Chapter Thirty Three

The Doctor walked over to the window and looked at the spot Jack was pointing to. Whenever the lightning flashed, he could just make out the Toclafane lying inert in the front yard. He ran back to the hidden room, grabbed the blanket and ran to the front door. Everyone watched at the window while the Doctor ran through the storm to the orb.

He stopped right beside it and gingerly put his foot against it. He kicked it and it rolled a foot across the grass. The Doctor studied it but it didn't move. Deciding to take a chance, he wrapped the orb up in the blanket and carried it back into the house. Everyone gathered around him while he lay the damp blanket on the kitchen table.

"Be careful, this thing might be stunned," he said to everyone.

He uncovered the orb and they waited for any movement from it. The Doctor poked it and then poked it harder.

"Hello! I'm the Doctor!" he yelled at it.

He shrugged when nothing happened and pulled his sonic screwdriver out.

"Okay, now that we have one of these things in our possession, let's find out what it is," he said.

He turned his sonic on and everyone jumped back when the orb snapped open like a flower. There were three metal panels that lay open, letting everyone see inside. Everyone came close to the orb and peeked in.

"Oh my God," Martha said when they saw a disfigured brown face at the bottom of the orb.

Wires and circuitry were hooked up to the face. It's eyes were closed and it had a peaceful look on its face.

"So these things are like Daleks?" Jack said. "Little ugly beings inside an armored shell?"

"Seems so," the Doctor said. "This thing comes from the year 100 trillion. This is a being from the future. Isn't that brilliant?"

They gasped when the eyes of the creature suddenly snapped open. Jack pulled out his gun and aimed it at the face while it looked around. When the ball didn't move, everyone tiptoed back up to the orb and looked at the face.

"Who are you? Name your species," the Doctor said.

The eyes settled on Martha Jones.

"Martha!" it said.

Martha jerked her head back in shock while everyone looked at her.

"Friend of yours?" Jack said.

"I don't know any of these Toclafane things," Martha said.

"Dear sweet Martha Jones, you helped us to fly," the Toclafane said.

"What? Who are you?"

"The skies are made of diamonds."

Martha staggered back.

"What's the mean?" Jack said, grabbing her arm when Martha paled.

"When we first got to that base on Malcassairo, there was a little boy there called Creet. I talked to him and he said he was excited about going to Utopia because he said he heard the skies were made of diamonds. But this can't be him. He was a little boy, not a face in a ball."

"Is your name Creet?" the Doctor said.

"No," the Toclafane said.

"Then how do you know Martha?"

"We share each other's memories," the Toclafane said.

"What? Creet can't be one of you," Martha said.

The Doctor stepped back, a sickly feeling beginning in the pit of his stomach.

"What happened to all of you?" Jack said. "Are you the humans going to Utopia?"

"Yes," the Toclafane said.

"How did you end up looking like this?" the Doctor demanded. "What happened to you?"

"We became like this in order to survive the end. Utopia was a lie; there was no Utopia, only the end of all things. We wanted to survive so we became like this."

The Doctor glanced at Clarice and noticed she was dumbfounded.

"These are humans from the future," the Doctor said to her. "We went to the end of the universe. The last of the humans were trying to go to a place called Utopia but they didn't find it evidentially and to survive the end of the universe, they turned themselves into these things."

"But why did they come here to kill everyone?" Clarice said.

"Yes, why did you come here to destroy the Earth?"

"Because the Master asked us to."

"Why did you listen to him?" the Doctor said.

"Because the Master promised to take us away from the darkness and bring us here to an Earth that isn't destroyed. In return, we help him establish a new Gallifrey here."

The Doctor cursed at that.

"So, that's part of his plan," he said. "He wants to make a new Gallifrey and rule from here. He's going to conquer the universe and that's why he building all these missiles. He'll subjugate every planet he can get his hands on."

"And we'll travel through the universe, helping him do that," the Toclafane said happily.

"He built the paradox machine because without it these things can't exist here," the Doctor said. "Without the paradox machine they would cancel themselves out whenever they killed a modern day human. The paradox machine suspends that and allows them to kill without fear of obliteration."

"But why are you killing the humans?" Rose said.

"Because it's fun!" the Toclafane said before a maniacal laugh escaped from his throat. "And now, all of you will die!"

"I think not," Jack said, aiming his gun at the face.

Before the Doctor could stop him, he shot the face, killing it.

"Jack!" the Doctor said.

"Doctor, that thing wasn't human anymore. It was just a homicidal abomination. I know you don't like unnecessary killing but it would have killed us if I hadn't done anything."

"Just the same, it wasn't this person's fault," the Doctor said sadly. "He was deceived by the Master and used by him for his own selfish ends. However…perhaps this Toclafane can help us further. Perhaps I can find a way to use this technology to disable any other Toclafane we come across. But for the moment…"

He closed up the Toclafane and put the blanket over it.

"We need to get going. The Toclafane share memories and since this one has seen us and told us what it was, the others will know as well. Not to mention I'm willing to bet they felt it die. So everyone get what you need, use the loo and say your final goodbyes to this place because we're on our way!"

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