Chapter Seventeen

I wrote earlier about the Doctor's love of childish things and how childlike he can be at times even though he is over 900 years old. However, this childish outlook on life can be annoying at times if you don't really know or understand the Doctor and where he's coming from. It took me awhile to adjust to him and I'm so used to him now that even though it bothers me at times, I still love him because he's so unlike anyone I've ever known. However, my mom is still having trouble trying to adjust to him and his behavior. Despite what the Doctor thinks, my mom does care about him and she likes him most of the time but there are times when he goes a bit too far. Case in point…the other day we visited my mom around Christmastime at the flat and…

The Doctor and Rose sat down on Jackie's sofa after greeting her at the door.

"You stay there, I'll put the kettle on," Jackie said, heading towards the kitchen.

"Do you need help, mum?" Rose said.

"No, love, just make yourself comfortable," Jackie said as she went into the kitchen.

Rose sank back into the sofa and shut her eyes, loving the feel of being back home after a stressful week of running from monsters. The house was decorated for Christmas and the tree in the corner with its lights and decorations made her feel even more at home. She looked forward to celebrating Christmas with the Doctor somewhere. She breathed a contented sigh as she waited for her cup of tea. Then she heard the Doctor giggling and opened her eyes. The Doctor had found an old snow globe that her mother had for as long as she could remember. The base of it was painted a dark gold color and it had holly and ivy around it. Inside the snow globe was a tiny Dickens type house. Rose always imagined it was Bob Cratchit's house from A Christmas Carol, though she doubted that's what it was supposed to be. She did know that her mother loved the snow globe more than life itself since her father had given it to her when they were dating and now the Doctor was flipping it over and bringing it back up, watching the fake snow swirling around the Victorian house with a goofy grin on his face. He notice Rose staring at him and held it under her face.

"Look, you turn it over," he said, flipping it over. "And then you flip it back up and it's snowing. Isn't that brilliant?"

Rose tried to play with it when she was a little kid since she used to be just as fascinated by the snow swirling in the globe as the Doctor was. But that was when she was three and she stopped playing with it after her mother discovered her with it and spanked her bottom. Now the Doctor was turning it over and flipping it up, giggling at the swirling snow.


The Doctor nearly jumped out of his converse when Jackie yelled through the window separating the kitchen from the living room.

"Put that down this instant! That's valuable and I don't want you breaking it!" she yelled at him through the window.

"I'm not going to break it, Jackie, I'm just looking at it," the Doctor said, incensed.

"Put…it…down," Jackie said, pointing to the table by the sofa.

The Doctor, sullen and pouting, put the snow globe back on the table and folded his arms over his chest. Once he did that, Jackie went away from the window. Rose closed her eyes again and relaxed but ten seconds later, she opened them a bit and noticed the Doctor was playing with the snow globe again, flipping it over and flipping it back up with a huge grin on his face. Rose grinned when he sang Jingle Bells softly to himself while he made it snow.


The Doctor jerked his head up and saw Jackie in the window.

"I said, put…it…down!" she growled at him.

"I'm not harming it, Jackie," the Doctor said.

His eyes widened when Jackie walked over to the door and came through it, her hand raised up as if she was about to slap him silly. She gave him a pointed look and smirked when the Doctor quickly put the snow globe back on the table.

"Now keep your paws off it," she said, pointing to him before turning and going back inside.

Rose stared at him when the Doctor seized the snow globe, gave it a defiant shake and stuck his tongue out at the window before he quickly sat it down.

"Doctor, that's precious to her," Rose said. "Dad gave it to her one Christmas."

"I understand that, but I'm not going to hurt it, Rose. I just want to watch the snow while I wait for my tea."

"Well, if I were you, I'd leave it alone before you get slapped," Rose said, snuggling back in the sofa and closing her eyes.

She breathed deeply and relaxed. Then she heard…

"Hey, there's a little boy on a sled. I didn't notice that before."

Her eyes snapped open and the snow globe was once again in the Doctor's hands while he stared down at a little plastic boy on a sled that was behind the house. Then the urge to shake was too much and once more, the Doctor began to make it snow. Rose shrugged, figuring if he wanted to risk his face, that was his business. She closed her eyes, waiting for the sound of hand striking cheek while the Doctor giggled softly.


