Chapter Twenty Five

"Rose? Donna? We're here."

Rose opened her eyes and lifted her head off the Doctor's shoulder. Donna was lying on the bottom of the boat and she also lifted her head up.

"Land?" Donna said.

"Yup, nearly there," the Doctor said, sticking his head out past the side tarp. "The view however is not all that great."

Rose glanced up at the sky and noticed the sun had risen, although the sky was overcast. She hoped no one was watching them.

"How'd ya mean, view isn't great?" Donna said, sitting up.

"Well, there's this ginormous statue of Saxon on the coastline," the Doctor said, rolling his eyes. "It mars the view, that's for sure."

"What?" Rose said, crawling over to the side.

Her mouth dropped open when she saw a fifty foot statue of her husband right on the beach. It was made of bronze and depicted him standing arrogantly on the shore, staring across at England with arms crossed.

"Oooo, Harry," Rose growled. "Your ego knows no bounds!"

When they got close to the beach, the four men jumped out and grabbed the sides pulling it up onto the beach. When they were grounded, they called for everyone to depart. They folded the blankets and plastic and left the boat.

"Jesus!" Donna said, glancing at the statue. "That thing is huge, you can see it from Dover but I didn't think it was this big."

"Yeah, like he said, it ruins the view here," Yun said. "Crazy, egotistical bastard. I hope you do have a plan to stop him because I'll be the first one to applaud if you do."

"We're gonna do our best," the Doctor said.

George reached into the metal box and pulled out a large brown sack.

"This is some food for you," George said, handing it to Rose. "There's a map inside the sack that shows you where tae go next. The house isn't far but we can't take ya. We need tae rest up and go back across tonight with supplies for the resistance. We took a risk yesterday because we started early so we could meet you at midnight. We normally go back and forth at night, ferrying passengers and supplies back and forth but we made it in one piece."

"We're grateful to you for doing this," the Doctor said to them. "I wish there was a way to repay you."

"Get rid of him and that's good enough for me, mon," Joseph said, pointing up to the statue.

The men wished them luck before they pushed the boat out into the water and jumped in. They turned to the left and paddled along the shoreline while the Doctor, Rose and Donna walked towards the statue. The Doctor asked Rose for the map. She stopped for a moment, found it and handed it to him. The Doctor studied it while they headed for Saxon's shoe.

"Not far by the looks of it, about a mile or so," the Doctor said, studying the map while they walked. "According to the notation, the woman who will be meeting us is called Clarice."

"I would hope that we couldn't see the eyesore from her house but I'm sure that's not a possibility," Donna said, gesturing to the statue.

The Doctor lowered the map and shook his head as they neared the statue. He smirked when he noticed the shoe had seagull shit all over it.

"I notice the birds have given their opinion of it," the Doctor said, pointing to the poo. "I'm surprised the Master doesn't have his "volunteers" out here keeping his statues clean. I s'pose they're all busy building his doomsday weapons."

They reached the shoe and rested a moment. Rose craned her neck up, looking up at the crotch area of the statue.

"I'm surprised he didn't order them to keep his trousers off so his penis points directly to England," Rose said dryly.

She walked around it, trying to work out the stiffness she acquired during the night. She reached the other side of the shoe and froze when she noticed what looked like a door cut into the side of the shoe. She ran her hands over it, trying to find a way in and then she found a groove on the right side of the door near the edge. She put her fingers inside the groove and was surprised when the door swung open easily. She was shocked when she saw a lift inside the shoe and she called for her friends. They came around the shoe and she showed him the opening. The Doctor peeked inside before going in. He walked over to the lift and examined it. There were steel supports all around it, making a shaft that went up the Master's leg. On the support on the right side of the lift was a panel with the outline of a hand etched on it and a speaker above the outline. The Doctor put his hand inside it and watched while a blue laser scanned it.

"Subject's identity not verified," a robotic voice came from the speaker. "Access denied."

"I'll see about that," the Doctor said, pulling out his sonic.

