Chapter Nine

The Doctors and Clara were inside the monastery laboratory. After making comments about how it was odd that holy women would need a huge laboratory, the Doctors set to work trying to run a scan for artron energy in the universe from a computer at the back of the room. Around the computer were a couple of marble counters with drawers and cabinets above and below them. On the counters was a microscope, a laser device of some kind, a tray filled with surgical implements and some test tubes and beakers. Clara opened some of the drawers and cabinets while the three Doctors worked on finding a signal. Clara found a few more beakers and test tubes plus organs and tiny creatures pickled inside jars and medical and first aid equipment. She perused the cabinets for fifteen minutes before turning around the moment she heard Eleven let out a frustrated yell.

"Nothing," he said, leaning back in the desk chair. "Can't have gone that far. They would have shut this place down otherwise."

"Maybe their ship is shielded," the War Doctor said.

"So what do we do?" Clara asked.

The three Doctors looked at each other.

"We could try to send out a distress signal or homing beacon. See if they pick up on it," Ten offered.

"Sounds as good a plan as any," Eleven said before he resumed working on the problem.

Clara watched while he typed at a breakneck speed, inputting strings of data that she couldn't even begin to follow. After five minutes of this, he stopped and pointed triumphantly at the monitor.


"There," he said to them. "I set about a two light year radius to start but if we don't get a bite, I can always widen the parameters."

"But now we have to get ready in case they do return," Clara said.

"Yes," the War Doctor said to Clara. "So why don't you and I do that while they keep watch on the beacon."

"My pleasure," Clara said.

"Don't Clara, it's a trap!" Eleven yelled out as he stared at the monitor.

Clara laughed when the War Doctor swiped the back of his head. Eleven looked over his shoulder and watched as the War Doctor and Clara left the room.

"You see what happened just then?" Eleven said to Ten. "If I have brain damage or lice now, we're suing him."


"This is insane," Twelve said to Ortha as he and Rose stood together in front of the impatient women. "What is this going to prove? I appreciate that you're trying to be helpful by having me bond with Rose because you think I should but this is a waste of time."

"But we've decided that you should have a moment of happiness before we plunge you both into a living nightmare," Ortha said. "If I were you, I would take this opportunity because we could have chosen to torture you."

"Oh yeah, I saw how well that went when you tortured Rose. Kill your friend, did it, by the way?"

"No, she's sedated. She gave her a broken arm," Ortha growled at Rose.

"Bravo, Rose, you managed to disable one without even trying. Ten points to you," the Doctor said to her.

Rose was about to reply when Mira suddenly shot a laser bolt at her feet, causing her to gasp and step back.

"We can still hurt you, Arkytior, and we don't have to touch you to do it," Ortha said angrily. "Now do it!"

The Doctor sighed and held out his hand to Rose. Rose took it and he gave the women one last sour look before he turned his attention to Rose and took her other hand. As he held her hands he began to speak in Gallifreyan which frustrated Rose since she knew it couldn't be translated. But she figured that was what made the union binding on his planet. The few times he had spoken it she found it very lovely with a musical quality to it so she concentrated on that while gazing at his face. She had to admit this version of the Doctor had grown on her. At first she thought he looked old and tired but now she could see he was just as handsome as her other Doctors. She wondered if it was because she loved him so much that she was willing to accept him in any size, shape or form he came in. Gazing at his eyes, she found herself getting lost in them. That and the musicality of his words lulled her into a semi hypnotic state and it took several seconds to realize he had stopped talking and was waiting for her to answer him.

"Sorry, what?" she said, shaking herself out of the lull.

"I said, do you accept me as your lives mate?" the Doctor said.

"Oh, um…yes. Sorry, you were speaking Gallifreyan and I didn't know you said that."

"I wasn't speaking Gallifreyan when I asked if you accepted me. Your mind was occupied."

Too right it was, Rose thought to herself.

She glanced over at the women and noticed they were watching with silent interest at all this. Her mind burned with a silent fury that they were forcing them to do something this intimate and then watch it like it was a sporting event. It shocked her that they weren't betting on the outcome but she thought maybe that would for the pregnancy. She turned her attention back to the Doctor when he raised his hands to her face, took off her skullcap, dropped it on the floor before he put his fingers against her temples and closed his eyes.


