Chapter Twenty

When Bruce returned, it was nearly ten o'clock. Cynthia came with him and Rose smiled when she walked over to her and sat with her on the bed.

"I spoke to my friends and explained the situation," Bruce said. "We came up with this plan. My friends will drive you to the labor camp near Maidstone. My friends worked at the hospital there and they still take laborers there when they're ill. Now there are other people who help transport the ill to hospital since the bastard up there basically works people to death. My friends will contact others who can drive you to other labor camps and you can keep doing that till you get to Dover. The chunnel is closed and there are no unauthorized crossings. However, I know there are people who risk their lives to get people across to France, sort of like the American Underground Railroad they set up before the Civil War to get the slaves to freedom. There is a network of people who are setting up something similar to that but it takes time to set it up, especially across borders. I think at the moment it extends as far as Riems in France, after that you'd have to find other help and transportation but at least it gets you out of England."

"Thank you. If we can get that far we'll have time to think up alternatives to get out of France," the Doctor said. "If our friend can make it to China by herself, we can find a way there as well."

"My friends are leaving in an hour so be ready by then. We'll knock on the door when they come and you will meet them outside the hotel. Their names are Brian and Tom."

The Doctor thanked him and shut the door. He smiled at Rose.

"With luck, we'll be out of England before too long," he said.

(12:20 P.M….)

Tish was mopping the floors of the Valiant with her mother, Francine. Suddenly, they heard an angry bellow and both of them looked up.

"GUARDS, BRING ME THE JONES FAMILY!" they heard him scream.

Tish looked at her mother.

"I think he found out they're gone," she said to her mother.


Jack jerked his head up when he heard the Master screaming for the guards. He watched while his guards ran off, obeying their master's orders while he kept on yelling for the guards to bring the Jones family to him. He looked at the steel plates on the posts. The chains that held him were attached to them but he'd realized the screws were loose ages ago and he'd had been silently pulling on the plates, trying to loosen them enough that he could pull the plates off the posts. When the guards left, he strained his muscles trying to pull them one last time.


The guards shoved Tish, Francine and Clive. The Master stood in front of them, seething, as they stood and stared at him, unafraid. Six of the Master's guards surrounded them, their guns pointed at the Jones Family while they gazed calmly at the Master.

"Where is the Doctor and my wife?" the Master growled at them.

"We don't know," Tish said.

"You helped them escape! Admit it!" the Master said, pointing at Tish.

"I did not. We were all working when they escaped."

"Liar!" the Master yelled as he stomped over to her. "You helped them escape and you and your mother and father will suffer for it! Guards, take them to a cell so I can prepare some sort of torture for…"


The Master jerked his head and looked over Tish's shoulder when he heard a guard yell in the distance.

"See what that is!" he yelled at two of his guards. "Help whoever that is!"

The guards ran off to assist while the other four grabbed the arms of Tish, Francine and Clive. The Master smirked at them.

"Like I was saying, you'll be taken to a cell where you'll await torture," he said.


Jack let out a loud grunt as he gave one last tug and pulled the metal plates off the posts. He jumped down off the platform and ran to the fence. His guards had all gone so he met no resistance at first as he went to help Tish and her parents. But when he turned a corner, he saw two guards standing there. The guards gave him shocked looks and he used that shock to his advantage, grabbing the top of the chains and smacking the guards in the face with one of them as hard as he could. The guards fell to the ground, stunned, and Jack grabbed one of the AK-47s and ran with it. He began to wreak havoc, trying to draw the guards to him and away from the Jones family. He used the gun to scare the guards and the chains to bring them down. He heard some of the guards calling for help and he hoped that meant it would bring the others. If they killed him, he would recover, Tish and her parents wouldn't.

He smacked his chain into the face of another guard and stepped on his chest when he went down. He aimed the AK-47 at his head.

"Where are they taking Tish and her parents?" he growled at the terrified guard.

(One hour earlier…)

"Doctor?" Bruce called through the door as he knocked on it. "They're ready for you."

"Ready?" the Doctor said to Rose.

"Ready," Rose said, putting her backpack on her back.

The Doctor put his backpack on and opened the door. Bruce and Cynthia were waiting for them.

"Thank you for doing this," the Doctor said to Bruce.

"You're welcome. I just hope you know what you're doing," Bruce said.

"I hope so too," the Doctor said. "But we can't stay here. The Master will be back soon and he'll start looking for us."

Bruce nodded. Cynthia took the Doctor and Rose's hands and walked with them while they followed Bruce to the lift. When they stepped outside, Bruce pointed out a white lorry parked in front. Two men were standing by it. They were twins with identical sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. One man had his hair cut short while the other had it shoulder length. Both of them were muscular and both of them were wearing white shirts and black pants. On their shirts was clipped an ID card. Bruce introduced the one with short hair as Tom and the other one as Brian. The Doctor and Rose shook their hands and then Rose hugged Cynthia tightly while Tom unlocked the back door and slid it up.

"You be a good girl now and mind your dad," she said to Cynthia.

"Be careful. Don't let the ball monsters get you," Cynthia said, hugging her back.

"I won't. Don't let the ball monsters get you either," she said.

The Doctor hugged Cynthia when Rose pulled away. She leaned back up and looked at Bruce when he laid his hand on her arm.

"I'm glad you saw the light," he said to Rose. "You might find others who aren't too thrilled with ya but I can see now that you aren't the monster we thought you were."

