A/N: This chapter is rated M for sexual situations. This is Rose’s attempt at porn fanfic, so if you aren’t interested in this kind of thing, then wait around for the next chapter.

Chapter Eleven

Rose’s Blog Entry No. 60…

Okay, this was an extremely weird and uncomfortable thing for me to do, but I finally managed to put something together. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Doctor, and I would love to have sex with him, but at the moment, it just seems like a distant fantasy. I’m not sure if the Doctor is physically interested in me, and this is his way of getting off without actually having to do it, or if he just wanted to see my writing skills when he asked me to do this, but I gave it my best shot, and I’m finally satisfied with the result. Now, mind you, I did go online and read a few smutty stories to get a feel for what’s in them. What I read was eye opening, and frankly, I found myself getting off on a few of them too. I suddenly see why the Doctor is so taken with them. Anyway, I tried to write a humorous story since it was odd imagining the Doctor and me in a serious sexual situation. I happened to find a few Star Wars fanfiction that were kinda bizarre, and funny, and I modeled my story after them, as well as taking a cue from the Doctor’s own fanfic. The result of my efforts is below. Entered here, just like the Doctor’s fanfiction, so it can be saved in my blog forever.

Oh, and I kinda guessed at what the Doctor was wanting to see when he read this, so I exaggerated a bunch of things in the story. So, if something seems odd about the way we act, that’s for the purposes of this story.

Oh, and I also I’d like to thank the thesaurus I found in the TARDIS library for helping me find some helpful words that make my story sound a little less amateurish.

And now, on with the story…

“I sentence you to execution at dawn,” Commander Harzakulu said, to the Doctor and Rose, as they stood in front of his throne.

The Doctor stood defiantly in front of him, his bare, muscular chest glistening with sweat, while Rose, his faithful companion, stood behind him, cowering, wearing nothing except a bright red bra and thong.

“I will stop you!” the Time Lord bellowed, while he struck a heroic pose.

Harzakulu laughed an evil laugh that thundered throughout the throne room. Rose whimpered, and clung to the Doctor’s leg, as she looked up at him, beseeching him to protect her from the maniac in front of them. The Doctor looked down at her, and smiled, as he gave her a loving pat on the head.

“Do not fear, my beloved, I shall save you from certain, horrible, painful death.”

“Oh, Doctor, you are my hero,” Rose gushed. “You are everything to me. I cannot breathe unless you are in the same room. I know you will save me from a painful, horrible death that seems virtually inescapable.”

The Doctor puffed out his chest, showing off his huge, muscular Arnold Schwarzenegger chest to Harzakulu and his guards.

“Nothing is inescapable, Rose,” he said. “I will find a way to free us from certain doom, just as I always do. So, foul fiend, do your very worst!”

The Doctor let out a mocking laugh that rivaled Harzakulu’s for complete cheesiness. Harzakulu turned red in the face at that and ordered his guards to drag them off to the dungeon.

“No!” Rose screamed, as she clung tighter to the Doctor’s massive, muscular leg. “Doctor, I beg you, don’t let them throw us in the scary dungeon.”

“Have courage, Rose,” the Doctor said, striking another heroic pose. “I will free us, just like I always do. But, for the moment, we have no choice! We must surrender ourselves and buy precious time, while I think up a fiendishly clever escape plan that no one will see coming in a trillion, billion years.”

The Doctor helped the trembling Rose to her feet. They allowed themselves to be taken by the guards to the big, scary dungeon while Harzakulu taunted them and boasted at the top of his voice about finally defeating the last of the Time Lords, and how he would go down in history for killing the Doctor, and other things like that.

The guards opened the old, iron door and threw the Doctor and Rose inside. They tumbled in, arse over teakettle, and landed on their backs in the middle of dirty, disease infested, rat-ridden straw. The Doctor stood up and shook his fist, shouting to the heavens about how they would pay for treating his magnificence like a piece of dirt. Rose clung to his leg and gave the guards terrified looks, praying that they wouldn’t come inside the room and separate her from the man she loved.

The guards slammed the door, and the Doctor yelled something along the lines of how dare they shut the door while he was talking, they would pay for that insult too. Meanwhile, Rose had crawled to the back of the cell and huddled in the corner, whimpering pitifully.

