Chapter Four

Ortha smirked as she watched the monitor inside the Interrogation Room. After the Doctor surrendered, the women drugged him again and strapped him down to a long metal table inside the room. Then they attached some probes to his temples and began to look through his mind, trying to determine how hard it would be to brainwash him. The Doctor was of Gallifreyan origin like they were and they knew that it would take a lot to bend him to their will. But Ortha was determined to do it and claim the honor of having the greatest Time Lord of all under her thrall.

For the moment though, she was fascinated with his memories. She had heard people speak of the Doctor and his adventures before but she never knew how interesting they were and how many people had traveled with him. When she probed Rose's mind, she had seen her adventures but those were just the tip of the iceberg compared to this.

As she went deeper into his mind and accessed his more intimate memories, she began to encounter resistance from the Doctor's mind and found more barriers. It took a bit of extra umph from the probe but she managed to get through most of them, although she could tell from the grunts and moans coming from the sedated Doctor that this was causing him pain. Or perhaps the groans were caused by strain from trying to combat her intrusion.

After twenty more minutes, Ortha was deep within the Doctor's subconscious and this was when she finally found something that was not only extremely interesting but useful. During the probing, she had seen random memories of Rose's time with the Doctor from his perspective but these memories were different. She watched with fascination and a bit of revulsion at the intimacy that he had shared with Rose. Some incarnation of the Doctor was lying with Rose in bed naked and he could hear his thoughts while the Doctor stared at Rose, most of them commenting on her beauty or how wonderful she was but Ortha was taken aback by all of this. During Rose's probe, she saw how much she loved the Doctor but this…the Time Lord actually loved her in return. She stopped watching long enough to speak to Mira on the intercom, telling her to come to the Interrogation Room at once. When she entered it, Ortha brought her over to the monitor and replayed some of the memories she had found.

"He loves her?" Mira said in shock when she finished reviewing some of his memories. "The Doctor loves a backward barely functioning ape as he would a Gallifreyan?"

"No wonder he was ostracized from his own people," Ortha said to her as Mira stared at the Doctor with revulsion. "However, we can use this to control him. If he cares for the ape that much, he won't allow her to come to harm."

Mira walked over to the Doctor and gazed down at him while he slept.

"The legendary Time Lord loves a human as an equal," Mira murmured while she shook her head. "Why would he debase himself in this way? The humans are nothing. It took next to nothing to be able to brainwash the human. They are weak in every conceivable way. But yes, you're right; the Doctor was ostracized from his fellow Gallifreyans. Perhaps this…bonding is part of the reason why."

"And you think all it will take to control him is threaten his lives mate?" Mira said, amused. "I doubt we'll be able to subdue the greatest Time Lord of all time by telling him we'll torture his ape if he resists."

"No, of course not but this threat to his bond can be a part of our plan to turn him into a tool," Ortha said. "At the very least, it could provide some amusement."

"In what way?"

Ortha chuckled.

"If the Doctor loves his ape so much, perhaps we should marry them," Ortha said as she walked over to him. "After all, he should be completely bonded with his lives mate, don't you think, my dear?"

Mira grinned.

"And why not give them a honeymoon as well?" she added airily while she joined Ortha at the table.

Ortha's eyes widened when a thought struck her.

"And why not impregnate the ape?" she added. "That way we can have extra leverage against the fool."

"Can that even be done?" Mira asked.

"I don't know but we can have fun trying," Ortha replied.

The women chuckled.

"Yes, I think the Doctor and his ape will provide us with much entertainment before we send them out among the stars as our enforcers," Ortha said.


After making sure they were truly alone, the three Doctors and Clara began a more exhaustive search of the monastery, in order to find some means or protection and also to satisfy their own curiosity. The four of them split up and went different ways and Ten found himself going back to the Tapestries Room to see what lay beyond the other doors. As he wandered, his thoughts drifted to Rose and he felt that old familiar longing for her and frustration that at the moment he was powerless to stop whatever torments were being done to her. He hoped that his future self would be able to keep her safe until they found them.

