Chapter Two

The Doctor was having a private giggle as he led his friends out of the Powell Estate. Even though Rose didn't have a clue who they were, she was still willing to follow him. Just like always, Rose hankering for a bit of adventure. He also thought it was funny that Amy and Rory had no idea who Rose was and he knew they were wondering why a random person would follow them. He had to get them alone for a moment and explain but for the moment, he enjoyed Rose's company and he intended to keep up the prank as long as possible.

The Doctor stopped all of them.

"So, young lady, how far have you traveled in your short lifetime?" he said to Rose.

"Well, Mum and me have been to France," Rose said.

The Doctor sucked in his breath and gave her a look of mock horror.

"Don't say that, you're not supposed to have traveled. You're disadvantaged, remember?" he said to her while Amy and Rory chuckled. "So I ask you again, how far have you traveled?"

"Um…Sheffield?" Rose said.

The Doctor shook his head.

"Kent?" Rose said.

He shook his head.

"Um…barely beyond my front door?"

She giggled when the Doctor nodded emphatically.

"Yes," Rose said, nodding emphatically. "I've only traveled a few feet from the Powell Estate. I was educated at home by me mum."

"Oh, you poor waif," the Doctor said, patting her head while Amy and Rory chuckled. "We shall have to fix that. So…be prepared to be shocked and amazed."

"Okay," Rose said, nodding.

"Now, follow me, waif, while I give you an eye opening tour of the world," the Doctor said, spinning around.

"Lead on, Ministry Person!" Rose said.

They followed the Doctor to the pavement. He stopped everyone and pointed to the road with wide eyes.

"This is a road," he said to Rose.

He grinned when Rose gasped at that in mock surprise.

"Is that what they call it?" Rose said in wonderment. "I saw it from my front door but I never knew what it was called since mum never left the flat."

"Poor waif," the Doctor said, patting her head. "Now those things zooming down the road are called cars. They can kill you so you must use caution."

"Kill me? Do they leap onto the pavement and eat people?" Rose said while they walked to the crosswalk.

"No. Well, they could leap onto the pavement if the person inside was pissed or naughty or insane and wanted to kill you. But that's a rare thing," the Doctor said to her. "Now…we must cross the road here," he said, pointing to the zebra crossing. "Now, in order to do that, you must wait for traffic to stop and then stride confidently across. So follow my lead, everyone!"

The cars stopped and the Doctor stomped his feet and swung his arms back and forth in a huge way. Rose laughed and imitated him. Amy and Rory walked in a much more subdued manner but they laughed at the odd looks the people in the cars were giving the Doctor and Rose. When they were on the other side, the Doctor patted Rose's head.

"Jolly good, young waif, you have managed to go over the road without getting smushed. I applaud you."

"Thank you, I'm a quick learner," Rose said.

They stood there, waiting for the Doctor to do something else. The people walking by gave them odd looks but the Doctor ignored them.

"Jolly good day, what?" he said, as he looked around. "Are you coping with being out of your flat, young lady?"

"I'm scared of the people and the cars and the air but I'll manage," Rose said.

She laughed when the Doctor patted her head.

"So, do you know what a toilet is?" he said to her.

"Um…it's a hole in the floor that you squat over and poo in?" Rose said innocently.

She, Amy and Rory laughed when the Doctor sucked in his breath sharply.

"You poor disadvantaged waif," he said while Rose snickered. "How did you ever survive living like a savage?"

"I…watched telly?" Rose said.

"Quite right," the Doctor said, giving her head another pat. "Telly is a cure-all for everything. So…are you brave enough to go on a bus?"

"Will it eat me?" Rose said.

"Well…not sure," the Doctor said. "But I'm guessing if you keep away from the front, it won't eat you."

"Okay, let's do it then," Rose said enthusiastically. "I wanna ride on a bus!"

"Well, come on then, kiddies. Let's sally forth and find a bus!" the Doctor said.

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