Chapter Thirteen

From that time on, Rose made sure she did what the Master wanted so he wouldn't hurt her or anyone else. The Master never mentioned her visits to the Doctor but she figured he knew. She figured it was a way of torturing them both by having them fall in love during their enslavement. She had tried to get to Jack but he was being too well guarded. She became friends with Martha's family though, especially Tish and she asked Tish to tell him from time to time that she cared for him and the Doctor was trying to find a way to free all of them.

She kept herself busy during the day while her husband was off touring missile sites and trying to locate Martha Jones. She tried to keep the Doctor informed of what was happening as well as bring him meals and comfort. She knew that this was keeping his hopes up and she realized her hopes were being kept alive too. She had only known the Doctor for two months but now she loved him deeply since she knew his love was genuine, unlike her so-called husband who only married her to spite the Doctor. Taking care of him was her first priority now. Most days it seemed like it was the only thing keeping her going, especially when everything seemed so hopeless.

Today she had a plate filled with chicken and mashed potatoes for him and a glass of milk. She had also put on a purple dress with matching purple court shoes. She put her hair back into a bun and put on some makeup. She wanted to dress up for him and make him happy.

She entered the conference room and he smiled when he saw her. He was sitting outside his tent and she kissed the top of his bald head as she put his meal down in front of him.

"You look beautiful today, Rose," he said as she sat down on the floor beside him. "I love something nice to look at while I'm eating my meal."

Rose blushed at that and the Doctor squeezed her hand before he began eating. While he ate, Rose spoke softly telling him what was going on.

"He's building more missiles all over the world," Rose said to him while he ate. "He won't say why though."

The Doctor munched thoughtfully on a chip.

"Wouldn't be for the Earth, he's already ravaged that," the Doctor said.

"Other worlds?"

"Perhaps. His megalomania knows no bounds. He's tried to take over other planets before."

"He's killed more people," Rose said. "People are resisting and those Toclafane things are killing them. He's also searching for Martha. He kills anyone he thinks might be harboring her. I don't know why he tells me this but he does."

"Gloating. I think he knows you tell me so he's doing this as a way of gloating," the Doctor said. "For all his gloating though, he hasn't found Martha. Nearly two months and she's still managing to elude him. Like I said, he isn't infallible. This chicken is delicious."

"The Master has a private cook. I ask the cook to make something for me and bring it to you. Otherwise, you'd be getting hog slop, I imagine."

"You eat as well, right?" the Doctor said. "You're not starving yourself to feed me?"

"I eat. But most days I don't feel like it," Rose said. "I'm just worried about you and Jack. I still can't get to Jack. He's too well guarded."

"And I'm not and I'm supposedly the more dangerous of the two," the Doctor said. "I think this is his way of tormenting us. He thinks I'm too old and feeble to do anything and he's threated to torture and beat you if you get out of line. He thinks we're helpless so he allows you to come here and see me. Jack is probably too much of a risk. Threatening him with death doesn't exactly work and he's still young and strong so they guard him. I can't move very fast so they don't need as many guards watching me."

"I wish there was a way to make you young again."

"Oh, there's a way and I'm working on it," the Doctor said.

Rose saw him glance up at the ceiling and she knew he was being deliberately vague, keeping the Master guessing although she was worried he might try to torture the information out of him now and that was the last thing she wanted. But he had told her a bit about him and their past together and she knew now that this was more like a cat and mouse game, the Master toyed with him for a bit, getting his jollies until he killed him. But judging from the stories he told about their past encounters, the Doctor always managed to get the upper hand and she hoped his luck held now.

"Rose, where is the Master now?" the Doctor said.

"He went to tour some missile bases; I think the ones around Russia."

"Can you help me?"

"Do what?"

The Doctor hesitated and Rose knew it was because the Master might be listening in. He looked around and beckoned to her before going inside the tent. Rose followed him inside and sat down on the straw.

"The day before I was aged," the Doctor said, leaning into her and whispering. "Jack came up with the idea of establishing a telepathic link with you so we could communicate over long distances."

Rose's face lit up.

"Can you do it?" she whispered back.

"Dunno. The human mind is a bit weak when it comes to telepathy, however I can try to boost your capability. It might take awhile which is why I asked where the Master was at. Will he be gone awhile?"

"I think so. He takes several hours to inspect the sites," Rose whispered.

"Do you want me to try this?"

Rose nodded eagerly and the Doctor instructed her to lie down, facing him. Rose closed her eyes and relaxed while the Doctor put his fingers against his temples.

"I won't be projecting any images into your head, only trying to open your mind so if you want to sleep, you can. It might take awhile."

Rose nodded. She relaxed, loving being near the Doctor and breathing in his scent while she closed her eyes and relaxed. Slowly, she drifted off to sleep and dreamed of the Doctor, using one of the memories he gave her as a template for a dream about having a picnic on some alien planet somewhere. She didn't wake till she felt the Doctor kissing her cheeks and she slowly opened her eyes.

I think I finished, can you hear me?

"Yeah, I can hear you. Sorry I drifted off to sleep and…"

"It suddenly occurred to her that he had just said that without moving his mouth.

"You thought that to me, didn't you?" she said.

Yes, I did and this as well, he thought to her.

Rose was ecstatic.

"But how…"

Just concentrate on me and think, I'll be able to hear it, hopefully, he thought.

Rose concentrated on his face.

Like this? She thought.

She could tell from the pleased look that he'd heard her.

Not as strong a reception as I'd like but I could hear you, he thought. Anyway, now that you can do this, we can talk without fear of the Master listening in. I need to use the camera at some point to send a message to Martha. You said the Master uses broadcasts from time to time for propaganda purposes.

Yes, but what for?

Because I have a plan and she needs to come back in a few months in order to complete it. We need to do it when the Master is asleep so he won't be aware I'm broadcasting.

Rose thought for a moment.

Drug him, she thought to him. He has a lab here. We can find something to put in a drink and make him go to sleep.

To get past the guards, I need my perception filter back. He took it from me. Do you know where it is, looks like a key with electronic parts attached to it.

Yeah, I've seen that. He put it in the top drawer of his desk in his office.

On board here?

Yes. I can get it for you.

Jack had one as well and hopefully, he has both. If he does, we can wear them and slip past the guards. He can't be fooled by it but the rank and file can.

How d'ya mean?

It makes us unnoticeable. So we could be next to someone and they wouldn't know we were there.

Wait, the night you were at Heathrow, you just suddenly appeared out of thin air.

That was the filter. I was there all the time but you didn't see me till I took it off.

Rose was amazed. She didn't realize what those keys really did, only that they were wearing them the night they were captured.

I can get them. I can go now while he's still away.

Be careful; don't take any unnecessary risks, the Doctor thought.

I won't, I promise. But…if you have those filters, can't we just escape to the surface?

Dunno, I need to be here at a certain time to spring the trap. Is there a way out of here?

There's a private helicopter on the flight deck for the Master to use as well as a small airplane.

I might be able to pilot the plane, have had some experience with that. The only problem is if we escape here, we'd have to find Martha and I don't have a clue where she's gone. It might be safer right now to just get a message out to Martha from here. I don't want the Master to start a hunt for us if we go.

Rose nodded. She decided she better go and get the filters before her husband returned. She kissed the Doctor on the lips and kissed his forehead, promising to return as soon as she could before she backed out of the tent and hurried out of the room.

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