The Doctor saw his cowering companion, and his enraged expression instantly became a look of complete love and devotion.

“Oh, my pooky bear, you mustn’t be afraid,” he said, running to her and embracing her cringing body. “I am here; take comfort that I have been allowed to be with you tonight.”

Rose looked at him with huge, doe eyes, and the cringing stopped. She knew as long as he was with her, guarding her very life, she had no reason to fear. His complete and utter courage in the face of overwhelming odds gave her reason to hope that somehow they would escape the dungeon of death and make it back to the TARDIS before they were plunged into boiling oil and fed to the dogs.

For the next half hour, the Doctor paced around the cramped, dark dungeon looking for a way of escape while Rose sat in the corner, looking at him with awe and thanking God for the quintillionth time that he had permitted her to travel with him.

Suddenly, he threw up his hands and let out a roar of frustration.


Upon hearing that, Rose burst into tears. The Doctor skipped over to her and gathered her trembling, waif-like body into his massive, muscular arms.

“Shhhh, it’s alright, I will go first in the morning,” he said, nobly.

“But, Doctor, that means I will have to watch you die first. Let me go first, so I can be spared that torment.”

“No, I will not allow that! Seeing you in agony will tear my hearts in two. I will go first.”

“But, I will die when I see you boiled to a crisp in the oil. Let me go first.”

“No, my brave, selfless Rose, I will go first.”

“No, me.”

“No, me.”

“No, me.”

“No, me.”

“I can’t let you.”

“No, I can’t let you. I will go first.”

“No, me.”

“No, me.”

After two hours of saying, “No, me.” to each other, the Doctor and Rose decided that they would plunge their bodies into the boiling oil at the same time, and die together in each other’s arms. Having settled that problem, both of them stopped talking and stared at the door, awaiting their certain demise in the morning.

As the night stretched on, Rose became more terrified knowing that in a few short hours, they would both be fried like chips. The thought of that made Rose weep, which instantly alarmed the Doctor, and he held her to his muscular body so tightly, she could barely breathe.

“It’s alright, my butter biscuit, I’m here, remember,” he said, soothingly.

Rose swallowed, knowing that there wasn’t much time left. So many unsaid things that needed to be said before they met their oily death.

“Doctor, there are so many unsaid things that need to be said before I meet my oily death,” Rose said.

The Doctor leaned his face up and gave Rose his full attention. After all, she grew up virtually ignored, having to compete with Jackie Tyler’s big screechy, gossipy voice, and since he loved her more than anything in the entire known universe, he was going to be respectful, listen to her, and give each word careful consideration before replying because, after all, he was far better than human beings.

“Yes, my Rose, what is it you need to say? You can say anything you want, I will listen carefully to you, and give you the respect you deserve.”

“Oh, Doctor, thank you so much. It’s a relief to be heard after growing up with my mum, and being constantly drowned out by her.”

“Think nothing of it, Rose. It’s the least I can do to boost your non-existent self-esteem. Now, what do you want to tell me?”

Rose hesitated. After all, what she was about to say could change their lives forever. What if the Doctor found a way out before they were burnt to a crisp. Would she be able to live with herself and the consequences of what she was about to say.

Then, she figured, to hell with it and opened her mouth.


There was a long, dramatic pause while the Doctor waited patiently for her to finish her thought.

“I love you.”

The Doctor’s face lit up, and he embraced Rose tenderly.

“Rose, that’s wonderful to hear,” he said. “Because, oddly enough, I love you too!”

With that, the barriers between them were shattered and both of them shoved their tongues into each other’s mouths. They snogged so hard, they swore they could taste each other’s brains. Caught in the heat of passion, the Doctor ripped off Rose’s clothes, which didn't take much time considering she was wearing only a bra and a thong, and he tore his trousers and knickers from his body with one fluid motion. Then, he threw her back in the filthy straw and rammed his immense penis into her with so much force; Rose swore it would come back out her mouth. Then, he moved up and down gently, taking his time, exploring this new facet of his relationship with Rose. After all, if they were going to be fried like chicken in a few hours, they might as well take their time and enjoy themselves. The Doctor stared at Rose intently, savoring the reaction he was having on her. He enjoyed the idea that his immense cock was making her moan like an obscene phone caller, and his enormous ego went through the dungeon roof, up through the throne room, and out into the sky where it finally bumped into the next nearest planet, several hundred light years away.

