Chapter One

Rose’s Blog Entry Number 10…

Me again, I’m currently sitting in the den on the TARDIS typing on my laptop. It’s one of those rare moments of peace and quiet and I’m taking the opportunity to get my thoughts down and sort through some of my feelings regarding my life as the Doctor’s companion. I’ve been traveling with him for a little over a year and a half now and although I’ve accepted this regeneration and have even grown to love it, there are still some things I still have to get used to. Like the other day when I happened to walk in on the Doctor as he was filming an entry for his Vlog (Didn’t even know the man kept a Vlog, go figure.) Anyway, I was coming into the console room and…

“I just can’t believe it! When will the discrimination end?”

Rose froze in her tracks. She was just coming into the console room to retrieve the book she was reading and the Doctor was sitting on the captain’s chair, yelling angrily at the top of his lungs. She stared at him, confused, and then quietly made her way over to him.

“In this day and age, how can humans still be so ignorant? It boggles my mind and few things boggle my mind, let me tell…”

He paused when he heard the seat squeak and noticed Rose was sitting beside him.

“What are you doing?” Rose asked him.

“Um, I’m recording my thoughts for posterity,” he said gesturing to the console. “I’ve done this for centuries now, it helps me to vent and it leaves a record for future incarnations. What are you doing?”

“I was coming in here to get my book. It was here on the seat.”

“Oh, I put it underneath my legs,” the Doctor said gesturing down. “I took a nap earlier and wanted to stretch out.”

Rose looked down and grabbed her book. She leaned back up and put it in her lap while she stared at the Doctor quietly.

“Did you need something else?” the Doctor said.

“No, I just want to listen to you vent,” Rose said.

The Doctor shrugged. Rose settled back in the seat while he turned his attention back to the console.

“Anyway, as I was saying this whole discrimination thing needs to stop! It’s completely unfair, especially since I’m nothing like the inhuman monsters the humans make aliens out to be! I am a sweet, lovable, cuddly guy. I’m not the bleedin’ thing from Alien or the Predator monster. I do not lay eggs in people’s stomachs or hunt humans with big guns for sport! Why is it when humans decide to show aliens in a positive light, they always make them look like a huge turd with big eyes and a long giraffe neck? I am, of course, referring to E.T., the alien, who I might add, is dumber than a truckload of bleedin’ rocks. I mean, come on, E.T. supposedly comes from an advanced civilization, and the moment he’s stranded on Earth, he turns into a complete moron. Most aliens I know have translators to help them communicate with other species, so they don’t have to learn the language from scratch. E.T.’s lack of a translation device on his person is just poor planning, if you ask me. And when he finally does learn the language, all he can do is say “Ouch” or “Be good” or “I’ll be right here.” Why didn’t the little wanker learn how to say, “Hey kid, stop feeding me Reese’s Pieces and help me get my big, brown ass off your planet!” I’m sorry, but when you are in a life or death situation with government goons breathing down your neck and they are threatening to split you from neck to navel, E.T. phone home is not going to get you anywhere!”

Rose stared at him, shocked, wondering why the hell he was ranting on about E.T., but the Doctor was oblivious to her now that he was caught up in his tirade.

“Of course, if E.T.’s people had bothered to scan for life signs before they waddled their asses out of their mothership, the whole problem would never have occurred in the first place. And naturally, it took a human child, A CHILD, MIND YOU, to save E.T.’s butt. Because that’s how humans view themselves. Oh, these aliens are so retarded they need a child to help them out, because everyone knows human children are smarter than aliens!”

“But, Doctor, Elliot wasn’t smarter than E.T.; I mean E.T. is the one who built the satellite that contacted his people.” Rose said.

The Doctor looked at her.

“Uh huh, and I noticed this supposedly sophisticated satellite was made out of an umbrella, a saw blade, a coffee can and a Speak and Spell among other things. What was E.T. then, the alien MacGyver? And if he was so smart, why did the dumb git let a little girl put dresses on him like he was some gigantic bloody doll? You never see me doing that kind of thing, do you, Rose?”


“Well then,” the Doctor said turning his attention back to the console.

“Doctor, why are you going on about this in the first place? E.T. was just a movie!”

“Ah, but Rose, movies are powerful tools that can influence people’s thinking. Which bring me around to my initial point of alienism among Earthlings.”

Rose frowned.

“Come again?” she said.

“Alienism, Rose, you know racism, sexism, alienism. Earthlings are prejudiced against aliens. All you lot think we do is sit around in our huge motherships and make plans to conquer the Earth and enslave the humans, or kill them or hunt them or eat them or stick long metal rods up their arses for some scientific purpose. I do none of these things. Not a one! I have never enslaved a human, hunted them, ate them, or stuck a metal rod up their bum. Now granted I have killed a couple of people in the past, but that was in self-defense because they were threatening to kill me! I do not sit here in the TARDIS, laughing evilly while I destroy entire cities with the push of a button. But, if you look at the movies that have been made over the years, all the fifties sci-fi movies, Independence Day, Men in Black, Alien, Predator, War of the Worlds, movies like that always make aliens out to be the bad guys. They almost never show an alien helping humanity and if they do, there’s usually some sinister ulterior motive to it. I am sick and tired of being discriminated against by the very people I protect! It hurts, Rose, knowing that humans are brainwashed to think like this and the attacks by the Slitheen and the Sycorax don’t help matters either. They are an exception; most aliens aren’t out to conquer the Earth.”