The Doctor paused by a locked door and used his sonic to open it. He looked inside, noticed it was dark and lit another torch before taking it and heading downwards.

"Blimey, they fancy long passageways here," he muttered to himself as he headed down the long slanting corridor.

At the end was the room filled with treasure, the Doctor stood there, his eyes agog before walking over to the pile and examining it.

"Quite a collection you have here, my dear sisters," he said as he picked up a diamond studded tiara and examined it. "I can see why you were so eager to shoot down passing spaceships."

"Hello, is anyone down here?

The Doctor looked over his shoulder when he heard Eleven calling out as he came down the passageway. He called back to him before dropping the tiara and picking up a golden doubloon.

"Rassilon's Robe!"

The Doctor looked over his shoulder again when he heard Eleven swearing a oath and nodded when he saw the stunned expression on his face.

"I believe the Sisterhood has a hobby," he said to Eleven.

"Ya think?" Eleven replied as he put his torch in a nearby holder and walked over to the treasure. "They have enough treasure here to run a small bank."

Ten watched as Eleven noted the tiara. He raised his eyebrow when Eleven picked it up and put it on his head before spreading his arms out and asking the Doctor jokingly what he thought of it.

"Oh it's most definitely you," Ten said dryly. "You need to wear that everywhere you go, especially around the Master. He'd probably enjoy you and your little tiara."

"Nah, too delicate," Eleven joked as he took it off. "Not suitable for the heat of battle. So what do you think they're going to do with all these ill gotten gains then?"

"Well, I suppose they could finance this new empire of theirs," the Doctor said, tossing the coin back on the pile. "At least it'd be a start. I'm sure they won't stop raiding other spaceships once they've proclaimed themselves the Pythia of all creation."

Eleven fell silent as he picked up a golden goblet and studied it. He glanced at Ten who was examining a golden serving platter.

"Nervous about seeing Rose again?" Eleven finally asked Ten.

"A bit. You?" Ten said.

"Somewhat more than a bit," Eleven said, putting the goblet back on the pile. "Once again, trying to put Rose somewhere does not work."

Ten snorted softly at that and nodded.

"She's more persistent than a Dalek," Ten said.

Eleven chuckled.

"But a hundred times more attractive."

"Oh yes," Ten said while Eleven sniggered.

They fell silent again for a few minutes while they absentmindedly picked through the pile.

"Be hard to let her go again," Eleven finally said.

"We have to. If Clara is correct, she needs to go back to a point where she can meet me and stop Davros," he said.

"But doesn't that just make you angry that we keep having to sacrifice things for the greater good?" Eleven said.

"Yes. But I tried once to change things that shouldn't have been changed and it didn't work. I love Rose and I don't want to see her go any more than you do but trying to stop her from leaving will cause a massive paradox and…I can't let that happen."

"Me neither," Eleven said, shaking his head sadly. "Besides, the elderly one probably already took her for himself."

"Ugh, back to old man again. Bad enough we have the Old Age Pensioner with us and now we have to have another geriatric looking Doctor to deal with. I hate being old. Why would you ever want to be old? Be young and vigorous and handsome, I say."

"I wonder how it happens?" Eleven mused.

"How what happens?"

"Well…this is technically my last body," he said, pointing to himself. "But apparently we keep going, unless OAP is from another universe or something."

"Who knows. I can't think about that and try to concentrate on all this," the Doctor said. "Bad enough I'll have to change into you someday."

"Yes, I remember well how enthusiastic you were about that," Eleven said, rolling his eyes. "Well, trust me, you'll enjoy this body."

"I hope so since I'll have to become Geezer Doctor after you," Ten said.

Eleven chuckled at that and Ten smiled before letting out a little sigh.

"So…shall we continue our examination of the so-called monastery?" he said.

"After you," Eleven said, gesturing to the passageway.

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