Chapter Eleven

The Doctor, Jack and Martha were left in their cells without food or water, except the water from their sinks. Martha lay on her bed, recovering from her injuries and Jack rested while the Doctor paced around his cell, trying to come up with several plans to try. He mulled over what Jack had said about trying to strengthen the TARDIS's telepathic link. Except he realized she didn't have the link since this was before she met him. He kept on forgetting that this Rose didn't know him and that irked him.

Still…perhaps I could try to open a link between us, he thought as he walked around his cell. Rose has a brilliant mind and I'm sure she could handle a telepathic link but without the TARDIS, it would take even more time to open a pathway and unless the Master was knocked out for several hours, I don't think I could do it. Damn it, where is Jackie in all this. Surely she had objections to her teenage daughter marrying an older man. Is Jackie even alive? Maybe the Master had her secretly killed.


The Doctor stopped when Jack called to him.

"The guards are coming for us," Jack said.

The Doctor stopped pacing and stood by the door. He watched as Martha slowly rose from her bed and shuffled to her cell door.

"Are you feeling better?" the Doctor asked her.

"Not really but I'll live," Martha groaned as she reached her door.

There were about twenty guards, all armed with AK-47s. Three guards opened the doors while the others kept their guns trained on the prisoners. The three of them came out into the corridor and offered no resistance. The Doctor stood by Martha and Jack got on her other side, helping her to walk and guarding her while the guards surrounded them and escorted them down the hallway. The Doctor kept his hand on Martha's back while she walked slowly beside him. He felt guilt when he saw the pained look on her face with every step she took. They were led to a lift and made to stop. The door opened after a few moments and the Master emerged with Rose at his side. The Doctor looked at her and he seethed inwardly when he saw a blank look on her face and a dull look in her eyes. She gave no sign of recognition to any of them and the Master gave the Doctor a gloating look when he glowered at him.

The guards pushed them into the lift and four three got in followed by the Master and Rose. The Master gave instructions to the other guards to assemble in the conference room upstairs and the lift door closed.

"You won't get away with this, Master," Jack growled at him.

"Get away with what?" the Master said innocently. "Oh, you mean the surprise? Try and stop me, zombie boy!"

"Rose?" the Doctor said.

The Master snickered when Rose turned her attention towards him and gave no sign of recognition. The Master tickled her chin while she stared blankly at him.

"I took precautions tonight," the Master said to the Doctor. "Shame I had to but the wife was getting a bit too chummy with you."

"What about Jackie, her mother? What happened to her?" the Doctor said.

"That chavvy little cow? You mean why she didn't object to our union? Well, you see I gave the greedy harpy tons of money and that shut her right up. It's amazing how easily these apes can be brought into silence. Actually, she thinks her daughter did good, becoming the wife of the Prime Minister. Of course, she isn't going to object."

The Doctor glanced at Rose but she gave no reaction to anything the Master said.

I'll save you, Rose, even if I have to lose this body to do it, he thought to himself.

The lift stopped and the doors opened. The Master instructed the guards to lead the captives to three chairs at the back while he and Rose walked up to two chairs at the front. The Doctor gazed at Rose longingly while he walked to the chairs. The three of them sat down and the guards leaned up against the wall behind them, their guns slightly pointed towards their backs. The Doctor stared at Rose. She was sitting beside the Master, eyes straight ahead. He wondered if the Master's influence was fading to the point he had to hypnotize Rose until she was nearly a zombie. He hoped so. He hoped his influence was wearing off and she was fighting for her mind with each breath she took.

I'll find a way to get her away from you, Master, I swear it, he thought as he stared at Rose's back.

Rose was wearing a bright red strapless dress and her hair had been curled and was hanging down her back. One thing the Doctor had to admit, she did look good as the wife of the Prime Minister, much better than jeans and hoodies.