Rose blinked when she heard his voice inside her mind.

"Yeah?" she said aloud.

Concentrate on telepathic communication. I'm inside your mind. This is part of the bonding ritual. I'm going to take a bit of your mind into my own and leave a bit of my own mind inside yours. It's part of it.

Okay, Rose thought back to him.

Just hold still. Connecting our minds, he thought back.

Rose closed her eyes and felt the sensation of having something leaving her mind and then a moment later, feeling something coming back in that wasn't a part of her. She felt him inside her mind and it was a pleasant sensation she had to admit. Very comforting. Like knowing that a part of him would always be with her now. It made what they were doing seem more real to her even though they were doing this at blasterpoint.

I now bond with you and christen you with the name Arkytior, he thought to her. What these women have called you in a mocking way is now being used in a loving way by me. I give it to you as my private name for you since Arkytior does mean Rose on my planet.

Thank you, Rose thought as she smiled at that. I shall return the favor and christen you Bob as your private name.

Rose bit her lip hard, trying not to laugh because she could sense shock at that and then bemusement.

Bob, eh? Okay, if you say so, Arkytior, he thought back, amused.

I do say so, Bob, Rose said, thrusting the name back into his mind as hard as she could.

She grinned when the Doctor openly laughed at that. She opened one eye and noticed the women were looking right at him, probably wondering what was so funny but she didn't elaborate and neither did he as she closed her eye again. Then she suddenly felt a burst of love coming from the Doctor that was so strong she had to fight not to stagger.

You wanted to know what I was going to say to you that day on Bad Wolf Bad, the Doctor thought to her. What you feel now is my silent answer to that question.

A few tears fell from Rose's eyes as she felt her mind filling up with love. She didn't care if Ortha or anyone else could see she was crying because at this moment she was so happy that the Doctor had done that privately. Especially since he wasn't the type of man to be this affectionate. She tried to return the favor and sent what she hoped was love in return, although she wasn't sure if she was doing it right. Still, it didn't matter, she felt sure the Doctor knew how much she loved him.

Then the Doctor took his fingers away from her face and Rose gasped as the love and warmth instantly faded into nothingness. It was so encompassing that the lack of it was like a big gaping hole in her mind and she craved more of it. But despite that, she did still sense the Doctor's presence in her mind and she clung to that with every ounce of her being as she opened her eyes.

"There, it's done," the Doctor was saying to the women. "I bonded with her. Happy now?"

"I give you a choice now," Ortha said. "You can have your honeymoon here or in more lavish quarters. What will it be?"

"Wow, what a hard choice. Because the tattered duvets over here are sooo inviting," the Doctor said while Rose put her hand to her face to hide her laughter. "I've always wanted to shag my lives mate on roach infested blankets on a steel floor. Can't think of anything better than that."

"Is that your answer then?" Mira said.

"No, it's not my answer, you daft cow," the Doctor said. "I was being sarcastic. What? Do they program you to take everything literally around here?"

"If you don't answer us, you will be force to copulate here," Ortha said angrily.

"Fine. Rose and I will take the poshest room you have on board with all the amenities and room service included. Oh yes and we want an en suite bathroom with it as well. Happy?"

Ortha glowered at him and then shook her head.

"I will enjoy bending you to our will so we can silence that mouth of yours," she muttered.

"Just try it, I dare ya," the Doctor said.

Mira growled at him and raised her blaster to shoot him in the head but Ortha commanded her to stop.

"No, we promised they would have a night to themselves and then we will make their lives a living hell," she said to Mira. "So go and ready a room for them so we can get this over with."

"And put lots of porno films in the room so Rose and I can get in the mood," the Doctor called to the ladies as they filed out of the room. "And a few dildos and some blow up dolls."

"Some costumes as well," Rose said to their backs. "And some lacy lingerie. And a douche please!" she yelled as Ortha slammed the door shut.

The Doctor shook his head.

"Nutters," he muttered to himself.

"Yeeeeah," Rose said. "But deep down inside, you have to admit you like them, dontcha Bob?"

She giggled when the Doctor rolled his eyes at that.

"And I thought River was a handful," he said as Rose playfully poked his cheek.

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