Chapter Thirty Six

"You know her?" Rose said.

"I do indeed. I landed up in San Francisco during my seventh life. I was shot and taken to hospital and she was my surgeon. I regenerated afterwards, she couldn't save me."

"And you did it again?" Grace said, looking him over.

"Twice, actually. This is my tenth life."

"Doctor, Saxon is calling himself the Master. It's not THE Master is it, because he died in your TARDIS."

"He was resurrected by the Time Lords. Yes, it's the same man."

"Well, I'm staying far away from him and his acid spit this time," Grace said.

"Acid spit?" Martha said.

"Um…the Master acquired that during one of his lives. He could…spit on people and paralyze them as well."

"Well, I'm glad he never spit on me," Rose said.

"So you live in LA then?" the Doctor said.

Grace told him what he told Rose and Martha before asking where they were traveling to. The Doctor explained what had been happening to them after he had Grace sit down. Rose went to see if there was a way to make tea after noticing a box of tea in among the things the Doctor collected. Martha sat down in the chair beside the sofa while the Doctor sat down, kept on telling his story to Grace and sorted through the things he collected.

Another one? Martha thought to herself as she stared at Grace. Blimey, how many women have gone traveling with him? Wonder if she had a relationship with him as well.

"You didn't know about me?" the Doctor said when he finished updating Grace. "I've been shown on the telly. Granted I was an old geezer but they mentioned me by name."

"I don't have a TV in my room," Grace said, shaking her head. "And I work most days. The people I work with finally decided I should rest and forced me to take a day off. I just hate lying around when people are sick and dying out there."

"Yes, but you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of them. What about Lee? Have you heard from him since we saw him last?'

"No, I have no idea what happened to him. God, I hope he's okay. Although…sometimes I think it's better to be dead now, given what's happened."

Rose brought some tea to them.

"Didn't find a kettle so I boiled some water in a pot," Rose said as she handed a mug to the Doctor and Grace. "No milk, sorry," she said to the Doctor and Martha.

The Doctor nodded and sipped his tea while Rose went back and got a mug of tea for herself and Martha. She came back into the room and the four of them sipped their tea while Grace spoke to the Doctor and updated him on her life. While they did that, the Doctor reached into a rucksack and handed a hair coloring kit to Rose.

"I got dark brown for you and I did find red for you, Martha," he said, handing another box to Martha.

"Brilliant, I'll use this after dinner," Martha said.

They kept on chatting until it was nearly five and the four of them walked over to the other apartment. The Doctor knocked on the door.

"What's the password?" Jack yelled through the door.

"Open the door, Jack!" the Doctor yelled.

"Um…no, that's not it. The password is gorgonzola but I'll let you slide since it's you," Jack said, opening the door. "Oh, you found a friend?"

"A very old friend, actually. Grace Holloway, Jack Harkness."

Clarice and Donna came to the door and the Doctor made introductions. Once everyone was introduced, they went to the lift and went upstairs. When they got to the rec room, they found a group of empty seats at a table near the door and sat down to wait for dinner.


"Mister Saxon?"

The Master looked up and looked at the guard at his office door. He'd been looking through several spy reports on his desk, trying to hide his rage at the fact that the Doctor and his companions somehow managed to escape Calais.

"Yes?" he said testily.

"We captured…" the guard looked at a sheet of paper in his hand. "Sarah Jane Smith and her son, Luke. They're been taken to the cell block."

"Excellent, make sure they're unharmed. At least for the moment. And keep looking for more of the Doctor's friends. We want to make sure we get all the ones that are still living."

The guard nodded and Saxon excused him. When he left the room, he grabbed a ledger and wrote in it.

"Sarah Jane, I remember you," he said as he wrote her name. "You were a thorn in my side so I'm glad you're here instead of out causing trouble and you have a son? How sweet."

He summoned a Toclafane and when it appeared, he swiveled in his chair to face it.

"We captured Sarah Jane Smith and Luke Smith," he said to it while he looked at the list. "So far, we have captured those two, Mickey Smith, Jo Jones and Dorothy McShane. We still need Grace Holloway, Chang Lee, Liz Shaw, Barbara Chesterton, her husband Ian and Tegan Jovanka, if they're still alive. Those are the ones I know of, there may be others but I believe some of them are off world so we won't worry about those at the moment. We only need the ones that are here on Earth. Keep looking for these and bring them here, alive if possible but if they put up too much of a fight, kill them."

"Yes, Sir."

The Master dismissed the Toclafane and it vanished. He flung the ledger down on the table and leaned back in his chair.

"You think you're so clever, Doctor? Let's see how long it takes you to surrender when I start threatening live executions for your friends. Scratch that…live torture and executions, beamed live from here to everyone on Earth. That'll take the fight outta ya quick enough, I imagine."

He rose from his chair and headed towards his private bathroom so he could get a shower before going to bed.

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