Chapter Nineteen

September 16th, 2007…

"Okay, guys," Jack said as he faced his team. "We've got a very important mission on our hands."

"And that would be?" Gwen said.

"Remember the urban legend about alligators in the sewer? Well, there really is an alligator in the sewer. Only…it's an alligator man from outer space. Our job is to go through the sewer, find it and capture it."

"Slogging through the sewer, sounds like the perfect day," Owen said dryly.

"Everyone get your gear and…"

Jack froze in the middle of his sentence when he heard a wheezing sound behind him. His heart raced as he slowly turned around and saw the TARDIS materializing behind him.

"Doctor!" Jack cried out.

He was stunned when the door was flung open, the Doctor raced out looking like a badly dressed member of a barbershop quarter and slammed an organ grinder down in front of him. He turned the crank and Rose stood behind him while he sang loudly.

"Hello, Jack, long time no see!

My hearts are filled with love and glee.

I'm playing this song for you so lookeeeeeeee at meeeeeeee!"

He finished singing and ran back in the TARDIS. Rose waved and shut the door.

"What the fuck was that about?" Jack said as the TARDIS slowly vanished in front of him.

Mardu 27, 5360…Somewhere in the Calium Galazy…

The Master let out an evil laugh as he clapped his hands together. He had just finished concocting an evil plan for his nemesis, the Fouth Doctor, and he was eager to try it out on him.

"This time Doctor, you won't escape me!" he said before letting out another laugh.

His laugh faded and his eyes widened when he heard a wheezing behind him.

"It can't be," he said, slowing turning around.

He was shocked to see the Doctor's TARDIS behind him. But when the door opened, the Doctor he knew didn't come out. Instead, some weirdly dressed bean pole with a spiked hairdo and beady eyes lunged at him. Behind him was a blonde human who was giggling uncontrollably while the unfamiliar Doctor put an organ grinder down in front of him and began to play it. He began to shriek a Gallifreyan nursery rhyme at the stunned Master and played it for a minute before he finally stopped.

"Love the beard, gives you that typical evil look," the Doctor said. "Well, have fun doing whatever you're doing. Bye!"

"Wait!" the Master said, regaining his senses as the Doctor raced back into the TARDIS and slammed the door shut.

The Master yelled out his rage as he pounded on the door. He let out a howl of rage and frustration when the TARDIS dematerialized.

"Damn you, Doctor!" he bellowed to the fading time ship.

Dantu 09, 6607…Spider Nebula…

Davros laughed insanely as he stared at the fifth Doctor. The Doctor was standing in a large iron cage, completely at the madman's mercy.

"At last, Doctor, I will turn you into a dalek and you will serve me!" Davros said. "Soon, there will be no more of you…"

Davros trailed off when he heard the wheezing. The Doctor was shocked to see his TARDIS materializing behind him. Davros slowly turned his chair around and faced it. The door was flung open and Davros was shocked when a tall, thin man jumped out with an organ grinder.

"Howdy!" the unfamiliar Doctor said to him, "I was gonna play a song for ya but I think this is much better!"

He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and aimed it at the cage. Davros spun around when he heard it unlock and the door slowly swung open.

"See ya!" the Doctor said, running back into his TARDIS while Five dashed out of the cage and run off.

"Damn it!" Davros said, gliding off in pursuit of Five while the TARDIS slowly dematerialized.

Demon's Run Asteroid…

Eleven stood with River beside his wooden cot while Amy and Rory watched them.

"River, tell me who you are," he said to her.

River took his hand.

"I am telling you," she said, indicating that he should look down.

Eleven looked down and frowned when he heard a wheezing behind him. All four people turned in shock and stared at the TARDIS materializing. Then they looked at Eleven's TARDIS standing nearby before they looked at the new TARDIS. The door opened and Eleven gasped when his younger self leapt out with an organ grinder and began to play while he sang Kung Fu Fighting to him.

"Um…what is this?" Eleven said when he finished.

"I'm playing Make My Mark on History," the Doctor said.