He aimed it at the outline and turned it on. He then tried his hand again and this time the voice told him that access was granted. The Doctor grinned when the lift doors slid open and he, Rose and Donna walked inside. There was no panel inside but the lift went up automatically so they stood patiently to see where it went. When it stopped and the doors opened, they were standing in the lower extremity of the statue. There were several slits in the bronze skin that allowed the sun to come through and give them some light. Across the way was another lift that went up. The Doctor scanned the hand print beside it, scanned his hand and they went inside. Again, the lift started automatically.

"You don't get much choice on destination in here," the Doctor said as they went up.

The lift stopped again and when the doors opened they were inside the head. The eyes of the statue had been carved out and covered over with Perspex so they had plenty of light. The lift doors closed after they stepped out and looked around. Floor was made of bronze with a hole in it for the lift to go through. There was a tan leather sofa near the back of the head with a matching overstuffed chair beside it. Near the front of the head was a long wooden table with several folders on it. To the side of the head was metal steps that were welded into the side with a bronze railing on the other side. The steps led up to a bronze platform that went under the eyes so the person could go up and look out. Rose and Donna headed for that while the Doctor headed for the table and the folders. Rose and Donna went up and walked over to the left eye.

"Blimey, what a view," Rose said as they looked out at England in the distance.

"Makes you wonder how many times he's come up here and looked out at England," Donna said.

Rose snorted.

"Knowing Harry, I'm willing to bet he has these all over the world with viewing platforms like this. Survey his little kingdom," she said. "Like I said, I'm surprised he didn't have the penis extending out over everything. The statue is sorta like a big metaphorical penis."

She grinned when she heard the Doctor chuckling at that. She walked over to the edge of the platform and looked down at him.

"What about you, darling? Find anything?" she said when she noticed he was scanning the paperwork in the files.

"So far, I've found reports. Observations from in here and elsewhere. As you said, Ma'dori, surveying his kingdom," he said. "He has reports here from spies, not just from England but from all over the world."

"Martha?" Rose said while Donna came to her side.

"Some, yes. Most of them are unsubstantiated reports though. I think the spies sometimes get a glimpse of her through the filter because so far the spies write that they're never for sure if they've seen her or not. I'm sure the Master knows she has a filter on because his notation says to tell them to just keep looking. I think he thinks he'll get lucky and catch her unawares."

He set down the folder he was perusing and picked up another one. He sped read through the paperwork.

"This one is reports on possible rebels and subversives," he said as he read. "From all over. According to his notations, some were rounded up and executed, some were sent to labor camps. Some were brainwashed and sent back out among the rebels as spies. He's very through with his paperwork; I have to give him that."

He finished that folder, set it down and picked up another folder that didn't have much inside it. He sped read though the paperwork and his eyebrow rose.

"Rose, this one is about you," he said, looking up.

"Me? What does it say then?" Rose said, folding her arms over her chest.

"Well, we were right about him watching us when we were prisoners on the Valiant. He was listening to us and this is transcripts of some of our conversations. According to his notations, he was hoping I'd say something about Martha. I think he was using you as an involuntary spy. Probably hoped you get me to open up and say something. Problem was, I don't know where Martha went so there wasn't much for you to glean form me."

He put that down and picked up another one.

"This is about you as well," he said. "But this one seems to be like a diary, keeping records of your drugging. He does note that the drugs and hypnosis were beginning to wear off and he was worried about that."

"He did that to you?" Donna said.

"Yeah. Everything he did when it was early days, I did nothing about because he did that to me," Rose said. "When the drugs and hypnosis started wearing off, I began to protest and he had to resort to beating me to keep me in line."

He looked back down at the Doctor and noticed he was looking at something in disbelief.

"What? What is it?" she said.

"Rose, did he ever mention wanting children?" the Doctor said, looking up.

"Sometimes. But it was just talk," Rose said.

"No. According to this it was more than just talk, Ma'dori. He was going to try to genetically engineer a baby and implant it inside you."

"What?" Rose said. "Genetically engineer one? Why didn't he just do it the old fashioned way."

"Because it wasn't his genetic material he was going to use, it was mine. He was going to use DNA from my severed hand to create a genetically enhanced child."

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