Chapter One

The Doctor breathed a contented sigh while he sat on his jump seat and read his magazine. His feet were propped up on the rim of the console and his left foot flicked lazily while he read an article. He was so engrossed in it that he didn't hear Rose coming towards him until she was almost beside him.

"Oh! You're awake!" he said, putting the magazine down on the jump seat. "Fabulous, I have several suggestions for places we could go to if you're up for a bit of adventure."

"Doctor, do you dream when you go to sleep?" Rose said.

The question threw the Doctor for a loop and he had to think it over.

"I don't think so," he finally said. "I've never been able to recall any dreams I've had. Why do you ask?"

"I had a really weird dream last night and you were in it. I was wondering if you were an expert at interpreting dreams?"

"Um…no, but I know someone who can," the Doctor said, hopping up.

Rose watched while he programmed the TARDIS. She sat down and picked up his magazine. She made a face when the magazine was written in an alien language that the TARDIS couldn't or wouldn't translate for her. She stared at a photo in the right hand corner of the page the Doctor was reading and noticed some cow alien smiling seductively while dressed in a bikini. The bikini was black with a halter top and a big section covering her udders.

"Doctor, what is this?" Rose said, holding it up and pointing to the photo.

"Oh, that's…rubbish magazine. I was flipping through it because I was bored," the Doctor said dismissively.

"Then who's this?" Rose said, pointing to the photo.

"Oh her? Um…let's just say she's the bovine Kim Kardashian of Flifrox Major."

"Oh, well that explains the trashy clothes," Rose said. "So where are we going?"

"To see the Great Krakow," the Doctor said with wide eyes.

"And who's he when he's at home?" Rose said.

"He is an ancient mystic, one of the wisest men in the Silfrax Galazy and one of his many talents is dream interpretation."

"Ooo, and he can tell me what my dream means then?" Rose said.


"And do you consult him as well?"

"Have done. Once when I had a bit of a tummy ache, he gave me some medicine and cleared it right up."

"Tummy ache?" Rose said, amused. "Is that the scientific term for your ailment?"

"This is my tummy, it had an ache," the Doctor said, pointing to his stomach. "Plain and simple."

"And you've gone back to this…Krakow?" Rose said.

"No, but he told me to come back whenever I need to and now I'm needing to."

"It's not that serious, Doctor. I was just wondering if you had dreams as well," Rose said.

"On the contrary, your dream might be pointing to a hidden ailment or a clue about your destiny, it's worth looking into," the Doctor said.

Rose shrugged. As long as she was with the Doctor, she didn't care where they went. But she raised her eyebrow when she noticed the Doctor was suddenly shaking with silent laughter as he suddenly inputted something else into the computer.

"What's so funny?" Rose said warily.

"Oh…just having a thought," the Doctor said.

"Should I be scared of this…thought of yours?" Rose said.

"Dunno. Just a thought, that's all," the Doctor said innocently.

Rose wasn't too sure about that but she let the Doctor do whatever it was he thought of doing since she was curious about where he was going.


Jackie finished vacuuming the carpet and put it back in the cupboard. She breathed a sigh of relief since cleaning was done for the day. Now she could relax and watch TV. But as she headed towards the kitchen to make some tea, she heard the wheezing of the TARDIS behind her and turned in excitement to see it materializing.

"It's about bleedin' time," Jackie yelled at the front door.

The door opened and Jackie was all set to hug Rose but she stopped when she saw the bewildered look on her daughter's face.

"This is the Great Krakow?" she said over her shoulder. "My mother?"

"No," the Doctor said from inside the TARDIS. "This is my thought. I thought perhaps we could bring Jackie along to observe."

"Observe what?" Jackie said, putting her hands on her hips "And what is this Great Krakow?"

"I had a dream, Mum. A weird dream and the Doctor insists on seeing this mystic called the Great Krakow. We were headed there when the Doctor apparently decided you need to come along."

The door opened wider and the Doctor looked out.

"Interested?" he said to Jackie.

"Well, I was going to watch the telly before you landed here," Jackie said.

"Yes, yes, you can do that any day. Come and see what we do for a change," the Doctor said.

"I have seen it. I saw it at Christmas when you were ill and those things invaded and I saw it when that Slitheen thing burst into my home."

"But this is something fun and interesting," the Doctor said. "And not dangerous."

Jackie gave him a dubious look.

"Come on, Mum. It'll be fun," Rose said. "You keep telling me you don't see me enough."

"I mean in here," Jackie said, pointing to the floor of her flat.

"Come on, Jackie, live a little," the Doctor said.

"I am living a little, that's why I stay away from this thing," she said, pointing to the TARDIS. "I have a feeling if I get inside I won't be living a little for long."

"Please, Mum?" Rose said, holding out her hand.

Jackie let out an exasperated sigh.

"Just this once and I can't believe I'm actually saying that," she said. "But if there are any big purple headed googly eyed things when we land, I'm gonna smack your head off your body!"

"Um…in that case, I will make sure the landing is purple headed googly eyed alien free," the Doctor said.

"Come on, Mum," Rose said, beckoning.

"I've gone mad and this proves it," Jackie muttered as the Doctor and Rose stepped aside and she walked inside.

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