Chapter Thirty Four

The Doctor comes up with some strange ideas. He claims that they are rituals that he's done with other companions but most of the time I think it's a load of codswallop. But still, I do love going along with some of his ideas. Like the whole War Games scenario that supposedly all companions must go through in order to test their mettle. Funny how his other self never mentioned this "War Games" thing but hey, it was a boring day and I thought it might be fun so I went along with it.

And yes, the Doctor did explained that it somehow slipped his mind about not doing it sooner when I pointed out that the other self never brought this up before. Anyway, the object was for me to pretend to be a baddie and "hunt" the Doctor down. I was given free rein to choose my villain persona and the Doctor was going to take us to a location to be determined and I was to give him an hour's head start before I began my hunt. When we landed, the Doctor didn't give our location, just told me to wait one hour before he left the TARDIS.

In that hour, I wondered what I should be. I considered being a Dalek or a Slitheen but then I realized I could invent my own character and my own skills so I hurried up to the wardrobe and looked through the women's outfits. I found these skin tight leather trousers and a light pink t-shirt that had FOXY written on the front of it in black rhinestones. I put on a pair of black leather boots and examined myself in the full length mirror near the staircase. At that point, I didn't know what to call myself. I was thinking about Leather Demon, Leather Terror, Foxy Woman. But I thought about a name that would be more fitting to the Doctor's alien nature. In the end, I settled on Time Huntress and thought of myself as a bounty hunter sent to capture the Doctor and bring him to justice.

When I stepped outside, I noticed we were in London and it occurred to me that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, especially since there were shops, pubs and businesses all around the TARDIS. I really, really hoped this game of his wouldn't go on all day long.

But I needn't worried since as soon as I stepped out of the alley we were in, I saw an arrow made out of rubbish near a rubbish bin. It was pointing off to the right so I followed the handy dandy rubbish arrow.

And there were more arrows, some made of rubbish, some were chalk arrows on the wall. I followed them, ignoring the stares from the people around me and the whistles and rude jokes.

Then I came to a pub and on the wall was a little note written in chalk…


And an arrow was pointing to the pub. I looked up at the sign above the door and noticed the name of the pub was the Rose and Crown. Very subtle, I thought to myself before going inside.

The Doctor was sitting at a table near the bar, sipping a pint of bitter with three men I'd never seen before. He was chatting with them while the men also sipped pints and I figured he turned his charm on and made a few friends while he was waiting for me. I entered the pub and everyone except the Doctor and his mates fell silent because unlike them, everyone else had spotted me and my outfit. At that moment, one of the Doctor's friends apparently told him something funny and the Doctor's laughter echoed in the now silent pub, which clued him in that everyone else had gone quiet. His friends realized it as well and they looked around and finally spotted me. The Doctor's eyes bulged until I thought they would pop out of his skull when he saw my outfit. The other men in the pub were whistling at me and leering and that including the Doctor's friends.

"Look at the bit of crumpet, eh?" one of the Doctor's friends, a middle aged gruff looking man said as he nudged a younger black man sitting next to him. "I wouldn't mind having a go at her, eh?"

"Foxy," the black man said as he read my shirt and I blushed slightly as the two men sniggered.

But I regained my composure and walked over to the Doctor. By now, everyone in the pub had their eyes on the Doctor while I sauntered up to him. The Doctor was drinking his bitter but his eyes were directly on me and I could tell he had lust in his eyes as I stopped in front of him.

"Doctor, you are coming with me," I purred at him.

The men in the pub cheered the Doctor and his three friends were glancing at one another.

"Mate, what'd you do to get that?" the black man said, leaning over and nudging the Doctor in the ribs.

"She's my friend," the Doctor said to him.

"Really? Got another like her?" Gruff Man said.

The Doctor ignored him, his eyes were appraising me and he was probably mentally undressing me as well as I stood before him. He smiled that lopsided smile of his when his eyes settled on FOXY and he took another slow drink of his bitter while he stared at the word. He lowered his pint and grinned.

"You know, when I suggested this game of ours, I really wanted you to come have a pint with me. I didn't expect you to dress up for the occasion," he said.

I looked around the pub, every males' eyes were on me and the women who were there were whispering among themselves. Probably telling each other that I was a massive tart or something like that. No matter, I wanted the attention of only one man in the room and I had it. I put my hands on my hips and thrust my chest out at him.

"You are under arrest," I said in my sexiest voice.

The men all sniggered and hooted at that while the Doctor raised his eyebrow, clearly loving the attention he was receiving from me and the onlookers.

"Is this some tart he found and asked to come here?" someone a few tables behind the Doctor said aloud.

"What is my crime then?" the Doctor said, ignoring the heckler.

"Interfering with time. I am…the Time Huntress!" I said dramatically.

The Doctor grinned as the men hooted and catcalled me. He took another sip of bitter and I could see merriment in his eyes as he looked at my face.

"So…Time Huntress," he said, rolling the R in Huntress as he drawled out my name. "What are you going to do to me?"

His mates chortled.

"Get naked!" someone yelled from the back of the pub.

"Get the fucking tart out of here, would you please?" a woman yelled.

I looked at the Doctor and he winked at me.

"Should we…get the fucking tart out of here then?" he said to me while his friends giggled.

By now, I sensed that some of the women might get a bit hostile if I didn't leave so I nodded at the Doctor. The Doctor quickly downed the rest of his bitter and grinned at his friends.

"Sorry, mates, gotta go. Being arrested and all that," the Doctor said to his friends.

"Make sure she has a go at you before you die, Doctor," the black man said.

"That I will," the Doctor said. "Come, Huntress, I am yours," he said, holding up his arms and putting his wrists together as if I was about to cuff him.

He stood up and bowed as the men applauded.

"'Bout bloody time," one of the women said loudly as he turned to me.

He waved to his friends and they raised their pints in salute as I walked to the door and he followed me.

"Time Huntress, eh? Nice name, I shall have to do more with our little game then since you went through the trouble of adopted a persona," he said softly to me as we walked out.

So…that was today's adventure. The Doctor didn't snog me or do anything sexual when we returned but on the other hand, day's not over yet. But now I have a new persona and like the Doctor said, there is so much I could do with the Huntress that could be fun for both me and my Time Lord prey.

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