"Harry did the killings and the enslavement. I was a puppet, to put it kindly," Rose said. "I don't want this misery for you or Cynthia or anyone else and I'm going to help the Doctor put it right."

"Good. Good luck to you and to him. Be careful," Bruce said.

Rose thanked him and stepped back as the Doctor shook his hand and wished him luck. Bruce pulled Cynthia back onto the curb while the Doctor and Rose walked to the back of the lorry. There were medical supplies in the front, stacked up, tied and wrapped up until they formed a large cube on a wooden pallet but Tom told them to go between the small space between the two pallets and when they did, they found an old mattress covered by a white fitted sheet behind them. Two pillows were on top of the mattress and an old faded blue blanket was folded at the end of it. Beside the mattress was some bottled water and two flashlights.

"Make yourselves comfy," Bruce said. "It'll be a little over an hour to reach the camp."

The Doctor and Rose lay down on the bed and turned on the flashlights when Tom slid the door shut.

"Here we go, on our way at last," the Doctor said.

"I just hope we make it."

"We will, have faith," the Doctor said.

Rose looked down at her wedding ring and a look of disgust passed across her face. The Doctor watched while she took it off and threw it across the lorry.

"I don't want that thing on my finger," she said. "I don't want any reminder of him anywhere on my body. He disgusts me."

"Do I disgust you?"

Rose was shocked.

"No," she said emphatically.

"Not even when I do this?" he said, sticking his finger up his nose and rotating it around.

"Um…okay, now you disgust me," Rose said while the Doctor gave her a devilish grin and removed his finger.

The Doctor snickered and shined his flashlight on his butt while he scratched it.

"Ah, sweet relief from the itch," he sighed while Rose laughed and gave him a playful shove.

He shined the flashlight on his crotch as he went up on his side and Rose stopped his hand before it got to it.

"Alright, Mister Disgusting," she said, laughing, "you can stop that now."

She noticed the Doctor was straining himself.

"Now what are you doing?" she said.

"Trying to toot my poot," he said.

"Alright, you disgust me, will you stop now," Rose said, laughing.

The Doctor laid his head on the pillow and shined the light on his face while he batted his eyelashes at her.

"Did you do a lot of this teasing with me before?" Rose asked.

"Are you kidding? We had a blast in the TARDIS," the Doctor said. "Actually, teasing helped keep us sane, especially when we were in tight spots. I remember one time we faced death by a firing squad on a distant planet and the only way you could keep calm was by having a laugh and teasing me while I teased you. When the opportunity came to escape, you were relaxed and calm from all that and it made our escape that much easier. To be honest, you introduced it because my previous life, I was a bit of a grumpy grump and you got tired of that so you kept getting me to laugh and I started doing it in return and we had our own special rapport going. So yes, this is normal for us."

"I like that idea. Teasing to keep the spirits up," Rose said. "Wish that'd been Harry's philosophy."

"Well, I'm surprised you didn't get through to him. You got through to me and I was a severe grumpy grump. But then again, the Master is barking mad while I'm just common or garden mad, big difference."

"You're not mad," Rose said.

She laughed when the Doctor's eyes bugged out and he began to breathe heavily.

"Okay, you are mad, completely mad, I take it back," she said as the Doctor grinned at her.

They paused when they heard the lorry start up.

"Ooops, I tooted my poot," the Doctor said, pointing to his rear end. "Or was that the lorry? Because my farts do sound like lorry engines some days. Can never be too sure."

"Rose laughed at that.

"I think that was you. I smell exhaust fumes now," she said.

"Is that what that was? I thought it was my rancid alien breath. I don't clean my teeth, ever. That's what we did on my planet. Didn't clean teeth, didn't wipe arse and tooted our poot from night till dawn."

Rose laughed hysterically while the Doctor smiled tenderly, loving that she was happy and laughing. The truck began to move and the Doctor looked around.

"Heeey! We're on the move now. Fancy a snog?" he said, wagging his eyebrows.

"You want to snog on a dirty mattress in the back of a lorry?" Rose said.

"If we do, do I get to run to the press and say an alien snogged the Prime Minister's wife on a dirty mattress in the back of a lorry?"

"Only if I get to say I had a lesbian orgy with the Spice Girls."

She laughed at the wide eyed look on the Doctor's face.

"Really? You did? Was Posh Spice good in bed then?" he said.

"Nah, Becks kept interrupting us."

"Pity. You should have told Becky Boy to mind his own business while you had your lesbian encounter with Mrs. Becky Boy," he said while Rose giggled.

"This whole conversation has taken an odd turn," Rose said.

"Yes but you can't deny it's a fascinating topic. The wife of the Prime Minister has an alien lover and Spice Girls on the side whenever she gets bored. The Sun would have a field day with that one."

"True," Rose said. "But The Sun is probably no longer in business."

"True," the Doctor said. "We…"

Rose gasped when the wheel under them hit a large pothole.

"Ow, I felt that all the way down in me nibblies," the Doctor said.

"Dare I ask where your nibblies are?" Rose said.

"No, you don't wanna know. They're very tender. I can't bear to have me nibblies hurt," he said.

"Ooooh, this is gonna be one interesting journey," Rose said as the Doctor scooted closer to her.

Rose snuggled up against him and the Doctor grabbed the blanket, covered them up and turned off the flashlight while Rose lay her head on the pillow and listened to the rumbling of the lorry.


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