Chapter One

"No. I said no and I mean no!"

The Ninth Doctor folded his arms over his chest and cast a steely look upon Captain Jack Harkness who was standing in front of him. For the past five minutes, the captain had been begging him to go find something that had to do with Easter and for the past five minutes, the Doctor kept telling him no.

"But why not?" Jack whined in a manner that made the Doctor raise his eyebrow and think of a petulant little five year old.

"Because I said so," the Doctor said, half tempted to match Jack's whiny tone. "I'm not in the mood for Easter bunnies today."

"Aw, come on. Let's have an Easter egg hunt, attend an Easter parade, go talk to a mangy Easter bunny in a shopping center. Something like that."

"I said…no."

The Doctor smirked at Jack's sullen expression. So like a child. For all his worldly ways, the captain could be immature sometimes."

"Rose wants to," Jack finally said.

Again, the Doctor cocked an eyebrow. Throughout the whole exchange, Rose was nowhere to be seen. Jack had sought him out, finding him in the console room. It was still early in the morning and the Doctor assumed his companion was still asleep. Despite his repeated denials to himself and everyone else that he and Rose were lovers, the thought of Jack being alone with her raised his hackles and put him in a defensive mode.

"When did Rose say this?" he said in a tone of voice that was harsher than he intended.

Jack held up his hands.

"Easy, big fella, okay. I didn't sleep with her or do anything to her. I haven't seen her since she went to bed last night."

"Then how do you know she's interested in doing an Easter thing?"

"I…just figured she'd like to," Jack said sheepishly with a shrug. "Easter bunnies seems like the kind of thing she'd like."

"Well, when she appears, I'll ask her," Nine said. "Until then, I want to hear no more of it, alright? Now, I was busy fixing the chronometer on my console so if you don't mind, Harkness…"

"Already going, Fearless Leader," Jack said, backing away.

Nine shook his head when Jack turned and hurried out of the room. He reached into the pocket of his leather jacket, found his screwdriver and turned to work on the chronometer. But he froze as a thought occurred to him and a slight smile spread over his face as he put his screwdriver back in his pocket.

"TARDIS, make a path to Rose," he said to his ship as he hurried to the back door.

The TARDIS obliged and when Nine reached the back door, he saw the door to Rose's bedroom. He stood there for a moment and listened but he couldn't hear any sounds coming from the other side of it. He put his hand on the doorknob and quietly turned it, slowly easing the door open.

Inside, the room was dark and the Doctor used his bypass to still his breathing as he slipped inside. He could see Rose's lying in her bed, her breath soft and even while she slumbered peacefully. Nine kept the door open wide enough that he could see her but not wide enough to disturb her as he silently crept to her bed. When he reached the bed, he stood there and gazed down at her with silent love in his eyes, listening to the peaceful breathing and watching the slight movement of her eyes beneath her lids while she dreamed. Her hair was slightly mussed but otherwise, the Doctor thought she looked lovely. Too many times he'd seen her frightened and stressed out from their adventures so it was nice to see her in this moment untroubled by that. As he gazed at her, his idea began to form into a plan. After gazing at her for a few minutes more, he quietly went back outside and closed the door behind him.


(Two hours later…)

Rose slowly opened her eyes and yawned as she struggled back into the waking world. She'd had a pleasant dream about dancing with the Doctor and she kept a mental hold of that dream while she slowly sat up in bed. She was sitting up when she noticed that on top of her duvet in the spot between her legs was a blue plastic Easter egg about the size of a baseball. Rose picked it up and examined it. There was a seam running around the middle of it so she twisted both halves of the egg and it popped open, revealing a folded piece of paper. She took the paper out and put the egg down on the duvet before she unfolded the paper and read the handwritten note she found there.


I didn't want to wake you just yet but when you get these instructions you are to act on them immediately. Jack and I have been kidnapped by the Easter Bunny and we're being held prisoner. I convinced Mister Bunny to let me go to the loo and I used the TARDIS to come back and leave you this note. I have also left similar eggs scattered around the area, each with a clue inside about where to find us. Each egg will point you to the next one and so on until you find us. Good luck and remember…beware the Easter Bunny.


Rose grinned from ear to ear, excited to be a part of this impromptu Easter egg hunt. She threw the note down on the table beside the bed, put the egg beside it and then quickly got out of bed and got dressed for her adventure.

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