Rose tried not to laugh when she heard the sound of the snow globe being slammed down onto the table. She opened her eyes and noticed the Doctor was glaring balefully at Jackie who was once again at the window. She could see that the Doctor's hatred at being told not to do something and being bossed around in general was leading him into a standoff with her mother over the snow globe. Jackie saw the defiant look on his face and snorted.

"Go on," she said to him. "I dare ya to touch it!"

She threw her hands up when the Doctor put his hand on top of the globe.


"You just dared me to touch it so I touched it!"

"I was being sarcastic, you numptie, now leave it alone!"

"I just want to see it, Jackie," the Doctor said, picking it up.

This time he picked it up too fast and Rose winced when it slipped from his hand and hit the floor. Everyone froze and Rose glanced quickly at the snow globe. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it wasn't broken but it didn't matter. Jackie was on the warpath now. She let out a yell of rage and the Doctor's eyes widened when she raised her hand to slap him. He leapt from the sofa and sprinted to the door while Jackie repeatedly slapped his back.

"OUT, OUT, OUT, OOOOOOUT!" she bellowed as the Doctor flung open the door and ran out. "Stay in your TARDIS and don't come back in here until you learn to keep your grubby hands off my things!"

She slammed the door and threw up her hands in exasperation.

"What is wrong with that man," she said, walking towards Rose. "Sometimes he's so incredibly thick. Maybe he's retarded and on his planet, they consider him a genius which is why he keeps telling us he is. Why you like him so much, I'll never know," she muttered as she headed back to the kitchen.

So, that went well, obviously. I found the Doctor cowering in the TARDIS when I came back and he quickly took off, claiming this is one of the reasons why he hates spending Christmas with companion's family members. Since then, things have been fairly quiet but I'm sure as soon as the Doctor finds something else that tickles his fancy, we'll have to hear about how bloody brilliant it is while he plays with it over and over and…

"Rose!" the Doctor said, bursting into the living room where she was typing. "Guess what? I found something brilliant! You humans are so amazing. It's called a Clapper. Watch."

Rose sighed as he unplugged the lamp on the table beside the sofa and then plugged the Clapper into a nearby outlet and plugged it back into one of three outlets on the bottom of the Clapper. Then he stood near the table and cleared his throat.

"CLAP ON!" he sang and clapped two times.

The light went off.

"CLAP OFF!" he sang and clapped two more times.

The light came back on.


He clapped two more times and the light went off. He stood there, basking in the smugness of his brilliance while he waited for Rose to comment.

"Yeah, that's nice, Doctor, can you turn my light back on?"

"Sure! CLAP ON!"

*clap, clap.*

"Thanks," Rose said.


*clap, clap*

"No, keep the light on," Rose said when the light went out.


*clap, clap.*

He giggled when the light came back on.

"That is just so brilliant," the Doctor said while Rose feigned politeness. "I wonder if I can do it when I'm out in the corridor."

"Doctor, wait!" Rose said, holding up her hand.

But he didn't hear her as he ran out of the room. Ten seconds later…

"CLAP ON!" *clap, clap*

He stuck his head inside and his face lit up with glee when the light went out. Before Rose could tell him to stop, his head was out the door again.

"CLAP OFF!" *clap, clap*

"Now I understand why my mum likes to slap you around," Rose muttered as the light came on.

The Doctor stuck his head inside and grinned before sticking his head back out.

"CLAP ON, CLAP OFF, THE CLAPPER!" *clap, clap*

He came back inside and walked over to Rose.

"I need hundreds of these things," he said, pointing to the Clapper. "With them, I can just clap the lights on and off. Wonder if I could wire one up to the console and clap the TARDIS on and off as well? Hmmm…CLAP ON and the TARDIS starts up. CLAP OFF and the TARDIS stops. Brilliant. Remind me to try that in future. But for now, we'll leave this Clapper right here where it'll be useful."

"That's fine, Doctor, but could you find something else to do. I'm working on my blog."

She shut the lid when the Doctor tried to peek at what she was writing. He eyed her but Rose gave him a defiant look and he sighed.

"Fine, I'll amuse myself with this Wacky Wall Walker from the 1980's," he said, reaching into his pocket.

He pulled a slimy yellow rubber octopus out of his trouser pocket and walked over to the wall by the TV. Rose sighed when he flung the little octopus at the wall and it hit it with a satisfying *SMACK*. Then he bent over and stared at the octopus intently while the thing slowly went end over end down the wall. Rose watched while he giggled at that and shaking her head, raised the lid of her laptop and went back to writing her blog.

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