Chapter Forty

"Wow, quite a gathering here," Jack said, looking around at the Doctor's friends and companions.

Tish and Clive managed to sneak into the cell block and get past the guards. Clive knocked out the two guards in there with falcon punches to the face and they used the sonic to free everyone. He noticed that both Sarah Jane and Jo seemed to be in their sixties while Ace was in her late thirties, Mickey was in his early twenties and Luke was a teenager. Add to that the friends that had been captured with him and there was quite an age range. Jack hugged Mickey warmly while Sarah Jane, Jo, Donna, Martha, Grace, Clarice and Ace greeted one another. Luke hung back, shyly watching the group. When they ended their greetings, they turned towards Tish and Clive.

"Where's the Doctor?" Jo said.

"He was with us," Tish said. "Then he heard Rose scream and went up to the main level."

"Let's go get the Professor then before the Master kills us all," Ace said. "Damn, what I wouldn't give to have some nitro-9 right now."

"Is he alright?" Sarah Jane said. "We saw him as an old man, is he still that way now?"

"No, he made himself young again," Jack said.

The recent captives breathed a sigh of relief.

"We have to think of a strategy, we can't just go in there without a plan," Jo said.

"Especially since the Master will probably have a few traps laid out and lots of defenses," Sarah Jane said. "He might have changed his body but he's still the same bastard he always was."

Jo, Ace and Grace voiced their agreement of that.

"The Doctor gave me these," Tish said, passing out the filters to everyone. "He said they don't work on the Master but they will work on the guards and the Toclafane."

Jack helped explain what the filters did while everyone put them on.

"If we can get past the guards, we can find the armory," Jo said when he finished his explanation. "Find some weapons to defend ourselves with."

"We need to find the TARDIS as well," Martha said. "Disable this paradox machine and that'll send time back to the way it was before."

"Tish, have you seen where they keep the TARDIS?" Grace said.

"I think so. It's guarded by Toclafane but if we have these on, we might be able to sneak past them," Tish said.

"If not, I'll draw them away while you get inside," Jack said. "I can afford to lose a life since I'm immortal."

"You're immortal? Simply marvelous!" Jo said.

"Yeah, it's pretty cool. Except when I get killed, then it's not so great. But anyway, enough talking, team!"

"Yeah, the Professor needs us now. Let's go get him and finish the Master once and for all."

"Follow me then," Tish said. "Dad and I will take you to the cupboard where they're keeping the TARDIS."


"Kneel!" the Master said coldly as the Doctor and Rose were positioned in front of the TV camera.

"Harry, no, please don't do this," Rose said.

"And you, Grandma, sit over there like a good wife!" the Master said, pointing to the sofa by his desk.

"Do as he says, Rose," the Doctor said when Rose started to protest.

Rose squeezed his hand tightly before she followed two of the guards over to the sofa.

"Get up from there at any time and I'll have the guards fill him full of lead," the Master growled at her as she sat down. "Now, stay still like a good boy while I adjust the camera. We want to get your good side after all."

Rose watched while he went over to the camera and looked through the lens. She glanced at her guards who were both standing in front of her keeping their eyes on the Doctor. The other guards were guarding the Doctor and when she was sure no one was looking, she reached down into the space beside the sofa cushion and pulled up a large ice pick that she had hidden there previously after she had realized how evil her husband really was. She had always planned to use it at some point and now she was willing to risk her life to save her lover. She had a feeling this time Harry would overdo it and age him until he was nothing but a lifeless shell and she would rather die than see that happen. She put the ice pick in her lap and covered it with her hands while she waited for the right moment to strike.


"Here it is," Tish whispered as everyone stopped and stood across from an iron door. "I think it's in there. This thing's always been heavily guarded."

"I don't see anyone," Donna whispered.

"By Toclafane," Tish whispered. "There's usually two or three of them inside the room with the TARDIS."

"Which means if we open the door, they're gonna know we're there," Grace whispered.

"So what do we do then?" Luke whispered.

Jack bit his lip while he thought that over. Then he suddenly remembered something.

"The Doctor said before all this happened that if we can get one of these perception filters around the Master's neck, his hypnotic spell will be broken and all these guards will see him as he truly is."

