Chapter Thirty Eight

Traveling with the Doctor, you meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. However, there are some meetings that are more memorable than others. Case in point...the other day I was searching for the Doctor and I happened to go into the Console Room. Little did I know that we had uninvited guests in there...

"Doctor?" Rose said as she entered the console room from the back door. "Doctor, you in here?"

She stopped short when she noticed the front door was opened just a crack. She knew the Doctor always made a point to keep the door shut when he went outside, even for short periods in case something undesirable was around so the fact that the door was left ajar sent up red flags in her mind. She walked over, opened the door and looked out. They were still in an alley in the middle of London near a rubbish skip, just like before but there was no sign of the Doctor. She called again for him but there was no reply.

She turned to shut the door and for a second thought she saw something scurry behind the central console. She shut the door behind her and slowly walked towards the console. She heard whispering behind the central column and for a moment she thought the Doctor was playing a trick on her. She walked around the console but there wasn't anythere there when she reached the back side of it. However, she heard the whispering coming from the front side of the console and she sighed angrily as she walked around it to the front. This time she stopped short when she reached the front. On top of the console were three tiny chipmunks, each one dressed in a hoodie. The chipmunks were standing on their hind legs while they watched her. She noticed the one dressed in a blue hoodie was also wearing a pair of glasses.

"Is this a joke?" Rose said while she stared at the chipmunks.

"I don't know. Is it?"

Rose gasped and stepped back when the one wearing the red hoodie spoke to her.

"What are you?" she said to them.

"We're chipmunks, what are you?" Red Hoodie said.

"Yeah, but...chipmunks can't talk. Are you aliens or something?"

Red Hoodie sighed and looked at the other chipmunks.

"Do we have to keep explaining who we are?" he said. "Shouldn't everyone know by now?"

"What my brother means," Blue Hoodie said as he stepped forward, "is we're Alvin and the Chipmunks. I am Simon, this is Theodore..."

"And I'm Alvin!" Alvin said, stabbing his little finger at his chest, "and we're NOT aliens."

Rose stared at them for a moment and then ran out of the room. The chipmunks listened while she yelled for the Doctor.

"Why does she need a doctor?" Theodore said to his brothers when she was out of earshot.

"My guess is she thinks she's going insane or having a nervous breakdown," Simon replied.

"Never mind that," Alvin said, looking around the Console Room, "what is this place? It looked like a little blue box, where is all this coming from?" he said, waving his arms around.

"Maybe that pretty girl is magical," Theodore said.

"Or maybe this is what she meant by alien," Simon said. "It certainly looks alien."

"No, it doesn't, it looks like a piece of junk," Alvin said, pointing to the bric-a-brac on the console. "But if it hides us from Dave, I'll call it alien."

"Hey, there's the magical lady," Theodore said, pointing to Rose who was coming into the Console Room with the Doctor right behind her. "Hey, how did you make this big room? Are you magic?"

"See, they're talking," Rose said, ignoring Theodore while she talked to the Doctor.

"Does anyone know who we are?" Alvin said in exasperation.

"I do," the Doctor said.

"You do?" Rose said.

"They are Alvin and the Chipmunks," the Doctor said.

"At last, someone who knows us!" Alvin said.

"Are they alien then?" Rose said to the Doctor.

"No, they're from Earth," the Doctor said.

"Yeah...but...they're talking. Is that the TARDIS translating for them?" Rose said while the chipmunks looked at each other.

"No, they can speak...and sing. They're famous."

"Then why don't I know about them?" Rose said.

"Because they became famous in 2007, after you started traveling with me. So..." he said, turning his attention to the chipmunks, "what brings you here?"

"We're hiding from Dave," Theodore said.

"No, Alvin is hiding from Dave," Simon said. "We're here to keep an eye on him."

"Dave?" Rose said.

"Dave's our dad," Theodore said. "He adopted us."

"And if Alvin doesn't stop being a pain, he's gonna unadopt us," Simon said.

"So why is this room so big? Where are we?" Alvin said to the Doctor.

"Ah, well..."

The Doctor then tried to explain the TARDIS to the chipmunks but he rambles and goes off on little tangents and I finally had to step in and simplify it because by the time he finished speaking, they were all confused. After I got over the shock of seeing three talking chipmunks on the console, I had to admit they were cute. The Doctor was fanboying all over the place, getting their autographs and asking them to sing and behaving like a drooling git. It was a good thing we were in the TARDIS because his behavior was completely embarrassing...

There you go, talking about me behind my back again.


I was not fanboying, I was paying my respects to a trio of talented artistes.

You were fanboying, Doctor. I'm surprised you didn't take the chipmunks to bed with you and sleep with them like plushies.

How do you know I didn't?

Rose paused in her typing when she read that.

"Okay, not going to dignify that with a response," Rose said to herself. "I think I'll just log off and take a break before I start imagining him cuddling in bed with singing chipmunks."

Rose logged off her blog, turned off her laptop, set it aside and went off in search of something else to do.

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