Chapter Fourteen

Rose calmly walked down the hall towards her husband's office. She was sure the guards wouldn't do anything but she didn't' want to arouse their suspicions either. She was glad the Doctor had given her the telepathy. Even though she doubted he could do much in his condition, at least he could talk to him while she was away from him.

Doctor, she thought to him.


Rose frowned. His voice was still clear but fainter. She guessed that's what he meant about her mind not being very strong when it came to telepathy.

I'm nearing the office, no resistance yet, she thought.

Be careful just the same, he thought back.

Rose reached the office. She looked around before testing the door. To her relief, it opened and she walked inside. The air was chilly and she could hear the whoosh of the air conditioning unit as she closed the door. She walked over to the desk and tried the top drawer. She sighed when she found it locked and she walked back towards the door. She knew where one of the keys were, she'd seen the Master hiding it one morning when he thought she wasn't looking. She hurried to the bedroom and went inside. She went to the cupboard and slid open the teak wood door. She reached her hand up to the shelf above the clothes and ran her hand around on it until she found the key near the back by the wall. Rose snorted as she took it down and looked at it.

"Yeah, Harry, really clever hiding place," she said, rolling her eyes.

She walked back out and hurried back to the office. She went inside, shut the door and unlocked the drawer. She opened it and was relieved when she saw the filters lying near the front of the drawer. Beside it was the screwdriver. She recognized it as the Doctor's version and she took that too. She was about to close the drawer when she saw a manila folder marked Top Secret. She took it also, closed the drawer and locked it. She hurried back to the Doctor and he beamed when she handed him the filters and the screwdriver.

"Thank you, I wanted this back," the Doctor said, showing her the screwdriver. "With this, we might have a chance of escape and be able to free Jack and Martha's family."

"Doctor, I found this as well but I didn't look at it," Rose said, handing him the file.

The Doctor opened it and sped read through the paperwork inside.

"It's about Martha," the Doctor said after he finished. "They think she fled to Japan and he's…he's going to kill everyone in Japan if she doesn't surrender."

Rose sighed and lowered her head.

"I wish I'd never met him. I ruined my life," Rose murmured as the Doctor laid his hand on her back.

"You didn't know this would happen, Rose. Not to mention he hypnotized you."

"But is there a way to stop this?" Rose said, looking at him.

"I think so. He showed me my TARDIS a few days after I was aged. He modified it and turned it into a paradox machine."

"What's that?"

The Doctor explained the concept to Rose. Rose listened, stunned, while he told her about the Toclafane being able to exist and kill because of it.

"It's also the reason why I can still remember our travels together. Without that machine, my memories would have been altered since you never met me before now. Jack's memories as well. He prevented the erasure of our memories with the paradox machine with the paradox machine."

"So if the paradox machine is destroyed…" Rose said.

"Then time reverses. The Toclafane go back and the humans they killed will be restored and hopefully, you'll be able to go back to your own timeline."

"But…why can't I just stay in this timeline and travel with you once we get out of here?"

The Doctor stared at her, trying not to think of the temptation Rose just gave him. Another chance for her to be with him and this time they were past Canary Wharf, he might be given a second chance to protect her and this time he would do a better job. His mind warred with that and the call to restore Rose's rightful timeline.

"Doctor, it wouldn't hurt anything if you didn't send me back, would it?" Rose said, touching his hand.

Rose sensed his hesitation.

"Doctor, what happened to me? Am I still traveling with you? I wasn't with you when you were captured," Rose said.

"You were taken from me, sucked into another universe," the Doctor said, clasping his hands as he looked at the floor.

"Show me?" Rose said. "The memory?"

The Doctor looked at her and then put his fingers against her temples. Rose closed her eyes and watched the memory in silent horror. When she was taken away by her father, he stopped the memory and took his fingers away. Rose opened her eyes and scooted closer to him.

"Can that be prevented?" Rose said.

"I don't know. At this point in time, we've gone past those events."

