Chapter Ten

Ortha seethed as she, Mira and the other sisters walked down the corridor that led away from the prison cells.

"I don't understand, why are you treating them so well," Mira said to Ortha. "The Doctor has shown nothing but contempt for us. Why not break them now?"

"Because I want them to have a moment of bliss before the torment begins," Ortha said, stopping them. "I want them to be bonded to each other because I know that now each has a bit of the other's consciousness inside of them and now if something happens to one, the other will feel it. Plus, it will be more agonizing watching the one they loved being tortured and broken in front of them. That is why I'm allowing them this night together. I want them to have that memory and the pleasure and love that went with it inside their minds when we start we start brainwashing them as an extra added torment. And…I want them to try to procreate. Especially since now we have proof that the ape has a powerful entity inside of her. Imagine what would happen if they had a child. All that power plus the DNA of the most powerful Time Lord ever. Their child could be molded by us and brought up to rule as a Pythia once we begin subjugating worlds. And the child's parents will willingly guard their child and protect it from harm, thus ensuring that the Pythia not only stays in power but stays protected. That is why I'm doing this."

Mira and the other women bowed their heads, acquiescing to her.

"Now go and prepare a room for them," Ortha told them. "The faster we do this, the faster we can start on the torture and reeducation."

Mira and the women bowed again. They were about to leave when another of the sisters came running towards them from the opposite way.

"Ortha, we have picked up a homing beacon from inside our monastery back on Karn," the woman said.

The women looked at one another.

"Are you sure about this?" Ortha said.

""Yes, we traced the signal to our laboratory," the woman said, bowing her head slightly.

"The other ape…Clara, wasn't it?" Mira said. "Perhaps she's inside and trying to locate the Doctor."

"Perhaps it's a trap," another woman said.

Ortha snorted.

"One lone ape against the Sisterhood, we'll see about that. However, we won't risk taking the freighter back to Karn and having our captives rescued or escape on their own. Take two small cruisers and several of the women and return there to see what's going on. We'll continue on our course and you can meet us on Vala once the matter has been sorted."

"Yes, Ortha," the woman said, bowing.

"Some of you, go with her," Ortha said to the women. "Mira, you stay here with me and help oversee the conditioning of our captives."

Everyone bowed. Everyone except Mira hurried to do Ortha's bidding as they caught up with the messenger. Ortha and Mira stood and watched them go and when they were out of earshot, Ortha looked at Mira and smiled.

"If all goes well, we'll have another guest here soon," Ortha said to her.


Eleven and Ten walked out of the laboratory in search of the War Doctor and Clara. As they walked, both men were silent for a time until Eleven finally cleared his throat to catch his counterparts attention.

"Do you still miss her?" he asked Ten. "Rose, I mean."

"Always," Ten said softly as he looked straight ahead.

Eleven nodded.

"Be hard to let go after seeing her again," he mused.

"We have to do it," Ten said, shaking his head. "We can't be selfish."

"Don't you think I know that?" Eleven said with a sudden burst of anger. "I have lost several more people are Rose, several in this body, and I had to let them go and resist the temptation to play God and bring them all back."

He noticed the pain he was causing his predecessor and apologized.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Eleven said.

"Doesn't shock me. The universe has always been cruel when it comes to the people I care about," Ten said with a shrug. "Hearing that I'm going to lose more people in future hurts but it's not surprising to me."

"But the temptation to go and bring them back is always there," Eleven said.

"Which is why we must resist it," Ten said, looking at him. "I tried playing God a few days ago after returning Adelaide, Yuri and Mia from Mars and it didn't work. Won't make that mistake again."

Eleven nodded.

"But we can take a bit of comfort in this small mercy and enjoy what little time we'll have with her after we get her back," Ten said sympathetically. "Before we return her to her proper timeline."

Eleven smiled sadly and nodded.

"And then hopefully, her memories of this time will fade and she'll carry on as before to stop Davros from using the Reality Bomb," Eleven said.

Ten nodded. Eleven glanced at him.

"If that's so then perhaps we could tell her how we truly feel about her. Let her know that she is loved," Eleven said.

"Why? What would be the point of that if she won't remember it?" Ten said.

"Because perhaps subconsciously she will and I wish her to know that even if we must be apart from her, that somewhere deep inside she'll know that we do love her and always will."

The Doctor smiled and nodded at that. He noticed that Clara was coming towards them from the opposite end of the Tapestries Room and he nudged Eleven.

"Clara and you, are you and she…" he trailed off, leaving it as a question.

Eleven smiled.

"Not officially but I do care deeply for her," he said softly. "You'll like her, she's brilliant."

"Aren't they all?" Ten replied.

"Hey, there you are," Clara said, walking to them as they entered the Tapestries Room.

"Yes, here we are, how about that?" Eleven said while Ten chuckled.

"Guess what?" Clara said.

Eleven stopped in his tracks, put his finger against his cheek and pretended to think while Ten stopped and watched him.

"Grumpy Cat finally had a bowel movement and that stopped him from being grumpy?" he said to her.

"Funny," Clara said wryly while Ten sniggered.

"Well, you know, that could be the source of his sourness. Lack of loo time," Eleven said with a shrug.

"Prunes could help, they're a miracle worker for lack of loo time," Ten said to him.

"Ah yes, must find some or perhaps an enema kit, although I wouldn't want to be the one administering it. Clara, you do things for me! If we find an enema kit…"

"No!" Clara said emphatically.

"Well, bang goes that idea then," Eleven said while Ten chortled. "Anyway, what is the whole answer to guess what?"

"We're making supper for everyone," Clara said.

"You and him?" Eleven said.


"What are having then? Soufflés and prunes?"

"Doctor, shut up," Clara said good-naturedly while the two Doctors giggled.

"Maybe we're having munge?" Ten said with wide eyes.

"What's…munge?" Clara said.

"Well, since I thought up the name I suppose it's anything I want it to be," Ten said, winking.

"Ooo! That's it! Munge can be soufflés and prunes combined," Eleven said.

"Ooo, that sounds brilliant!" Ten said. "Okay, from here on out, soufflés and prunes is called munge."

"We're having roast and potatoes actually," Clara said.

"That's not munge," Eleven said to Ten.

"No, definitely not munge in the slightest. Roast and potatoes should be mungier than that."

"I give up," Clara said, turning and heading back the way she came. "If you want food, follow me."

"Is there munge involved?" Eleven said as he and Ten followed her.

Clara grinned and held up her hand over her head, flipping them the vees while she kept her eyes forward.

"Oh, I see, there's two munges involved," Eleven said to Ten.

"Or that's her IQ," Ten said.

"Sod off, Doctor," Clara said over her shoulder while the Doctors giggled and snorted laughter at that.

Eleven glanced at Ten and the two of them hurried to catch up to her. Once they reached her side, they put their hands on the small of her back and the three of them walked side by side as they headed towards the kitchen.

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