Chapter Thirty Two

"Doctor?" Rose said, tired of sitting in the dark while knowing that her Doctor was doing it to be a jerk. "Okay, turn the lights on now, Doctor, this instant!"

The lights came on and Rose was taken aback when she saw the Ninth Doctor. Instead of being a full fledged hologram, the Ninth Doctor was about six inches high.

"Rose," the Ninth Doctor said in a squeaky high-pitched voice. "Why are you so tall?"

Rose glared at the ceiling while Mini Nine looked around in astonishment. She figured the diminutive Nine was because she had either taunted the Doctor about his other selves or the Doctor knew how she felt about his ninth self and he was being a jealous twat and shrinking him down for a giggle.

"Make him full size, Doctor," Rose growled at the ceiling, knowing full well the Tenth Doctor was watching.

"Is this my TARDIS?" Nine said in a squeaky voice while he walked over to the sofa. "Who's responsible for this? Is it Jack? Has Jack gone and done something to me?"

Despite the miniture appearance of the Doctor, Rose had to stifle a giggle at his little high-pitched helium voice.

"Where is Harkness?" Nine squeaked out. "I'll kill him for this. Rose, where is Jack?"

"Dunno," Rose said, shrugging.

She smiled when Nine stared at her in annoyance.

"Hello, I've been shrunk and you think that's funny?" he squeaked out.

"No, no, I just...your voice, it's like a mouse," Rose said. "It's sorta cute in a way."

"I'm glad you think so because my voice is hurting my ears now," Nine said. "Anyway, where is Harkness? Hiding?"

"'s not Jack that did this," Rose said.

"Well, who did it then?"

"Well...your cowardly tenth self who is now hiding because he knows I'm gonna punch him when I see him," Rose said.

Rose raised her eyebrow when suddenly the Ninth Doctor shrunk even more until he was two inches tall.

"Hey, who's doing this?" Nine said in an ultra high squeaky voice.

"Doctor, stop it," Rose yelled at the ceiling. "Make him normal size or I'll kick your arse from one side of the TARDIS to the other!"

The lights switched off momentarily and when they came back on, the Ninth Doctor was his normal size.

"There," he said, looking at himself while Rose breathed a sigh of relief, "that's better. I hated being so small. So...what are you doing? Where is Jack? He really is hiding, isn't he?"

"Um...Jack isn't here, Doctor," Rose said, fighting past the lump in her throat. "Mickey's gone as well. It's me and...your tenth self now."

"My tenth self, where is he?" Nine said, looking around.

"He's hiding from me because I'm gonna smack him when I see him."

"Why?" Nine said.

"Because he's being a complete git and he knows it."

"Well, I'd stay far away from you then if you're planning to smack him," Nine said.

Rose nodded, happy to hear from the ninth Doctor once again. But as she looked at him, she noticed that his head was starting to enlarge while his body stayed the same.

"Doctor," Rose growled as the head got bigger and bigger.

"Yeah?" Nine said, unaware that his head was enlarging.

Rose gritted her teeth. His head was now twice the size of his body and it looked like a bobblehead doll from her point of view. the Ninth Doctor seemed unaware of his enlarged head which she guessed was a good thing since she figured he'd be yelling and screaming if he knew.

Then the Tenth Doctor came strolling into the room and Rose resisted the urge to fly at him and smack the shit outta his face. Nine turned to look at him with a questioning look on his face and once again, Rose had to restrain herself when she saw the smug look on Ten's face at the size of Nine's head.

"And you are?" Nine said to Ten.

"The current owner of the TARDIS," Ten said smugly.

Nine narrowed his eyes before turning his attention back to Rose.

"It figures," he said to Rose while Ten mimed pointing to his oversized head and laughing hystericially.

"What figures?" Rose said, trying to resist the urge to punch Ten in the face.

"Pretty boy, I regenerated into a pretty boy because that's what you like," Nine said with disdain.

Rose glanced at Ten who was nodding emphatically at Nine's comment. He quickly stopped when Nine looked over his shoulder at him and then stuck his tongue out when Nine turned his head back to Rose.

"Pretty boy, Rose. When will you ever learn?" Nine said.

Rose shrugged and tried not to look at Ten as he made devil horns on either side of Nine's head. Ten then strolled out of the room, smugly whistling to himself while Rose glared at him.

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