“Doctor, why are you so upset? I mean, yeah, I get your point, but who cares what humans think?”

“Because, Rose, if humans are raised to subconsciously fear aliens, the only solution they can think of if one lands is to either shoot or dissect them, because in a human’s mind, the only reason an alien could possibly have for landing on Earth is because they want to destroy it. Like E.T. E.T. was an idiot, but at least he wasn’t on Earth to conquer the human race, but the government got after him anyway, because he’s an alien and the next thing you know they were freaking out and quarantining the house because he might contain some sort of virus or something that might wipe out all humanity. And then he ends up dying and instead of burying him which would have been the decent thing to do, they decided to throw him in the freezer so they can go poking around in his innards later on. Do you realize that when I watch those kinds of films, it doesn’t take that much of a stretch of the imagination for me to imagine myself in E.T.’s place? That’s why when we’re on Earth, I’m very careful about what I tell people, because Rassilon forbid, I let it slip I’m an alien to the wrong person and the next thing I know, I’m tied to a table in a big, white room with probes jammed in every orifice and a big saw blade being lowered towards my gut.”

“And this is what you save for posterity. Stuff like this,” Rose said gesturing to the console.

“Yes, because I need to vent.”

“Yeah, but do you need to film it? I mean, when you said that, I figured it would be deep thoughts, not going on and on about E. bloody T. You really think your future selves are gonna care?”

The Doctor considered that for a moment.

“Well, I would like to think they would, but I’m sure they won’t. To be honest, I haven’t looked at my past incarnation’s entries either.” The Doctor replied. “But, I guess if I’m recording it, at least I feel like someone is listening to what I have to say, even if it is just me.”

“Well, why not come, and vent to me if you need to get something off your chest.”

Rose instantly regretted saying that when he saw the big grin on the Doctor’s face.

“Really? You’ll listen to me when I need to get things out in the open?” he said delighted.

Rose stared at the Doctor’s face. She stared at the huge smile and looked at the love in his eyes and realized that perhaps he had picked up on all the times she had tuned him out when he rambled on and on about nothing. She felt guilty doing that now, since it seemed to mean so much having someone who would listen and sympathize with him. And she honestly did listen to him if he was talking about deep and important things like Gallifrey or the loss of his people. Then she was totally there for him and supported him in every way.

But then there the times he would ramble on about things like how annoying it was to have to peel a banana before eating it when he just wanted to pop it in his mouth and why didn’t someone come up with a skinless banana so his life would be easier, those were the times that she tuned him out. In the back of her mind, she could sense he knew she wasn’t listening, even though she tried to pretend she was, but he never said anything about it until now. He would just go on and on with whatever topic he happened to be stuck on at that moment. Maybe he figured at least she was present in the room so there was some kind of sounding board for him. But the way that he looked at her, the smile on his face when she said she would listen to him next time he needed to vent, the look in his eyes made her heart melt and she knew she couldn’t take back her words even though it meant he would be talking her ear off from here on out.

“Yes, anytime you need to rant, just come and find me and I’ll be your shoulder to cry on,” she replied.

She gasped when he seized her and gathered her into a tight hug.

“Thank you, Rose,” he said simply.

Rose sighed and closed her eyes loving the feel of his body against hers.

“You’re welcome, Doctor,” she murmured.

So, that happened about a week ago and so far the Doctor hasn’t found anything to vent about. I’m wondering if maybe he forgot about it now. Things do tend to slip his mind from time to time especially if they aren’t important things and fjoteho

Rose jumped when she heard something slam down beside the laptop and her fingers slipped putting a gibberish word on the screen. She looked at what had caused the noise, saw an open jar of pickles sitting by her laptop and standing right beside the table was a very incensed Doctor.

“Rose, I am getting so sick and tired of them cramming so many pickles in the jar that you can’t even pull one out,” he said jabbing his finger at the jar. “The whole phrase, crammed in like sardines, should be changed to, crammed in like pickles. That would be more accurate. And why do they feel the need to fill the pickle juice up to the top so it spills on me when I open it? Not to mention I have to get pickle juice on my fingers whenever I reach in to get a pickle. Why do they do this, Rose?”

Rose glanced up at the Doctor who had his hands on his hips waiting for a response. She quickly backspaced over the gibberish word, hit enter twice and wrote,

On second though I had better finish this later. I have a feeling I’m in for a long rant about pickles.

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