Chapter Thirty

Rose was sitting on the sofa, working on her blog while she sipped a glassful of Coke. She was blogging about a recent adventure that she'd had with the Doctor when suddenly a sentence appeared under what she was currently typing.

Wanna see a hologram?

Rose sighed.

"Damn it, Doctor, quit hacking into my blog," she growled as she erased what he wrote.

Seriously, wanna see a hologram?

Rose rolled her eyes and sighed, knowing he wouldn't stop unless she played along.

Hologram of what, she typed under his sentence.

Hologram of me.

Rose frowned.

Why, she typed.

Holograms of my past selves for a giggle.

Rose didn't know what that meant but she figured the Doctor would do what he wanted even if she said no so she shrugged and typed in...

Yeah, go ahead, show me the holograms.

Then she erased the conversation and went back to typing in her blog. Five minutes went by without any holograms and Rose figured it was just the Doctor trying to irritate her. Then suddenly she heard a voice behind her and nearly jumped out of her skin.

"Curious way to pass the time."

She jerked her head around. An elderly man dressed in Victorian clothes was peering over the sofa at her laptop. He had a stern expression on his face while he read the words on her blog. He then focused his attention on her.

"Shouldn't you be doing something more productive? Hmmm?" he said to her.

"Who are you?" Rose said.

"Who am I? My dear girl, I am the Doctor!"

That's when Rose noticed for the first time that this Doctor's body was a bit translucent and she realised this was the hologram her Doctor mentioned in the blog.

"So...which Doctor are you then?" Rose said, surprised to see him looking so elderly.

"I am THE Doctor, that's who I am," the hologram said imperiously as he grabbed onto the lapels of his jacket.

"No, I mean what number are you. My Doctor is the tenth Doctor, you know. So what number are you?"

"I am the first, my dear," the hologram said proudly.

"Riiight and that's why you're older than dirt then."

The hologram glared at her while Rose sniggered at her own joke.

"Clearly, my predecessor's taste in companions has lowered from my time," he said.

"Yeah, whatever grandad," Rose said before turning her attention back to her blog.

She grinned as she heard One muttering to himself about her insolence as she continued to type.

"I say, this is a rather lazy activity, isn't it?"

Rose sighed, thinking Grandpa was going to start up again. Then she realized that wasn't Grandpa's voice. She turned and saw a second man standing next to one. He was shorter with jet black hair that was styled like The Beatles' haircuts. He was wearing a dark jacket with shirt and bow tie and also the ugliest fur coat Rose had ever seen.

"What is this?" the man said, gesturing to her laptop.

"What do you think it is, imbecile?" One said to him. "It's a computer and she's typing something into it."

"I know that but who is she and don't get tetchy with me, you old fart!" the man retorted.

"I'm sorry, who is this?" Rose said, pointing to the man.

"I am the Second Doctor and this is my TARDIS," the man said haughtily to Rose.

"Oho, it's my TARDIS, not yours," One said to him.

"No, it's mine now," Two said to him.

Rose rolled her eyes when the two men began to argue about whose TARDIS it was and she turned back to her blog. She hesitated for a moment and then grinned, figuring her Doctor was probably still reading her entries. She thought for a moment and then wrote into her blog...

Two Doctors now, an old geezer and a tramp, both ugly as hell and old as dirt, she wrote in the hopes her Doctor would get angry at that.

"They really are a couple of windbags, eh?"

Rose turned around when she heard another unfamiliar voice and noticed another middle aged man was standing by the other two. She raised her eyebrows when she saw his green velvet jacket, opera cape and frilly shirt.

"You're the Doctor as well?" Rose said.

"I am. I am the Third Doctor and these buffoons are arguing over MY TARDIS," he said.

"Right, thanks for clearing that up," Rose said before turning back to her laptop.

Third Doctor has just joined us, she wrote in her blog. This one is a pooftah from the looks of his clothes. I think I shall call him Poncy Pooftah Fophead for clarification.

"You shall call me, what?" Three said over her shoulder while she giggled. "My dear girl, I am neither a pooftah nor a...fophead."

"That's debatable," One said.

"Shut up, you geriatric disgrace!" Three snapped back at him.

Rose watched the argument between the three men for a moment as they hurled insults at each other. She had been annoyed at the Doctor for doing this but now she actually enjoyed seeing the different versions of himself.

"Pathetic, isn't it?"

Rose looked up from her laptop. Standing in front of her was a man with a curly brown afro. He was wearing an old, long brown coat and had an enormous scarf wrapped around his neck a couple of times, the length of it going nearly to the floor. The man gave Rose a toothy grin and held out a small white sack to her.

"Would you like a jelly baby?" he asked her.

"So you're...number four then?" Rose asked him.

"I am the Fourth Doctor, yes."

Rose nodded and typed in her blog.

Now another Doctor has arrived, weirdo with bulging eyes, out of control afro and a nine mile long scarf. My Doctor is starting to look normal by comparison.

She grinned when Four came around the table and bent over to read what she was writing.

"I do not have a nine mile long scarf and I don't have bulging eyes. You are very rude for saying so," Four said to Rose after reading what she wrote.

"Sorry, I suppose I'm just a rude little girl," Rose said innocently as she shrugged.

"Yes, well I had companions with better manners than you," Four said as he walked away.

"I say, did you see what she wrote about me?" Rose heard Three say as she turned her attention back to the laptop. "She called me a Poncy Pooftah Fophead."

"You are," Four said while Rose giggled.

"And you're a Bohemian Wannabe," Three retorted while Rose sniggered softly.

Got any more Doctors for me, Doctor, she typed into the blog. I'm quite enjoying this.

"Excuse me, young lady..."

Rose looked up and her eyes widened when she saw a young blond man standing on the other side of the table. She gazed at him while her lips formed into a silent "Ooo"

"What is this? A reunion of myself or something?" the man said while pointing to the other Doctors.

"Fifth Doctor, yeah?" Rose said to him.

"That's right and you are..."

"Wait a tic," Rose said, holding up her finger to him before typing in her blog.

Finally, we have a Doctor that is actually cute. In fact, I think I shall name this Doctor, Well Fit.

"Sorry, I'm Rose," Rose said to Five. "Are you available?"

"Avaliable for what?" Five said.

"Sex," Rose said, hoping her Doctor was listening in.

She giggled at the confused look on Five's face.

"" he said.

"Yeah, wanna go in my room and have some fun?" Rose purred.

"No, sorry, I'm not interested in that," Five said, flustered.

Rose giggled when he hurriedly ran around the sofa.

"Damn, I coulda had fun bonking a hologram," she said while she waited for the next Doctor to appear.

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