After awhile, he began to speed up his motion, since he calculated they only had an hour or so until death spirited them away into the great beyond, and he didn’t want to meet his maker until he made his beloved scream. Faster, and faster, and harder, and harder, the Time Lord thrust into her like a pneumatic drill.

Then, it happened. The final thrust, and the Doctor came into her, giving her his precious essence. Rose bellowed along with the Doctor, and the walls shook, and the flowers bloomed, and fireworks shot off, and the dogs howled, and the cats meowed, and the seas parted, and the Slitheen farted, and the Jagrafess blew up, and the door in Adam’s head flew open, and hundreds of angels floated down from Heaven and hovered in the sky, as they sang their praises to the Doctor and his sexual prowess. After that, the Doctor and Rose collapsed into each other’s arms.

“That…was incredible,” Rose said, in a breathless voice.

“Yeah, it was, wasn’t it?”

The Doctor looked through the tiny, barred window of their prison and saw the sky lightening. Knowing they had minutes left to live, he leaped up and ran, starkers, to the door, determined to protect his beloved at all costs. He grabbed hold of the door, preparing himself to jump the guards when they came through, and to his surprise, the door came open with a tiny creak. The Doctor stared at it in confusion for a moment, and then, a magnificent thought occurred to him.

“Hmm, I guess the guards forgot to lock the door on the way out,” he said, shrugging.

He ran over, grabbed Rose’s hand, and the two of them sprinted down the hallway in their birthday suits. Luckily, all the guards were on their coffee break, and they got out of the palace and ran back to the TARDIS before anyone knew they were missing. They burst through the front doors, closed them, and quickly got the TARDIS into the vortex before both of them hurried off to the shower for some more fun.


And, there it is, my fanfiction. I realize it’s not that erotic, but like I said, I was very uncomfortable writing it, which is why I chose to make a joke out of it. I also over exaggerated the Doctor and me, but hey, he did the same thing in his fanfiction, so turnabout is fair play. I gave him the story about a half hour ago, and so far, he hasn’t come in the den to comment on it. I suppose I better go and check to see what’s up with that. Plus, I am kinda curious to hear his reaction. So, until next time, this is Rose signing off.

“Doctor? You in here?” Rose said, walking into the console room.

She froze. Standing by the console was the Doctor and Jack. Her mouth dropped open when she saw Jack was reading her story and laughing hysterically at it. The Doctor smiled at her.

“Oh, there you are, Rose. Great story, I have to say. I thought it was so good, I landed at Torchwood and got Jack in here, so he could read it.”

“This is great, Rose, you gotta write one for me and Ianto.”

He looked at the Doctor.

“I love the references to your big, muscular chest.”

“So, do I, and the fact that she’s whimpering, and cowering, and dressed in her knickers.”

“Oh yeah, that was the best part, her in her knickers. You know, the next time you two get captured, you need to recreate this.”

“Well, then, you and Ianto need to be with us, and we can all recreate it together.”

Jack grinned from ear to ear.

“Now…that….is an idea,” he said, pointing at the Doctor. “Let me get Ianto, and all of us can get captured on purpose. How ‘bout it, Rose. Rose?”

They looked over and noticed Rose was no longer in the room. The Doctor sighed.

“On second thought, cancel that, Jack. I have a feeling I just did the wrong thing, and I’m gonna be spending the next hundred years making it up to her.”

“Hey, she’ll get over it, she always does. But, thanks so much for sharing this with me. I love it. I hope she writes more,” he said, handing the story back to him.

“Somehow, I doubt that, Jack.”

“Ah, well, maybe I need to try my hand at it, or get Ianto to do it. he’s better at writing than I am. Anyway, back to work, I guess. I’ll talk to you later…butter biscuit.”

“You too…pooky bear.”

The two of them giggled hysterically. Jack waved at him, stepped out of the TARDIS, and went back to work in the Hub. The Doctor got the TARDIS back into the vortex, and sighed, as he figured out how he was going to placate Rose this time.

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