. They said they were taking her to see her family but who knows if that's true or not. For all I know they could be torturing her right now."

"Rose became aware of me," the Doctor said. "The Master got into her mind and showed her footage that my TARDIS had in her database. She realized we were telling her the truth but the Master knocked her out and fondled her in front of me before they led me back here. I'm pretty sure she's being hypnotized back into submission as we speak."

"Damn him!" Jack said, hitting the side of his cell with his fist. "Oooh, what I wouldn't give to have his neck in my hands right now."

"I'm sure he took those memories out of her mind," the Doctor said, walking around his cell. "However, that doesn't mean I can't put them back and make her remember me again."

"You have a plan?" Jack said, leaning back against his wall.

"Beginnings of one."

"Good. Because I'm itching to get back at the bastard."

The Doctor sat back down on his camp bed and Jack could see he was working out a plan. He felt comforted by that and by the fact that Rose was able to recognize that they were her friends. Although he was sure the Master made sure she wouldn't remember them now and his blood boiled when he thought about that. He watched while the Doctor pulled the perception filter out of his pocket and looked at it.

"Jack, do you still have your manipulator?" the Doctor asked softly.

Jack pulled up the sleeve of his coat and showed it to him. The Doctor nodded.

"Keep it hidden. Whatever the Master has planned tomorrow night, I think I can get everyone to turn against him."

"How?" Jack said.

"If I can get this perception filter around the Master's neck, everyone will see through his hypnosis. They'll go after him while we grab Rose and try to find my TARDIS. If we can't get to the TARDIS, we can use the manipulator to escape and plan something else."

Jack nodded. At least they had the semblance of a plan; he just hoped the Master wouldn't kill them before they put it into action. He thought for a moment and snapped his fingers.

"The sonic, we can use it on the locks," Jack said.

"Can't. The Master took it from me when he made me go and watch Rose."

"Damn," Jack said, sitting back down. "Well, can't we use the manipulator now?"

"I want to see what he's up to. If the US president's life is in danger, I want to be there to stop it," the Doctor said. "The Master likes a show; I don't think he'll do anything to us or to Rose, at least until tomorrow night. I have a feeling we'll be made examples of for the whole world to see."

"Lovely," Jack said, lying back on his camp bed. "Can't wait."

The Doctor was about to lay back on his bed when Jack suddenly shot up into a sitting position. The Doctor gave him a quizzical look.

"The Master got inside Rose's head, can you do that too?" he asked.

"Yes. That's why I'm hoping I can get her alone long enough to do what the Master did and show her memories of our time together. Why?"

"The TARDIS has a telepathic link with all of us, right? Can you have the same link…with Rose?"

"Well, I have a sort of link with her via the TARDIS; it's not that strong though because her human mind isn't as advanced as mine. But I can feel her mind if I really concentrate. The Master, on the other hand, I can feel him quite clearly."

"Is there a way you can strengthen the link with Rose so you can communicate with her telepathically?" Jack said.

"Dunno. Like I said, a human mind is a tricky thing. I could probably open portions of her mind so it would be easier for her to communicate telepathically. But that would take time and I'd probably be wading through everything the Master did to her in the process. I don't know if I'd have that kind of time now that the Master is keeping an eye on her."

"I'll find the time for you, old friend," Jack said as he lay back down on his bed.

He closed his eyes for awhile but after a half hour, he heard a struggle and the Doctor asking Martha if she was okay. His eyes snapped open and he sat up but the guards already passed his cell and he couldn't see Martha. He could tell from the anguished look on the Doctor's face that Martha hadn't been harmed. He seethed silently as the guards put Martha in her cell and walked away.

"Is she alright?" Jack asked as he got up.

"She's unconscious. She's been roughed up and her face is bloodied and bruised. Rassilon only knows what else the maniac did to her," the Doctor said, looking through his bars at Martha's cell.

"Think we'll survive until tomorrow night," Jack said dejectedly.

"Yes. The Master could kill us easily but he's just tormenting us at the moment. He wants us alive," the Doctor said, sitting back down on his bed.

"Lovely, I love the patient psychopaths," Jack said with a sigh as he lay back down on his bed.

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