Chapter Forty One

The Doctor shielded Rose's body with his own while she lay gasping on the floor. The Master stood over them, holding his screwdriver in one hand and the ice pick in the other.

"You know what? After I age you, I think the bitch will be the first to be executed," he said to the Doctor. "This traitorous little slut deserves to die, but first things first. You, back in front of the camera."

"Not until you give me your word that she won't be harmed," the Doctor said.

The Master let out a derisive laugh.

"I already harmed her if you haven't noticed. You see how old she is now? But if it makes you happy, as long as the slut doesn't try to attack me again, I will leave her alone. That okay with you?"

The Doctor nodded. He looked at Rose and laid his hand on the side of her head when she began to tear up. He gave her a loving smile before he stood up and walked back to his place in front of the camera. The moment he did, the guards surrounded Rose but she laid there, her energy and her hope drained while she listlessly watched the man she loved drop to her knees in front of the camera.

"Anyway, back to business," the Master said, gesturing to the guard to turn on the camera again as he stepped in front of it.

He waited for the red light on top of the camera to come on before speaking.

"Anyway, what I was saying before I was rudely interrupted," he said, shooting a pointed look at Rose. "Is that I'm going to not only age your leader, I'm going to suspend his capacity to regenerate and really age the bugger! In fact, let's see what you'd look like, Doctor, if you showed all 900 years of your life. Bit curious, you might say. So…here we go…"

"Goodbye, my love," Rose murmured to herself as a tear trickled down her cheek.

The Doctor braced himself as the Master aimed his screwdriver at him. He knew this time the pain would be horrific and he didn't want Rose to watch him scream but he wasn't sure if he could endure the aging without doing that.

"Have fun, Doctor," the Master said.

He turned his screwdriver on.


Jack and Clarice froze when they heard the Doctor's anguish scream.

"Shit! Come on, Clarice!" Jack said.

Both of them ran, following the sound of the screams. They got to the Master's office door when suddenly the screaming stopped. Then they heard an anguished scream from Rose.

"You killed him, you fucking bastard!" Rose shrieked.

Jack put his finger to his lips and he and Clarice tiptoed towards the door.


Rose wept as she got up on her hands and knees and looked through the gaps in between the guards. The Doctor kept getting smaller and smaller with each passing moment and now there were only his clothes where he was before. Tears stream down Rose's cheeks as she wished to die next.

Then suddenly there was movement underneath the clothes and Rose watched in silent horror as a tiny, bald headed, gnome looking thing peeked out of the Doctor's shirt. Rose looked at her husband who was staring at the tiny gnome Doctor with a mixture of surprise and amusement.

"Wow, you look like Yoda," the Master said. "Well, learn something new every day, I suppose. Aw, cheer up, wifey, he's alive," he added when he noticed his wife was looking at him with pure hate in her eyes. "Guards, let her through so she can be reunited with her lover."

The guards parted and Rose slowly got to her feet. The Master backed up when Rose glowered at him. Then she kneeled down and sobbed as the Doctor climbed out of his shirt and into her arms.

"Ugh," the Master said, looking at his tiny wrinkled butt. "That's an image that'll be burned into my mind forever more. So anyway, where were we? Ah yes…guards, escort the happy couple to one of the cells that has a Perspex wall on the front. I don't want Munchkin to scurry away."

Rose grabbed the Doctor's shirt and wrapped it around him while the Doctor clung to her. The guards helped her to her feet and the Doctor turned and looked at the Master.

"You may think you've won but you haven't," the Doctor said to him.

"Oh, so you can still talk. I figured your voice box might have disintegrated about 200 years back. Like I said, learn something new every day. Guards, take them away."

"Don't cry, Rose, it isn't over yet," the Doctor said softly as he raised a tiny hand to her cheek.

The guards got to the door. The lead guard opened it and grunted, staggering back when Jack punched him.

"Hello, Sugarpuffs, surprise!" Jack said as the guard was knocked back into the others.

Rose gasped and backed up when most of the guards fell to the floor. Jack took in her ancient state, the tiny Doctor in her arms and he let out a battle cry and began to punch the other guards. Rose shielded the Doctor and backed up against the wall. She tried to make her aged legs run towards the door when the Master made a beeline for her. Just as the Master caught up to her, Clarice came around inside and barreled into him.

