Chapter Thirty Eight

Everyone decided to leave the building in case the Toclafane came. But as they went outside, Jack stopped everyone and handed his manipulator to the Doctor.

"I have a plan, just don't go with us. Hold back and use the manipulator to come on board the Valiant at a later time," he said.

"But what will you lot do in the meantime?" the Doctor asked.

Jack motioned for everyone to come close and he told them his plan…


The Master was sitting at his desk fiddling with a Rubik's Cube when his mobile suddenly rang. He reached into his pocket and answered it.

"Yeeeees?" he said in a sickeningly sweet voice.


The Master sat up straight and put the Rubik's Cube down on his desk when he heard his wife's voice.

"Sweetikins! You're alive! Thank God the bad man didn't hurt you!" he said with the same sickening sweetness.

"We surrender, Harry. Well, at least me and the other friends of the Doctor."

"And the Doctor?"

"He's not with us. He went off to check out some missile site near here."

"And where is here?"


"Oooh, sounds exciting, sunshine galore, eh dearest? Nice of you to ring me but I requested the Doctor as well as his allies."

"We want to turn ourselves in and we will, if you spare him."

"Nope. Need the big fish wriggling in my net, not just the little minnows."

"Then you miss out on getting us."

"Oh, I'm getting you lot. Don't think I'm letting you go free because he's not with you but just know that I won't spare him because you lot surrendered. Still, if you could get a message to him…"

"We don't know where he went. He was checking out a missile site near here."

"I believe I know where he went then," the Master said. "Sooo, surrendering then? Because I have more of the Doctor's friends and I'll make them scream if you don't turn yourselves in to me."

"We surrender then," Rose said.

"Wow, that was easy. I suppose you lot are all members of the Companion's Club and you take a pledge to defend one another. So…who is with you then so I know how many cells to prepare?"

"Me, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Grace Holloway and Clarice Manet."

"Grace Holloway? She's with you?" the Master said, picking up a piece of paper and looking at it. "Hey! She's one of those I've been looking for. I can tick her off my Companions in my Clutches list! Brilliant. Okay, now give me your location and I'll transmat you lot here!"

He wrote down the address Rose gave him on a nearby sheet of paper.

"Very well, when I transmat, there better be six of you or you'll suffer!" he said. "Ta ta!"

He hung up the phone and grinned as he sprung up from his chair.

"Guards, I need you!" he called out as he ran to the office door.


"Well, that's done," Rose said, handing Martha's mobile back to her. "He's going to transmat us there."

"Are you sure you want to do this? I can come with you," the Doctor said.

"No. Stay behind and sneak on board later," Donna said. "We can handle the windbag."

"Yeah, we're members of the Companion's Club according to Harry," Rose said.

"Companion's Club, I like that. I need to remember that," the Doctor said.

He quickly hugged the women goodbye, wishing them good luck and promising to rescue them and the others. He stepped back and looked at Jack when he threw his arms wide and puckered his lips. The women giggled when the Doctor rolled his eyes and embraced him.

"Take care of them if you can," he said softly in Jack's ear.

"Gotcha, Boss!" Jack said.

The Doctor patted his back and stepped away from them. He watched with silent anger when a bright light enveloped them all and carried them away.

"You harm them, Master, and I'll make you regret the day you opened that fob watch," the Doctor growled.


"Very good, excellent, well done!" the Master said when six captives appeared on the transmat platform. "At least you kept your word about the number of captives. Guards, keep an eye on them and shoot them if they try anything," he said to the guards positioned around the room.

The guards aimed their guns at the captives while the Master stepped up onto the platform. He looked everyone over and raised his eyebrow when he saw Rose.

"Honey Bunny, you got your hair colored…and cut, I like it," he said, walking over to her and fingering the ends of her hair. "And Martha put a bit of red in her hair. You lot didn't have to pretty yourself up for me. Sweet of you to do that though."

He walked around and stopped at Grace.

"So, we meet again, Doctor Holloway," he said. "You aged though. Not as pretty as you used to be."

"I'd rather be ugly on the outside than ugly on the inside."

"Oho, well played. Love your rapier wit, Doctor," he said to her. "Perhaps you'd like to be my servant again?"

"I'd rather die."

"Well, that's the thing, I believe I did kill you but you managed to come back to life again. But then again, I did the same thing so I can't fault you for that. And speaking of people who came back to life, greetings Assassin Delta," he said walking over to Jack.

"Greetings, Bozo the Clown, how's it feel, having all your handiwork undone by your rival?"

"Eh, I would have been worried if he hadn't found a way to bring you back. He's almost a match for me, you know. Almost…"

He walked over to Clarissa and sneered at her.

"Hello, my concubine, decided to join this lot? That's a very bad decision to make," he said, fingering her long, blonde hair.

"No, the bad decision is becoming your spy. This is how I will atone for what I did."

The Master snorted at that. He walked back around to Rose and she stiffened when he put his hand on her back.

"My wife stays with me, the rest go to the cells," he said to the guards. "Take them before they start trouble."

"Move!" one of the guards barked as he motioned with his gun towards the door.

Jack glared at the Master before he ushered the women down off the platform. He kept a wary eye on the Master and the guards while they surrounded them. The Master watched while the guards surrounded them and escorted them outside. Then he jerked on the back of Rose's hair, causing her to gasp in pain.

"I shoulda known better than to allow you access to your precious Doctor," he growled in her ear. "I shoulda given you a lobotomy rather than let you keep your mind."

"A lobotomy would be a better fate than married to you," Rose grunted as the Master seized her arm and jerked on her hair again.

"You love him dearly, don't you?" the Master said. "Pity the next time you see him, you'll be beaten into submission. Your little show of sacrifice didn't save him and now he'll have to watch as you're tortured and executed in front of him. You and all his little friends. I didn't get them all but no matter, there's enough here to cause him trauma and pain and destroy his spirit. He won't be so cocky when he's got a pile of dead bodies at his feet. But for now…come with me! We need to get reacquainted!"

Rose gasped when he kept his grip on her hair while he jerked her arm up behind her.

"Move, you worthless bitch!" the Master growled in her ear as she was shoved towards the edge of the platform.

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