Chapter Thirty One

By now, Four of the five Doctors in the lounge were arguing and hurling insults at each other while Five hid from Rose and her lustful eyes. She was enjoying this. She wondered if the Doctors ever met in real life and squabbled like this. She found it quite entertaining.

Come on, Doctor, bring on the next batch of loonies, she typed into the blog before looking around for Five.

She was gazing at Five so she failed to see the Doctor type onto her monitor...

You want a loony, here you go, Rose. He's all yours...

"So, what's going on here then?"

Rose turned her head around when she heard someone's voice and she did a double take when she saw a slightly pudgey man standing in front of her. He had curly hair and was wearing a multicolored outfit that made her cringe.

"You're the Doctor as well?" Rose said to him.

"I am THE Doctor, my dear girl. I don't know what sort of shenanigans you're up to but I do not like all these other versions of me in the same room. Don't you know the dangers of having too many Doctors in one room?"

" could blind them all with your garish clothes?" Rose said.

Six narrowed his eyes at her and Rose shrugged innocently.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Miss Piggy again," Two yelled out when he caught sight of Six.

"Excuse me, you pompous twat?" Six said, going around the sofa towards him.

"I'm not the pompous twat, Miss Piggy. That would be you," Two said mockingly.

Rose shook her head and typed into her blog...

Sixth Doctor appeared. Apparently, in this life the Doctor worked at Ringling Brothers.

She looked around for the next Doctor and caught sight of Five hiding behind the TV. She grinned and winked at him.

"You and me, Celery Boy," she said to him as he ducked down. "It's only a matter of time."

She glanced over at the entryway when the Seventh Doctor entered.

"Wow, this one's short," she muttered to herself. "And...he apparently likes question marks," she added as she studied his apparel and umbrella.

Then the Eighth Doctor entered the room and her eyes widened in delight and her mouth formed another silent ooo at the sight at him.

Okay, she typed into her blog, the lineup so far...

1. Geezer
2. Tramp
3. Poncy Pooftah Fophead
4 Afro Scarfman
5. Well Fit
6. Ringling Brothers
7. Question Mark Fetish
8. Well Fit Number Two

She finished her list and realized that the Ninth Doctor should be next. She raised her head and scanned the room. Her face fell when she saw no sign of him.

Well, she typed into the blog, where is number nine, Doctor? Bring him in here, if you're brave enough.

She sat back into the sofa, folded her hands in her lap and waited. At first nothing happened and all she heard was the squabbling of the Doctors. Then suddenly the lights went out in the room, everything fell silent and Rose's heart raced as she heard a very familiar voice call out her name in the darkness.

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