His attention was diverted to President Winters when he entered the room. He watched while the president glared at the Master as he passed him but the Master seemed unperturbed and instead leaned back in his seat. Winters was directed to stand on the steps in front of them. The Doctor glanced around but apart from the guards there was nothing sinister about the room. Men and women filed into the room and took their seats; the Doctor guessed they were dignitaries from other countries. He glanced at the Master who now had his hand on the back of Rose's hair, stroking it. Rose was sitting up straight, completely stiff, and he guessed the blank expression was still on his face. If it wasn't for the guards, he would have rushed up and knocked the Master out cold.

He listened with half interest to Winter's speech about his being an ambassador for the aliens. Despite his love for Earthlings, he thought some of them were completely pompous and politicians were the worst when it came to pomposity. If there wasn't danger here he would be laughing his ass off at the ignorant sod.

Then the Toclafane appeared and he sat up straight in his seat. He eyed the orbs as they floated around Winter's head in a menacing way. Winters continued his pompous spiel, unaware of how much danger he was in. He wondered if he'd get a bullet in the back if he tried to warn the hapless human.

The Toclafane began asking for the Master and the clueless president took this as a sign that they wanted him to be master which would have earned him another derisive laugh from Doctor if he wasn't in extreme danger.

Then the Master jumped up and ran up to the front.

"Geez," Jack said when the Master began showboating and gloating over Winters. "Can this guy be any more vain?"

The Doctor glanced at Rose who hadn't moved and was still watching the stairs. The Master was sneering at the stunned Winters and wasn't looking at her. He reached into his pocket and fingered the perception filter. He looked at the Master and took it out of his pocket. He glanced at Jack when Jack noticed what he was doing.

"Let me do it," Jack whispered to the Doctor. "If they shook me, I'll come back from the dead. I'd rather die trying to get the filter around the Master's neck than just sit here with a gun at my back."

The Doctor passed the filter to Jack.

"Good luck, my friend," he whispered to Jack. "If you go for the Master, I"ll try to get Rose."

"Take this then," Jack whispered, taking off his manipulator and giving it to him. "Get Rose and Martha to safety while I distract Saxon."

The Doctor nodded and Jack looked at the Master. He tensed his muscles while the Doctor waited for him to make a move. He silently counted to three and then suddenly leapt up and bolted from his chair. Everyone turned and looked at Jack as he made a beeline for the Master. Then the Doctor leapt up and ran for Rose. He heard commotion behind him and turned to see Martha grabbing a chair and trying to hit the guards with it. The rest of the guests leapt up and were looking everywhere in confusion while the guards tried to stop Martha. The Master pulled out a screwdriver and shot Jack dead just as he reached the stairs. Rose had stood up and was trying to make her way to her husband through the panicked crowds but the Doctor reached her first.

"Harry!" Rose yelled as the Doctor grabbed her arm and tried to take her back to Martha.

"Martha, come here!" the Doctor yelled as he tried to get Rose to follow him.

Martha threw the chair at the guards and ran towards him. He gasped when one of the Toclafane aimed his laser at her, hitting a fleeing woman in the back and killing her. Rose was fighting him so he quickly picked her up and ran with her protesting and yelling at him to put her down.

Then the Master shot a laser beam at the Doctor's feet and he stopped short. He looked at the manipulator in his hand and threw it to Martha."

"Go! Use it and flee!" he yelled to her.

"Doctor!" Martha said.

"Just go!" the Doctor said as Rose tried to wiggle out of his grasp.

Martha flipped open the cover and hit the button. Everyone around her gasped when she vanished from view. Then the Doctor grunted when the Master slammed his hand into the back of his head. He fell with Rose to the floor and Rose wriggled away from him. The guards surrounded the Doctor and jerked him to his feet as more guards entered the room and surrounded Jack who was just beginning to wake up. Rose shook her head, dazed, as the Doctor tried to fight his way out of the guard's grip to get to her. The Master helped her to her feet and led her away from the Doctor. While this was going on, Winters was standing on the steps in shock while the Toclafane were guarding him.

"What's going on here, Saxon?" he said as the Master and Rose walked up to him.

"World domination, you git! Pity you won't live long enough to see it! Kill him!" he said to the Toclafane.