"Can you keep it that way?" Rose said. "Can't you work it out where I did do that but now my younger version is here and I can travel with you again?"

"I don't know, Rose. Perhaps if I restored everything, you would know what happened that day at Canary Wharf and you could take precautions against it. Make sure the lever was secure, that sort of thing."

"But either way I'd get to be with you?" Rose said hopefully.

The Doctor kissed her forehead and Rose smiled. The more she got to know the Doctor, the more she loved him. To her, not being able to travel with him and being stuck in another universe was a nightmare she didn't care to go through. She silently resolved to either stay with him now or if she had to go back, find a way to remember Canary Wharf now that he'd given her the memory.

"What do we do now?" she said.

"Well, we could put the filters on and pay a visit to Jack," the Doctor said.

Rose nodded and slipped her filter on while the Doctor did the same. She helped him to his feet and they walked to the lift. The Doctor was slow but steady on his feet and Rose hater her husband for what he did to the Doctor.

"Can you change back?" Rose asked as he pushed the lift button.

"I'm sure I could if I got ahold of the Master's screwdriver but I have a feeling that'll be harder to nick," he said.

Rose silently resolved to also get a hold of the Master's screwdriver as they stepped inside the lift.


"Hey! I need to pee, can you gents unchain me so I can?" Jack asked the guards standing guard over him.

He was standing on a platform with his arms chained up. The guards were in front of a chain link fence that separated him from them and they had their backs to him. Jack whistled at them and shook his head when they didn't respond.

"Fine, but if I pee my pants you have to clean up the mess," he called to them.

He spied Tish as she turned the corner about twenty feet ahead of the fence. He grinned at her. Tish had been put in charge of feeding him but perhaps she could persuade the guards to let him go to the bathroom. He watched while Tish walked up to the guards and asked them to check out a gas leak.

"I smell gas, come and take a look," she said to them.

The guards glanced at each other and followed Tish as she led them away. Jack groaned, his bladder near to bursting. Then he saw the Doctor and Rose appear out of thin air about five feet from the fence. He saw the perception filters in their hands and grinned.

"Wondered if you might be able to get those toys away from the Master," he said.

"I told Tish to lure the guards away," Rose said to him.

Jack frowned.

"Is she on our side?" he asked the Doctor as he walked to the fence and unlocked it with the screwdriver.

"She is," the Doctor said.

"Good. Nice to know she's no longer under the Master's thrall. Rose, my dear, would you please grab that can over there in the corner and let me pee in it. I need to badly."

Rose spied a coffee can in the corner and brought it over. The Doctor unzipped Jack's pants and brought his penis out. Jack sighed in relief as he peed into the can.

"Thank you so much," Jack sighed when he finished. "God, that feels good."

Rose put the can back while the Doctor put Jack's penis back in his pants.

"Don't think this is in any way sexual," the Doctor said, glancing up at Jack.

"At your age? You're a bit old for me now, grandpa," Jack teased.

"We don't have much time," Rose said, coming up to him.

"I noticed you have the screwdriver," Jack said to the Doctor.

"Yes, Rose got it back for me along with the perception filters."

"Then take her away from here. Leave this place. There are escape pods. Tish told me about them."

"What about you?" Rose said.

"Forget about me. I can't stay dead and I know how to handle torture. I just want you and him away from here. Find a way to meet up with Martha and get young again."

"But we can't leave you here," Rose said.

"Yes, you can. Doctor, she's more precious than anything here. Don't leave her with that monster. She doesn't deserve to be raped and abused. Take her away from here…now."

"But the screwdriver…" Rose said.

"He has it," Jack said.

"No, she means the Master's screwdriver. It has the aging technology inside it."

"Screw that. Find another way to be younger. Just go!" Jack said. "Shit!" he added when he heard the guards coming back. "Go now!"

The Doctor and Rose put their filters back on and Jack watched as they quickly went through the fence and closed the door back before the guards noticed.

"Take her away, Doctor, before it's too late," Jack murmured as he watched Rose and the Doctor pass the oblivious guards and head back to the lift.

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