Chapter Two

"Right, kiddies, on to adventure!" the Doctor said as he set a new course.

He stopped as he was going around his console and noticed Jackie was sitting on the jump seat with Rose. Jackie was glaring at him with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Gee, someone isn't in an adventurous mood," the Doctor said dryly while he gestured to her.

"I'm here to look after Rose and see exactly what you do when I'm not looking. I'm here for her, not for you so put a sock in it so we can get this over with."

"Wow, I'm so glad I rebuffed Jackie's advances that first day in her flat," the Doctor said, his eyes skyward as he walked around the other side of the console.

"So am I," Jackie growled back.

"Mum, come on, don't argue," Rose said, laying a hand on her arm. "Just trust us, this'll be fun."

"Better be or I'll ram my foot up his arse till it comes out his mouth," Jackie said.

Rose waited for the Doctor to say something in return but instead, he calmly walked around the console and finished turning her towards the Silfrax Galaxy while making a point of ignoring her. Jackie gritted her teeth and hung on to the railing when the TARDIS began to shake and rock.

"Is he doing this on purpose?" she said to Rose in a shaky voice.

"No, it usually does this," Rose said.

"How did you manage to keep your teeth inside your head then?" Jackie said while Rose put her arm around her.

After five minutes, the TARDIS landed and powered down and Jackie breathed a sigh of relief while Rose patted her on the shoulder.

"And now, my friends, we are on the planet, Mugnasia, home of the Great Krakow," the Doctor said dramatically to them as he came around the console.

"Whatever," Jackie said, getting up. "Let's get this over with."

"Yes, Jackie Dearest," the Doctor muttered as she breezed past him. "And by that, I'm referring to Mummy Dearest, the movie about the abusive Joan Crawford who beat the hell out of her daughter and…"

Rose giggled. She patted him on the shoulder.

"Mummy Dearest is waiting now," she said softly to him.

"Tell me something, Rose, was there a rule about no wire hangers in your house when you were growing up?" the Doctor said to her as they turned and walked towards the front door.


"Figures," Jackie said when they stepped outside and looked around.

The TARDIS had landed in the middle of a swampy area that was reminiscent of the swamps of Dagobah. The trees were covered with moss and droopy like weeping willows. The air was foul and smelled of sulfur. There was a slight mist covering the swamp off to their right but the TARDIS landed on a wide dirt path that led off into the misty distance.

"So this is why you brought me here, so I could trudge though this," Jackie said angrily.

"No, I brought you here to get you out of your flat. Trust me; we've been in far worse places. Now just follow me."

Jackie looked at Rose for confirmation of the worst places thing. Rose nodded her head.

"He's not joking, Mum," she said.

"Well, that explains why I have to hold my nose whenever I put your laundry in the washer," Jackie said to her as they followed the Doctor.


"So where is this great mystic?" Jackie said after five minutes of walking through misty forest and swamps.

"He's up ahead, Jackie, just be patient," the Doctor said over his shoulder.

"D'ya do this all the time, just follow him when you have no idea where's he going?" Jackie said to her daughter.

"Um…yeah," Rose said sheepishly.

"I have to hand it to you, Doctor. You're better than I thought at keeping my daughter alive," Jackie said to him.

The Doctor ignored her and began to sing a song in an alien language. Jackie frowned and looked at Rose.

"What's he doing now?" she asked Rose.

"I think it's called, singing to myself so I don't lose it completely and hit Jackie in the face as hard as I can," Rose said. "At a guess, that is."

Jackie snorted. Suddenly, the Doctor fell silent and stopped. He held up his hand and Rose and Jackie stopped. Then the Doctor made a high pitched trilling sound as he looked around.

"What's this then? Burst our eardrums?" Jackie said to Rose.

Rose was about to reply when she saw something moving through the trees. She grabbed her mother's arm and pointed to the shadowy figure.

"Does he know what's he's doing?" Jackie hissed at Rose.

"I think so, Mum. Just stay calm," Rose said.

They were shocked when a five foot tall rabbit emerged from the trees. His face was wrinkled and droopy, his ears were droopy and his eyes were squinty and he looked like he was 80 years old. He was wearing a monk's habit made of course brown cloth.

"Great Krakow, it's a privilege," the Doctor said, bowing to the wizened old rabbit.

"HIM!" Jackie said.

The Doctor and Rose winced at the outburst.

"This mystical person is a bleedin' bunny?" Jackie said.

"Mum, no. Just…don't," Rose said as the Doctor glowered at Jackie.

"Forgive the outburst of my companion's mother, Krakow, she's not well traveled and she's from Earth. On Earth, rabbits are mute, fuzzy creatures who hop around or big grey things who munch carrots in cartoons. Forgive her ignorance."

"It is forgiven, my friend," the rabbit said in an extremely raspy voice. "Why have you come?"

"My companion wishes to have a dream analyzed and interpreted for her," the Doctor said, gesturing to Rose.

Krakow walked over to Rose and looked at her intently. Jackie made a face at the manky condition of the rabbit but she caught the Doctor's eyes and saw his warning look and kept quiet this time.

"Yes, yes, come this way, my child. Tell me your dream and I'll tell you what it means," Krakow said with a nod.

"Come on, Mum," Rose said, taking Jackie's hand as the Doctor beckoned for them to follow him and Krakow.

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