Chapter Thirty Five

I had fun today. I was in a silly mood so I decided to be weird and make the Doctor smile. I went back to the wardrobe room, searching for something else to wear beside the Time Huntress outfit. I have to admit the clothes the Doctor owns is astounding. I mean, the man has everything. For a woman, he has outfits from different eras of history and different planets. Sometimes it makes me feel like a little kid playing dress up. But while I was up there, the TARDIS apparently sensed my intention and suddenly, there was a door I'd never seen before. I opened it and…wow…they had outfits and costumes that probably couldn't be categorized so the TARDIS put them in a separate cupboard. So I went inside and looked around and found something I liked…

The Doctor worked on the console, humming along to a song on the radio sitting amidst the controls. Slade's Run, Runaway was playing and the Doctor was enjoying the tune while he fixed the stabilizer. He was lying under the console, his foot tapping in time to the beat while he hummed and repaired a circuit board with his screwdriver.


The Doctor paused in his work when he heard a deep, muffled rrr coming from somewhere above him. He slid out and his eyes bulged when he looked over and saw someone dressed as Winnie the Pooh coming towards him, waving their arms around.

"Doctor!" he heard Rose say inside the costume. "I am Pooh the Merciless, prepare to die!"

The Doctor stood up and stared at her with a mixture of confusion and amusement.

"I am Pooh!" Rose yelled as she waved her arms around.

The costume was a vintage Winnie the Pooh costume from 1950's Disneyland. On top of Pooh's head was a honey jar and he was wearing his little red shirt with POOH written across it. The Doctor grinned as Rose came towards him, waving her arms around.

"Don't like it, go put on the Time Huntress outfit again," the Doctor said, waving his hand dismissively.

"I will destroy you, Doctor. With my flaming honey of doom!" Rose said, pointing to the honey jar.

"I believe I just said Huntress Outfit, apparently the Pooh head is blocking your hearing," the Doctor said. "Now stop this nonsense and go put it on!"

Rose laughed and put her clumsy pooh arms around the Doctor.

"Ha! Victory is mine! I have the Time Lord at last!" she yelled.

"HEY, POOH, I SAID HUNTRESS OUTFIT NOW!" the Doctor yelled at the Pooh head.

"Silence, Time Lord," Rose said, bopping him on the head with her big fluffy paw. "I control you, now!"

"What part of go and put on the Time Huntress outfit do you not understand, Winnie?" the Doctor said.

By now, Rose was giggling inside the costume but she still made an effort to be menacing while the Doctor tapped his foot impatiently and whinged about the lack of Time Huntress outfit on her person.

"Wait, I have an idea," Rose said, raising her Pooh paw in the air.

"Does it involve putting on the Time Huntress outfit?" the Doctor said. "Because if it does, it's a jolly good idea, Rose."

"Funeral pyre," Rose said.

"I'm sorry?" the Doctor said with a frown.

"You are sentenced to die on a funeral pyre and me, being your most faithful companion, offer to burn at your side."

The Doctor stared at her for a moment.

"How is that connected to the Time Huntress outfit?" he said.

"You desperately want me to put on that outfit, dontcha?"

She giggled when the Doctor nodded his head emphatically.

"Well, it would be less hot than this thing. Honestly, how people can wear these costumes and not drop dead of heat stroke is beyond me."

"Yes, it was rather a hot day that day," the Doctor said with a sniff.

"Let me guess, you were in this costume the day Disneyland opened," Rose said.

"Wow, you know me so well," the Doctor said, impressed.

"Yeah, I know you and your bullshit stories."

She giggled when the Doctor eyed her. He snatched the head off the costume and threw it to the side.

"Now that I can see you, Time Huntress outfit, now!" the Doctor said, pointing to the back door.

"Can't," Rose said.

"Why not?"

"You decapitated me," Rose said, pointing to the Pooh head. "I can't do anything without my head."

She giggled when the Doctor eyed her. He let out a mock sigh of exasperation as he walked over and retrieved the head. He plopped it back on the Pooh body and pointed sternly to the back door.

"Okay, okay, I'm going," Rose said.

She started to walk away. Suddenly, she spun around, flung herself onto the Doctor and held him tight while the Doctor gasped.

"POOH HUGGIES!" Rose yelled before she turned and hurried as fast as she could towards the back door.

Well, I went back to the wardrobe room and got out of that Pooh costume but I decided to be cheeky and not put on the Time Huntress costume. I just walked back to the lounge and typed in my blog and…

So…that is why I'm still waiting.

Rose sighed when the above sentence appeared on her monitor.

"I'm gonna find a way to keep you from watching my blog, Doctor, I swear to God," Rose muttered to herself.

I believe I requested the Time Huntress outfit. I do not like being made to wait.

Tough. I'm not putting it on, Rose typed back. You want it on me so badly, you force it on my body.

As soon as she wrote that, she realized what she just said and her eyes widened when she realized that the Doctor would take her up on that without any hesitation. She quickly closed her laptop, unplugged it up, gathered it up and ran before the Doctor found her.

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