Chapter Twenty Six

Yet again, another example of Doctor weirdness. I suppose after I found the Nintendo and the Doctor learned about it, he went on a hunt of his own through his cupboards. What he found…well…

Rose was sitting on the sofa, flipping through the TV channels, trying to find something to watch. Suddenly, something lumbered into the room and Rose gasped when she saw someone wearing a Disneyland Eeyore costume.

"Howdy!" the Doctor said in a muffled voice as he waved at her with his pink and blue paw. "I went on an exploration into my cupboards and guess what I found? A vintage Disneyland Eeyore costume from the 1950's. I forgot I had it. I pinched it from the wardrobe room at Disney as a souvenir. Do you like it?"

Rose stared at him, at a loss for words.

"Mind you, it's stiflingly hot inside here," the Doctor said. "And quite heavy, you'd be surprised. But after you found the Nintendo, I decided to do a search of my own and lo and behold…"

Rose stared at him as he lumbered over to the sofa and sat down.

"Hard to sit in this thing," he said to her. "Did I mention the heat inside this thing?"

Rose suddenly burst out laughing.

"What's wrong?" the Doctor asked, turning his body slightly as he tried to look at her through the eye slits in the head of the costume.

"You look ridiculous," Rose said, patting his arm. "I mean, I thought you couldn't get any stranger and here you are, dressed as Eeyore."

"Yes, I suppose it does look strange," the Doctor said. "It's very bulky as well. I can barely sit."

"Yes, you said that already and the heat as well," Rose said.

"How can humans tolerate wearing things like this in the California heat? They must be daft…or well paid," he said. "Ah well…"

Rose glanced at him when the Doctor tried to relax inside the costume and watch TV. After five minutes of sitting beside Eeyore, Rose giggled again at the bizarreness of it all.

"You know, this could be nice and comfy on cold winter nights if it wasn't so bulky," the Doctor finally said.

"Mm," Rose said, trying not to laugh again.

"No wonder Eeyore is so gloomy if he has to walk around with all this girth," the Doctor said.

"No, I think he's gloomy because he has a nail up his bum," Rose said.

"Beg pardon?" the Doctor said, trying to shift his body to look at her.

"The nail. Christopher Robin nailed his tail onto his body when Eeyore lost it," Rose said.

"Oh yeah," the Doctor said. "Yes, I suppose that could make one cross."

"Yeah, that could," Rose said, trying not to laugh.

She bit her lip while she sat beside Eeyore and watched Ripper Street with him.

"You know, Eeyore can't do much with these paws," the Doctor said, holding his arms up. "No fingers, you see."

"Yup, that would be a problem," Rose said.

"I suppose that's a good thing. With all the gloom and depression that surrounds him, Eeyore could snap one day and start killing everyone in the Hundred Acre Woods."

Rose's eyes bulged and she shook with silent laughter at that.

"You think too much sometimes, you know that?" she said to him.

"I'm aware of that," the Doctor said with a clumsy nod of his fake head.

"Then again, I suppose no one except Christopher Robin could murder anyone in the Hundred Acre Woods," Rose said, eager to see what the Doctor said next.

There was silence for a moment and Rose thought with a twinge of disappointment that he wasn't going to respond.

"Rabbit has fingers," he finally said. "He could wield a knife or gun…and he's always grouchy because people are getting into his garden so that could be a motive if he ever turned serial killer."

Rose shook with silent laughter at that.


Rose gasped when the Doctor bopped her on the head with his Eeyore paw.

"Did that hurt?" he asked as he put the arm back at his side.

"Um…not really, it surprised me more than anything else," Rose said.

"If I continued to bash you on the head with my plushy paw, would you eventually succumb though?" the Doctor said, again turning his body to look at her.

Rose giggled, unable to answer that. The Doctor chuckled.

"Yeah, I suppose it would take ages to kill someone with this big lumpy paw," the Doctor said, holding his hand up to eye level. "That's why Eeyore's never had a psychotic break and killed everyone. He really can't. Can't hold objects, can't hit people. He just sits there with a nail up his bum."

Rose chortled at that and the Doctor clumsily patted her head.

"Well," he said, getting up. "I suppose I'll put this back before it gets manky and smelly inside here. Just thought it might interest you to know I have this."

"Yes, it is interesting," Rose said. "And if the Daleks ever attack us, you could put that on and confuse the hell outta them."

The Doctor stood there for a moment, considering that.

"That could work," he said while Rose chortled. "Although, they might just shoot me since I'm not a Dalek. But there might be a second or two of confusion. Good thinking, Tyler. Well, off to the cupboard, enjoy your program.

"Bye, Doctor," Rose said.

She watched as the Doctor lumbered off towards the doorway. He took several steps and then turned to look at her.

"You can't even walk properly in this thing. You just sort of waddle. How humans made it through the day wearing this thing without falling on their face and collapsing from the heat…it just shows once again that you lot are resilient. Anyway, cheers!"

So that was the highlight of my day so far. The Doctor sitting on the sofa while wearing a bleedin' Eeyore costume. I'm sorta waiting for him to appear as Winnie the Pooh next or even Mickey. I was thinking that if my mum knew everything that went on during my travels with the Doctor, she'd probably have us both sectioned. But I will say this, it's never dull around here.

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