Chapter Thirty Two

While the Doctor meditated, Jack got to know Clarice and Donna better and got up to date on what was happening. While they chatted, the sky began to grow dark and storm clouds began to form.

"Looks like a storm is coming," Donna said. "Glad it waited until we were inside this house and not out on the ocean."

She looked at Jack. He was sitting in the chair beside Clarice, lost in thought.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Thinking about calling Martha," Jack said.

"The Doctor said that was dangerous," Rose said.

"The Master knows we're here. We have to move to safety anyway. Martha has the vortex manipulator. If we can get her back here, we can use it to really get away from him, not just move slowly inch by inch towards Riems. We might as well risk it. You risked your lives by allowing me to stay with you."

"Should we ask the Doctor about this?" Rose said.

"Leave him alone. He'd agree with me, I won't make it very long, just long enough to tell her to get her butt back here," Jack said, pulling out his mobile. "Luckily, Martha and I exchanged phone numbers on Malcassairo after we became friends. I'll just give her a friendly little jingle now."

Jack found Martha's phone number in his address book and selected it. He glanced out the window while he waited to speak with her and noticed lightning flashes in the distance.


Martha strolled the streets of Beijing looking up at the unlit neon signs of the buildings around her. The neon signs were blacked out on purpose to keep the Toclafane from being drawn to them. The streetlights were kept on though and Martha was using them to navigate by. It was early morning and there was a slight chill in the air but Martha ignored it. She felt so lonely, it'd been a couple of months since she left the Valiant and she had used the manipulator to hop around, trying to hide from the Master. Because of that, she couldn't speak to anyone or trust them and she was bored with being by herself. She wondered if her friends were alive, especially the Doctor. Poor Doctor, who'd been aged. She'd seen alerts for him on the TV, him and Rose as well as herself. He looked haggard in the photo and her heart went out to him.

She froze when a sound she hadn't heard in nearly two months came from her coat pocket. She looked down, listening to her mobile, wondering if she should answer it. She debated it for a moment before deciding that she might as well. If the Master was pinpointing her location, she could ditch the phone and use the manipulator to leave. She reached into her pocket, pulled out her mobile and answered it.


"Jack! Oh my God, it's you! Are you okay? What's happening?" Martha said.

"I can't speak for very long. Listen, everyone has escaped the Valiant except for your family. The Doctor, Rose and me are at this house along with a woman named Donna and another woman named Clarice. The Master brainwashed me and sent me after the Doctor so he knows we're here. We need to get away from here quickly and I risked this phone call to tell you to get back here with the manipulator so we can get far away from France."

"France?" Martha said.

"Yes, we're just outside Calais. Clarice, what is the address here?" Jack said.

Martha heard a woman speak and Jack gave her the address and quickly translated that into coordinates for her. Martha, eager to be with her friends, inputted the coordinates while he spoke and told Jack she was coming."

"Great, look for you then!" Jack said. "Bye!"

"Bye," Martha said, barely containing her excitement.

She put the mobile back in the pocket after ending the call.

"Take me to them!" Martha said to herself before hitting the enter button.

She vanished in a flash of light and when the manipulator stopped, she was standing in front of a farmhouse while thunder crashed over her head. The door opened and Martha let out a cry of relief and ran at Jack who laughed and opened his arms.

"Martha!" he said, hugging her tightly.

"Oh God, I missed you!" Martha said.

"Back at ya, Jonsey!" Jack said.

Martha heard a mooing behind her and turned her head. She saw a cow wandering around the front yard, nibbling at grass.

"They believe in free range here?" Martha said to Jack.

"Long story, but come inside, there's a thunderstorm brewing. We can talk over a cup of tea and perhaps a meal for you?"

"Lead on, I'm so hungry!"

"Thought so, come inside then," Jack said, taking her hand and walking inside the house with her.


The Doctor brought himself back up out of his meditation. He breathed deeply, feeling his energy replenished. He lay in bed for a moment collecting his thoughts and then he raised his head when he heard thunder booming outside the house. By now, the sun was going down and the room was dark. He sat up and swung his legs over the side. He got up and was about to think to Rose that he was awake when suddenly he heard a sound he hadn't heard in two months.

"Martha?" he said when he heard her laughing and joking in the living room.

He ran into the living room and froze when he saw Martha sitting on the floor by the sofa.

"Doctor!" Martha said, getting up.

"Martha! How did you find us?" he said, running to her and embracing her.

Martha explained what happened and showed him the manipulator.

"Normally, I would have skinned Jack alive for doing this but he's right. The Master knows we're here but thanks to this, we can travel far away from him and hide while we come up with a plan," the Doctor said.

He looked out the window at the storm. The cows wandered the front lawn eating the grass while the lighting lit up the clouds and the thunder boomed.

"Good job that didn't happen last night," the Doctor said.

"That's what I said," Donna said. "I made some more burgers and chips for everyone. Sorry for the repeat but no one felt like cooking, really."

"Perfectly fine, I can handle that," the Doctor said, going into the kitchen.

Jack gasped when a lightning bolt hit close to the house, causing the cows to scatter.

"Whoa! This is one intense storm!" Jack said, looking out the window.

"Well, get away from the window then, idiot, before something strikes you!" Donna said.

"Nah, I'd just get up again," Jack said, grinning at her.

He turned his attention back to the window and noticed a lone Toclafane was approaching the house.

"And one of the Master's little friends is paying a call on us, apparently," Jack said grimly.

Suddenly, there was another lightning flash and Jack saw it hit the Toclafane before the light became too intense. He shielded his eyes and turned away as the thunderboom shook the house.

"Whoa, that was close," the Doctor said from the kitchen. "Like I said, glad this didn't happen last night."

"Guys, look," Jack said, pointing out the window.


The Doctor finished putting condiments on his burger and shoveling some of the chips onto his plate. He grinned, hungry since he spent most of his energy helping Jack.


The Doctor turned and smiled at Rose when she came into the room.

"Ma'dori, everyone is together and we can use the manipulator to travel. We don't have to walk," he said happily.

Rose nodded and smiled.

"What's wrong?" he said.

"That last lightning strike brought down one of the Toclafane. It's lying in the garden and it hasn't moved in about five minutes. Doctor, I think it's dead."

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