"You are?" Eleven said, overjoyed. "Can I play a round with you

"Sure! Come inside! More the merrier and all that!"

Eleven turned to his stunned companions.

"Um, River, Amy, Rory…talk amongst yourselves for a moment. I'll be back in a tic."

"Wait! What the hell is going on?" Amy said as Eleven ran into the TARDIS with Ten and they closed the door.

The three companions stared at the TARDIS in shock as it faded from view.

September 16th, 2007…Thirty seconds from the last time…

"Okay," Jack said to his team, "Don't know what that was all about but anyway…about the alligator man…"

Jack groaned when he heard the TARDIS wheezing again. He turned and the door opened and Ten and Eleven jumped out with matching organ grinders. They both played them while they sang Dancing Queen. Jack looked over their shoulders at Rose who was giggling hysterically.

"Rose, what the fuck is going on here?"

"Um…a game?" Rose said with a shrug.

"They're gonna think it's a game when I bash their faces in," Jack said.

The Doctor's stopped and Jack threw up his hands when they ran inside and slammed the door.

"This isn't funny, Doctor!" Jack yelled as the TARDIS faded from view.

Demon's Run…thirty seconds from the last time…

"There he is," Rory said, pointing when the TARDIS came back.

"Ah, that was refreshing!" Eleven said, stepping out the door. "I must do that myself sometime. I missed playing that game. Thank you, Doctor," he said, shaking his younger self's hand.

"Thank you. Now I must remember to give myself a mental enema so I'll forget you…and Rose as well."

"You're not giving me any sort of enema," Rose said as she stood in the doorway.

"Rose. Nice to see you again. Have fun with my younger self," Eleven said.

Rose nodded and she and Ten went back inside. As the door closed and the TARDIS faded, Eleven turned to River.

"Now, what were you wanting me to look at?" he said to her as she stared at him in a stunned silence.

July 4th, 1776…

"There," the first Doctor said to Barbara, Ian and Susan. "We have landed in Pennsylvania on the day the Declaration of Independence gets adopted. Let's go find congress and observe it and…"

He frowned when there was a wheezing.

"Grandfather, look," Susan said, pointing to the TARDIS materializing inside the TARDIS.

"What is this?" One said, walking towards it.

He gasped when the door opened and Ten ran out with the organ grinder. He began to play and sing…

"Hello, Doctor, long time, no see. Get a good look because one day you'll be meeeeeeee!" he screeched before he ran back inside and shut the door.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Ian said as the TARDIS faded away.

"That was…nothing," One said. "Anyway, shall we go outside, dear friends?"

"Phew," the Doctor said, collapsing down in his jump seat. "I believe I'm spent now. But what a fun game, eh? Now I'll go look in the history book and see if anyone mentioned me. Ta-ta!"

That was about three hours ago. So I came in the living room, watched some telly and worked on my blog. So far, he hasn't said anything to me but…

"Rose!" the Doctor yelled as he ran in the room carrying a large leather bound book. "RoseRoseRoseRoseRose! I did it! I got a mention!"

Rose gasped when he slammed the book triumphantly down on the coffee table and jabbed his finger at a paragraph. Rose picked it up and read the passage he indicated.

"After being convicted of treason, Anne Boleyn was held in the tower of London until the 19th of May, 1536 where she was led to the chopping block. As she was about to be beheaded, there appeared out of thin air a strange blue box and a man jumped out with what was described as a musical box. The man played a strange tune and sang. Then he ran back inside the box and it vanished from view, never to return."

"See! I'm in the history books!" the Doctor said. "I'm so proud of myself."

"Uh-huh, what about the other times you jumped out?"

"Um…I didn't get a mention then but those people probably just didn't want to mention me out of embarrassment or confusion over what happened. No matter. I got a mention along with Anne Boleyn so I'm happy now. Well, I'll leave you to your laptop. See ya!"

Rose watched while the Doctor took the book and happily walked out of the living room. She shook her head and entered one more sentence in her blog.

Simple man, simple pleasures, that's all I'm gonna say about that.

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