Chapter Four

When Erica didn't arrive home, Rose decided to have a shower to relax and unwind before meeting her. Clara took her jumper from the bathroom before she went and put it under the black outfits, next to her skirt. When she was done, she went downstairs to wait for Erica while Rose got undressed and stepped into the walk-in shower. The hot water soothed her frazzled nerves and allowed her to think about the day's events. It was easy for her to use her dimension jumper to go back to base but she felt she had to stay and help, especially if it was the Doctor. She wasn't sure what good she could do if he'd already conquered the Earth but if a parallel version of herself existed her then perhaps the bond they had still existed and maybe she could use that to her advantage. It seemed incredible to her that the Doctor had turned evil. She had often sensed a darkness about him, even when his tenth self was being silly and lovable but she never imagined that he could override his sense of morality and justice and become corrupt enough to turn to the dark side. And to use humans as slaves and spies made her shiver, especially since he'd often told her just how much he cherished and admired the human race.

She noticed some bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the corner of the shower. She stooped down and used them, washing her hair clean before using a bit of soap to wipe off the dirt and grime from her body. After she finished, she felt totally refreshed and she was ready to face any challenges that came her way. But as she was dressing, she heard Clara's faint voice from below yelling that people were searching for both of them. Rose muttered a curse under her breath as she threw on her clothes as fast as she could, checked to make sure her dimension jump and pocket knife she carried were deep in her trouser pocket before she threw open the door and hurried downstairs.

At the bottom of the stairs was Clara, a young black woman and a short, petite woman that had an oval face, blonde highlights in her long, brown hair and a small scar on her left cheek. Clara introduced her as Erica and the black woman as Martha Jones.

"I was heading back here," Martha said to Rose. "When I overheard two men discussing your whereabouts and which way they should go. One of them asked who they were looking for and the other said you and Clara."

"Do they know where we are?" Rose said.

"I don't think so," Martha said.

"I have a feeling they do," Clara said. "There are CCTVs everywhere. They would have to be blind and stupid not to see us come back here. I think the Valeyard is just toying with us."

"So what do we do?" Erica said. "Mount a defense?"

Rose thought for a moment and then her back stiffened with new resolve.

"I'll go," she said.

"Go where?" Martha said.

"I'm going to let myself be captured while you find a way to stop him," Rose said.

"Um…Rose, I don't think that's a good idea. I told you, he's not the Doctor anymore," Clara said, putting her hand on Rose's arm.

"Look. If someone doesn't get caught, they're gonna continue to search until everyone here has been captured. I think if he knew me in this reality, he'll want me taken alive. Maybe I can keep him occupied while you figure out a way to defeat him and rescue me."

"Are you sure?" Clara said. "He and I were very close and he still tortured me."

Rose thought for a moment before nodding.

"Yeah, I'll take that risk," she said.

Clara nodded. Rose walked over to the cupboard by the door and grabbed her jacket. She put it on and zipped it up.

"So they can't miss me," Rose said to the others as they walked up behind her.

"Be careful, Rose," Clara said.

Rose nodded. Clara opened the door and let her go out before she shut it and locked it behind her.


Rose walked back towards Trafalgar Square while hoping she made the right decision. This was highly risky and stupid but she felt that this was something the Doctor would do, sacrifice himself and lead the enemy away to protect the others. She also knew if they stayed hidden in the house, eventually someone would come to the house and if they were all caught, there would be a slim chance of anyone else coming to help. And honestly, she was curious about this Doctor and wanted to see for herself if he was truly evil as he made himself out to be.

She kept her hands in her trouser pockets, fingering the pocket knife as she walked back towards the square. She nearly reached it when someone grabbed her from behind and she looked back to see a young black man and an older man with brown salt and pepper hair had grabbed her. The black man held her in a chokehold while the other pointed his assault rifle at her head.

"I surrender," Rose said, holding up her hands.

"You will come with us," the man with the rifle said to her. "If you resist, you die, got it?"

Rose nodded and she sucked in a lungful of air when the black man let go of her neck. She stood calmly while the black man seized her arms, brought them behind her and secured them there with handcuffs around her wrists. Then he gave her a shove and Rose sighed angrily while they led her to a black cab parked nearby.


The Valeyard was sitting in the office that had once belonged to Queen Elizabeth sifting through some paperwork and reports. The office was pleasing to him, dark and filled with mahogany furniture and large enough that the TARDIS stood in the back of the room, hidden from view with a perception filter that the stupid apes couldn't detect. That way, the majority of the people that entered didn't notice his time machine. That included the young woman that entered. She was Asian with long, black hair drawn up in a tight bun. She was a secretary for him as well as a concubine, part of his intergalactic harem. The woman wasn't spectacular in bed but she was one of the better ones out of the slaves he owned. The woman was dressed in a grey pantsuit and white blouse with black high heels. She had reading glasses propped on her nose and because she was one of his favorites, the Valeyard didn't require her to prostrate as many others did. Instead, he waved her inside.

"Yes?" he said to her.

"My Lord, two policeman have reported that the Rose woman has been apprehended," the woman said with a slight Japanese accent.

"Tell them to bring her here to me," the Valeyard said.

"At once, My Lord," the woman said, bowing her head briefly before leaving the office.

The Valeyard chuckled.

"Rose, my Rose, we meet again," he said to himself after the woman shut the door behind her. "I wonder if you gave yourself up willingly. I can't imagine you being so stupid as to fall right into the hands of my police. But we shall see in time."

He stood up and readied himself for his meeting with his former lover.

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