"You bitch!" the Master said before he punched her hard in the face.

Clarice staggered back and the Master grabbed her and rammed her up against the wall. Jack saw what he was doing, quickly dispatched the last guard and ran up to him. The Master pulled out his screwdriver but Jack grabbed his wrist and fought the Master as he tried to wrench it free from Jack's grip.

"Ma'dori, my jacket," the Doctor whispered to Rose as he pointed to his clothes. "Take me to it."

Rose glanced at the Master.

"You're not gonna get away from me, Doctor. Neither you nor the bitch will live!" the Master yelled.

"Oh, shut up!" Jack said before he kneed him in the balls.

"Wow, that looked painful," the Doctor said as Rose went back to his clothes.

The Master grunted and fought to get back at Jack for that. Suddenly, they heard several yells of rage and the Master turned his head to see the Doctor's other companions rushing at him as they ran for the door.

"Oh yeah, the party has arrived!" Jack said gleefully when the Master let out a loud curse.

Rose reached the Doctor's clothes and put him down. The Doctor burrowed inside his jacket and came out with his mind scrambler. He got back out and froze when he noticed that the Master was now being gang punched by his companions.

"Wow, sucks to be him," the Doctor said. "Excuse me…hey….whoa!" he said in his weak, gravelly voice, trying to get his enraged companions to let up on the Master. "Ma'dori, please tell them to stop for me."

"Stop! The Doctor wants you to stop!" Rose yelled at them.

"Stop! Stop now! The Doctor wants us to stop!" Jack yelled.

Everyone stopped and stepped back. The Master slumped to the floor, gasping. His face was now bruised and bloodied. The Doctor told Rose to pick him up. Rose wrapped his naked body in his shirt and Jack came over to help her when she carried the Doctor towards his friends.

"Oh God, Doctor, what did he do to you?" Sarah Jane said.

"Someone get his screwdriver. That's what made us older and I can show you how to reverse it and make us young again," the Doctor said, pointing to the Master.

The Master tried to lunge at him and Ace grabbed him and raised her fist.

"Don't make me break your fucking nose in twenty places!" she yelled at him.

"Militant woman, I like that," Jack said. "Hold him there, Ace, while I search the pockets."

"Don't think about it," Ace said, shoving him up against the wall while Jack quickly searched his pockets.

While he was doing that, Jo came forward.

"Doctor, oh God, I missed you but I wish seeing you again would be a happier occasion."

"I missed you too, Jo. And yes, I'm sorry I'm in this condition. But hopefully Rose and I won't be this way for long."

"Found it!" Jack said, pulling out the screwdriver. "Oh and by the way…"

Jack took off his perception filter and draped it around the Master's neck.

"Consider your hold over these guards broken," Jack said to the Master.

"I still have my Toclafane though," the Master sneered. "Tocla…"

He grunted when Jack's fist landed in his face and he slumped to the floor unconscious.

"Sorry about that but you were about to cause more trouble," Jack said. "So…Doctor, how do we reverse what he did?"

The Doctor instructed him on how to adjust the settings. He then asked Rose to set him down.

"I'll go first, just in case," he said as she sat him down.

He gave the mind scrambler to Rose, told her to back up and asked Jack to aim the screwdriver at him. Once Rose was clear, Jack aimed the screwdriver and turned it on. Everyone winced at the scream of pain but they could tell he was growing larger and that brought them joy that what the Master did was being reversed. Ten minutes later, Jack stopped to check if he was done yet and the Doctor breathed a sigh of relief as the pain subsided and he was back to his old self again. Except…he was naked.

"Not a word, Harkness!" the Doctor said when he saw the lustful look in his eyes.

Everyone else laughed as he hurriedly grabbed his clothes and rushed to put them on.

"Doctor, same setting for Rose?" Jack said as the Doctor fished his underwear out of his trousers.

"Yes, but not as long, obviously. Do it for about a minute."

"Got it. Rose?"

Rose stepped out and Jack aimed the screwdriver at her and turned it on. He winced at her scream but they could see she was getting younger. He let up after a minute and Rose gasped when he stopped. By then the Doctor had put his clothes on and was fixing his tie.

"Much better," the Doctor said when she was back to her normal age. "And now, my friends, what do we do with him?" he said, pointing to the Master.

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