Chapter Three

(Meanwhile, inside Buckingham Palace…)

The Valeyard's robes swished softly as he walked down the corridor towards what had once been the State Room. He was headed to a daily meeting with several of his spies, hearing their reports on what had been happening in his kingdom. The Royal Family had been put to death a few years ago so he could turn Buckingham Palace into his London palace, one of many he now possessed across Earth and several other planets. The spies in his employ came from all over the Earth and the other planets under his domain. They were his first defense against any hint of uprising as well as giving him information on other planets that he had picked to conquer next.

He entered the State Room and stopped as the spies, who had been standing by the long table that dominated the room, fell to their knees and prostrated themselves before him. He smirked at that. Most of them were humans but not all. But all of them had been picked because of their weak minds and wills and he had been able to quickly brainwash them and turn them against their fellow species. Now they trembled before him and paid him obeisance, which was how it should be.

"Arise and sit," he said loudly before he walked through the room to the end of the table on the far side.

The spies stood at attention by the elegant, velvet lined, high backed chairs and waited. Even though he had told them to sit, they still waited until he was seated before following suit. Something else that he had ingrained in them during the brainwashing. As soon as he was seated in his elegant, golden throne, the spies sat down and waited for him to speak.

"So…any trouble today?" he asked them.

A young man beside his throne, stood and bowed to him.

"My Lord, may I speak?" he said as he bowed.

"You may, what is your report?" the Valeyard said, loving the sight of the subjugated pudding brain bowing to him.

The man sat down and watched him while the others stared straight ahead and listened.

"My Lord, fellow spies have told me they spotted the Oswald woman again, by Valeyard Square."

"Mm," the Valeyard said, nodding.

This was nothing new to him. He knew Clara had returned to London and he knew that she was hiding somewhere near the square. His spies had asked repeatedly if they needed to send the secret police to arrest her but so far he had declined, preferring instead to sit back and see what his former companion would do, more out of curiosity than anything. He felt confident that Clara and the other rebels could mount only a feeble resistance at best and he could crush it at any time. It amused him that Oswald was trying to defeat him when he was far superior in every way to her little ape body.

"Anything else?" he said to the spy.

"My Lord, they also said that there was a woman sighted by Valeyard Column who appeared to be wearing pink and purple clothes."

The Valeyard snickered at that.

"So that's their way of rebelling, eh? Wear colors?" he said.

"There is more, My Lord. Clara Oswald was seen with the woman and they left the square."

"Did they now," the Valeyard purred. "So…she is one of Clara's rebels, eh? Do we have CCTV footage of this mysterious woman who dares to wear purple in my kingdom?"

"We do, My Lord."

"Excellent. I will review the footage after the meeting and decide if anything should be done. Anything else?"

"No, My Lord."

"Very well, anyone else have anything to report?"


After the meeting was finished, the Valeyard sent the spies away and went to look at the footage from the CCTV cameras around Valeyard Square. There were cameras mounted on all sides, allowing him to view the square at every possible angle so there was nothing that could be hidden from him. The surveillance room was set up near the back of the palace in an underground chamber that slaves had dug out and built for him. It had a desk with several monitors above it that had footage from key points in the city but also had a computer on the desk attached to them so he could type in a location and look at any point on Earth or other planets in his realm. When he entered the room, a black clad man swiveled around in his chair, jumped up and then quickly prostrated himself.

"Arise," the Valeyard said, bored. "I wish to see footage of the woman who dared to wear colors in Valeyard Square."

"At once, My Lord," the man said before standing up.

He sat down and typed in some commands as the Valeyard sauntered up behind him and stood behind his chair with his hands behind his back. After two minutes, the man found the footage he was looking for and pointed to a monitor directly in front of him. The Valeyard walked up beside him and leaned in to look. He looked at the young woman and did a double take.

"Zoom in," he said to the man.

"Yes, My Lord."

The man typed in a command and zoomed in on the woman. The Valeyard stared at the woman with disbelief while the man glanced at him.

"My Lord, what should we do?" he said to him. "Arrest her?"

The Valeyard nodded dumbly before finding his voice.

"Yes," he said. "Alert the police that her name is Rose Tyler and she is to be brought here, alive and unharmed."

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