Chapter Five

After waiting for a few hours for the Doctor or someone else to return. Rose walked over to the duvets and inspected them. They were a bit tattered and worn but they were clean and dry so she decided to risk a space disease and lay down on them so she'd be more comfortable. After being drugged for a few hours, she thought she wouldn't drift off to sleep but the stress and exhaustion got to her and her eyelids slowly drooped before she closed them and drifted off to sleep.

She wasn't aware of how long she slept before she was startled from her dreams by someone shaking her. Her eyes flew open and she gasped when she saw five of the women standing over her. She recognized them as lower ranked and tried to call them by name but the women jerked her up onto her feet and marched her out of the room.

"You don't have to do this," Rose said to them as they herded her towards the Interrogation Room. "Ortha is an evil nutter and she's using all of you."

"Silence!" one of the women barked at her.

Rose sighed and let herself be led by them. She hoped the Doctor was alright. She was worried about him and what the women might do to him. But when she entered the Interrogation Room, she noticed that he had been placed in a steel chair similar to the one in the room on Karn and secured there. His chin was on his chest and he wasn't moving. She quickly glanced at his chest and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw it moving. Then she gasped when the women shoved her and she feel on her hands and knees in front of the Doctor.

"What did you do to him?" Rose asked Ortha.

She tried to get to her feet but one of the women pointed a blaster at her head and she remained on her knees in front of the Doctor. Rose's heart was racing but she kept calm, glaring at Ortha as she walked over to the Doctor.

"What did you do to him?" she repeated.

"Mind probe, Arkytior," Ortha said before she took a tiny brown bottle out of a hidden pocket on her dress.

Rose watched as she uncorked it and held the bottle under the Doctor's nose. Ten seconds later, the Doctor gasped and his head jerked up as he came to. The Doctor looked at where he was at and looked at Rose while Ortha put the stopper back inside the bottle and put it back in her pocket.

"What is this?" the Doctor said to Ortha. "What have you done to Rose?"

Ortha sighed while Mira, who was standing nearby, smirked.

"I've done nothing to your ape, Doctor," Ortha said snidely. "I ran a mind probe on you while you were drugged and found something very interesting."

"You found out you have rubbish fashion sense?" the Doctor said.


Ortha walked over to Rose while the Doctor watched her warily. Then without warning, she seized Rose's hair and Rose cried out in pain when she jerked up on it.

"This is his lover," Ortha announced to the other women while Mira grinned. "This man, the Doctor, the Oncoming Storm, loves an ape as if she were an equal."

The women who had escorted Rose to the Interrogation Room were shocked. The Doctor glared at them when they began to talk amongst themselves and look on him with disgust. Ortha released Rose's hair and Rose put her hands on her aching scalp while Ortha walked over to the Doctor and lunged into him, putting her hands on his shoulders while the Doctor glared at her.

"You would debase yourself by taking an ape as your lives mate?" Ortha said to him.

"She's not my lives mate, idiot. We never did a bonding ceremony and what I do with my life is my business, not yours," he spat back. "I wouldn't mention debasing since you lot were the ones that appointed her High Priestess."

"Because she has a power within her that we have yet to understand. Doesn't mean I think this ape is better than me or even equal to me. She's one of the lesser species, doesn't that bother you?"

"No. Your rancid breath bothers me," the Doctor said. "So get your hands off me and get out of my face."

Rose gasped when Ortha straightened up and backhanded him as hard as she could across the face. The Doctor gritted his teeth and balled his fists.

"You better be glad I'm strapped into this bloody chair for the moment," he growled at her. "Because I'd slap you so hard your bleedin' head would fly off."

"Sisters," Ortha said, ignoring the Doctor. "This man has been apart from his mate for sooo long. Surely we can do him a favor and conduct a bonding ceremony. Let our High Priestess join with him and become his lives mate."

"Why don't you let her go and deal with me?" the Doctor growled at her.

Ortha turned, a smirk on her face.

"Oh but we can't do that," she said with a sickeningly sweet tone of voice. "She's been away from you for so long; we can't send her away again. That would just break your hearts, wouldn't it?"

"Let her go…now!" the Doctor growled at her.

"You know," Ortha said, still ignoring him, "Mira and I were discussing this after we looked at your innermost secret memories and we decided that not only should you be bonded with your ape but perhaps you should have a little family with her as well."

Rose's breath caught in her throat while the Doctor's mouth dropped open.

"I mean, wouldn't you like that, Doctor?" Ortha said sweetly. "A little half breed child to complete the love affair?"

"Mating with an ape?" one of the women said in disgust.

"Yes, I know it's repulsive to higher orders like ourselves but the Doctor seems to have no problem with it whatsoever and I mean, who are we to judge another's lifestyle. I'm not into bestiality myself but it takes all sorts to make up a universe, eh? Anyway, Doctor, you don't have a choice in this matter because I am now the leader and I have decided that you should bond with the ape and produce a child. And you know what?" she added, getting as close as she dared to the enraged Time Lord. "You and your ape are going to be busy doing things like enforcing the Sisterhood's will around the universe so I will graciously volunteer to look after your child and teach it."

By now the Doctor was fighting to get out of the restraints and get at her. Ortha laughed at that and the Doctor grunted when she slapped him hard across the face.

"You and your beloved Arkytior will have no will by the time we are through with you," she said, leaning into his face. "Now, I will give you a choice. You can marry this ape and procreate with her while you still have your mind intact or do it as a mindless drone. But you will give us a child, Doctor."

"If I get free, you and your "Sisters" are going to wish you were never born," the Doctor snarled at her. "You may think me weak for loving Rose but I assure you, the legends about me being soaked in the blood of a thousand worlds are quite true and I won't hesitate to add Karn to that list."

"You aren't invincible, Doctor. And I will show you just how weak you truly are…right now. Sisters," Ortha said, turning to the other women. "Strap the ape to the table and make her scream for us."

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