"So who gets to do that?" Jo whispered.

"I will," Jack said. "If we can do that and the guards understand who he is, maybe we can get one to go into the room and make up a story so the Toclafane won't suspect the open door. The rest of us go inside and get past them and put the paradox machine out of commission. All we'd have to do is strike the console or the rotor and that might be enough to break it and begin the reversal."

"Jack, let me go with you," Clarice said. "If you can't get the filter around his neck, I'll do it. I want to see him dead for what he did to me and made me do."

"Are you sure?" Jack said.

"Oui, I'm sure," Clarice said, nodding.

"Okay, the rest of you wait. I'm sure all hell will break loose if we do this. Hopefully, you'll be able to get a guard to go inside the room or the Toclafane might come out. Just be patient. We'll be as quick as we can."

Everyone nodded and wish Jack and Clarice good luck. Jack looked at his friend and smiled.

"Right. Here comes the fun part," he said to her before they hurried off.


"Okay then, we're ready to transmit," the Master said, stepping out from behind the camera. "And you, my old enemy are about to become a very, very, very old age penishoner."

"Harry, please don't do this," Rose said from the sofa.

"I believe I told you to shut your fucking mouth, you little whore," the Master said. "Oh wait, I'm sorry, was she your whore? Thousand pardons," he said to the Doctor when he noticed he was seething at that. "Anyway, time for broadcast. You…your name is Frank, isn't it?" he said, beckoning to a young blonde haired guard. "You're the one who can work this thing, so come over here and turn it on. Let's get this show on the road!"


The lift doors opened and Jack and Clarice stepped out into the conference room. They looked around but there were no guards in sight.

"Where is everyone?" Clarice whispered to Jack.

"Either down below or with the Master and the Doctor and Rose. I'm sure the Master has him surrounded three feet deep with guards in case he tries something. It's to our advantage though so let's hurry before anyone spies us."

They went around the table and headed towards the door. They nearly reached the door when they suddenly heard the Master's voice.

"Greetings, my subjects and my captives…"

Clarice and Jack froze when they heard the Master's voice behind them. They turned, half expecting to see him but there was no one in sight.

"This is a very special announcement from me to you."

"Up there," Jack mouthed, pointing to the upper level.

He and Clarice went over to the stairs, climbed up and noticed there was a TV sitting on a desk to their right that had been turned on. Jack froze when he saw the Master standing next to the Doctor who was kneeling beside him.

"You all know this man of course," the Master said, pointing to the Doctor. "He is your fearless leader. The man who inspired you all to fight evil and injustice wherever it may be. What a noble fellow, eh? Unfortunately, your leader is now my prisoner and he's been very naughty. So I must punish him very, very severely."

"Bastard," Jack said as he and Clarice watched. "Come on, Clarice, let's crash this party of his and rescue our fearless leader."


Below level, the others had heard the Master speaking and found a TV mounted on the wall just around the corner from the door. All of them gathered around it and watched with sinking hearts as the Master gloated over the captive Doctor.

"And so…" the Master said, holding up his laser screwdriver to the camera. "It's bye bye young Doctor and hello, Methuselah! So get ready, Doctor, because you're going to be screaming…"

Just then something slammed into the Master.

"What was that?" Sarah Jane said as the Doctor jumped to his feet.

"You bitch!" they heard the Master say off camera.

"Rose, no! Stop!" the Doctor said off camera.

"Damn it, what's going on?" Ace said.

They heard the sound of fist connecting with flesh and Rose's pained yell followed by the Doctor's enraged yell.

"You conniving bitch!" the Master screamed off camera while the Doctor's companions watched. "I oughta slit your throat for this! How dare you try to use an ice pick on me, you fucking whore!"

"Master, please! Calm down! Leave her alone!" the Doctor said off camera.

"I don't care what you do to me! Leave the Doctor alone!" Rose yelled off camera.

"Turn the fucking camera off now!" the Master yelled.

Then everything went black. Sarah Jane shook her head.

"Forget the door. We're needed upstairs!" she said to her friends. "Come on, everyone, we have to rescue the Doctor and Rose before it's too late."

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