"No!" the Doctor yelled when three laser beams shot out of the bottom of the Toclafane and disintegrated him. The guards blocked the door and kept the terrified dignitaries in the room while the Master and Rose climbed the stairs to the top. He turned and sneered at the terrified humans while Rose stood beside him and passively watched.

"So…I suppose the charade has ended," the Master said to everyone. "I gathered you all here to witness more than just the introduction of a new species. I wanted you to witness the end of the world as you know it. But first, bring the Doctor over here."

The Doctor fought the guards as they forced him to the stairs. Jack tried to get past the guards surrounding him but one of them shoved his AK-47 in his face. Jack, realizing he might be more useful alive, stopped resisting. The Master walked over to a desk near the railings and reached down behind it. He picked up a silver case and slammed it down on top of the desk.

"I found this little trinket inside the TARDIS and thought it might be useful someday," he said to the Doctor. "And guess what? I was right! It will prove to be very useful now."

He opened the case. Inside was the Doctor's hand resting inside its jar. The Master showed the Doctor his screwdriver.

"I took a cue from you and made myself a screwdriver. Except this is laser, much better than sonic," he said. "But it does more than kill. You see, I took Professor Lazarus' technology and put it in here. Which means I can do what his machine does, change the age of anyone I choose. But…I need the genetic code of my victim and what do you know, I have it right here!" he said, patting the top of the jar. "I've decided Doctor that the only way you're gonna stay put is if I make you so feeble you'll barely be able to move. And guess what? This is still going out to all the world. So if you'll excuse me…"

He turned towards the camera and looked down at it.

"Humans. I know all of you are probably watching this in complete confusion now. Allow me to shine a little light on all this. You see, the Toclafane aren't the only aliens visiting Earth, this man is an alien as well. An evil being known as the Doctor. He tried to assassinate me and my wife but I stopped him."

The Doctor struggled when the camera turned towards him.

"He's lying," the Doctor said to the camera. "Saxon is an alien and he wants to take over the Earth. Don't listen to him!"

"Lies!" the Master said when the camera panned back to him. "He is a danger to this Earth but I, benevolent leader of the UK will take care of this alien scum. So…alien, let's see what you'd look like as a hundred year old man, eh?"

The guards backed up when the Master pointed the screwdriver at him. The Doctor glanced at Rose and for a moment he saw anguish in her eyes. Then the Master turned the screwdriver on and all thoughts of Rose left his mind as pain flooded in. He twisted and turned and jerked, vaguely hearing Jack's screams that mixed with his own as intense pain surged all over his body. He felt himself aging, felt himself growing feebler as he tried to run but the beam was somehow keeping him there, aging him more and more with each passing second.

Jack was in distress as he watched his friend aging inside the beam of the screwdriver. He looked at Rose and noticed the blank look was gone. She was standing beside her husband but he could see her eyes were filled with pain and sorrow while she watched.

The Doctor might be right, the hypnotic programming is fading faster and faster the more he uses it on her, Jack thought. Oh Rose, even though you never met the Doctor, I think deep down inside you still have a connection with him and maybe that's what's helping to break his conditioning.

Finally the Master stopped and the Doctor fell to his knees, a feeble, old man. He panted and gasped as the pain of the transformation slowly faded.

"And now that that's sorted, Gramps, I will go back to what I was doing before, which is the destruction of the Earth. You see, Earthlings, you're about to die, starting with all of you," the Master said, pointing to the terrified dignitaries. "So let the chaos begin! Because here comes the drums!" he yelled as he ran over and flipped a switch on a panel.

The Doctor gritted his teeth when the guards suddenly opened fire behind him and Jack, slaughtering the dignitaries. The Master instructed the guards to bring the Doctor and Jack up to the flight deck. The Doctor offered no resistance as two guards forced the Doctor to his feet and brought him and Jack up the stairs. The Master made them stand at a large pane of glass that looked out at the sky and the Doctor watched in silent horror as billions of Toclafane descended on the Earth and the screams of the humans drifted back up to his ears.

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