Chapter Eleven

Twelve kept his arm around Rose as the two of them followed Ortha down the passageway to their room. Mira and two other women were behind them, keeping blasters aimed at their backs just in case they tried something. By now, the Doctor was trying to think up a way to prevent Rose from getting pregnant and try to delay what was to come after their honeymoon. He felt sure that there were cameras all over the room and that someone would be monitoring them the entire night to make sure they did something. He tried to stifle the rage that was building in his mind at the moment. Being married to Rose wasn't a life threatening thing since it was just a ritual but having a child was dangerous. It would be different if Rose was from his timeline but she wasn't and he was afraid that if she became pregnant and carried it to term, the future would be irreversibly changed and the entire universe might suffer.

Ortha looked over her shoulder and held her hand back to them, telling them to stop. The Doctor and Rose stopped together and the Doctor looked over at another steel sliding door off to Ortha's left.

"This will be your room for tonight," Ortha said to them. "Enjoy it while it lasts and don't even think about not having sex because we'll be watching you."

"I figured that," the Doctor said.

Someone behind him nudged him in the back with the blaster and the Doctor sighed and walked with Rose to the door. Ortha ran her hand over the wall beside it and a keypad appeared. She input a code and the door slid open. Rose's eyes goggled at the interior. Unlike their cell, this room was lavishly decorated with red and black Chinese rugs, red velvet wallpaper and a wooden four poster bed with a quilted red duvet and red pillows trimmed with black lace. There was a large refrigerator near the door along with a stove and beside it was an oak desk with a TV on top of it. The room smelled heavily of perfume and there was soft romantic music playing from a hidden speaker. The Doctor and Rose stepped inside and looked around. There were two floor lamps as well as four wall lamps, all of the lamps black with red lampshades. The shades helped to dim the light and the whole room had an intimate feel to it. The Doctor looked over his shoulder as the door slid shut.

"No threat?" he said to Rose. "No one saying you better shag or else?"

"I think they already made that clear," Rose said.

She walked over to the refrigerator while the Doctor scanned the room for any signs of CCTV. He didn't see any but figured they'd been hidden in the ceiling or cloaked. He didn't doubt that they were going to watch him and Rose tonight, not only to make sure they did the deed but also he figured they would get a perverse thrill out of watching a Time Lord mating with an ape.

"They have milk in here, I think," Rose said, pulling a pitcher filled with white liquid out of the refrigerator. "Water as well unless it's vodka or something like that. They have food, I think. It's wrapped up in plastic but I don't recognize anything. You might know though."

She put the milk back in the refrigerator and shut it. She turned and noticed that the Doctor was inspecting the bed. She walked over to him, found a small remote control by the television and used it to turn the TV on. The Doctor glanced over his shoulder when he heard moaning and noticed there was alien porn on the TV. Rose watched transfixed as a humanoid alien with purple skin and white spots was using a long, anteater type tongue, flicking it in and out of a pink humanoid alien's vagina or what Rose hoped was her vagina. The pink alien was moaning and writhing on a bed while the tongue flicked in and out. The Doctor walked up beside Rose and leaned his head forward, chuckling at the odd expression on her face.

"A Maul," he said, pointing to the alien with the tongue. "And the female is Crax. I believe you've stumbled onto the kinky sort of porn, Rose."

"Is this normal for these two…species?"

"Sex, you mean? No, I don't think so. In fact, I suspect that the female is doing this against her will. Mauls have been known to do a bit of trafficking for sex slaves."

"That's terrible," Rose said.

"Yes, unfortunately that doesn't just happen on Earth," the Doctor said.

Rose turned off the TV and turned towards the bed. Aware that she was in the same predicament at the moment as the Crax, she began taking the Time Lord robes and regalia off and laying them by the bed. As she disrobed, she was aware that the Doctor wasn't doing the same, just standing there and watching her. She wondered if he was buying time or perhaps just enjoying the sight of her undressing. She felt a bit self conscious doing this. She had lain with the Doctor before but they never had sex and they always had nightclothes on. She'd been naked around him before but it'd always been involuntary. She snorted at that thought since the other times had been involuntary, mostly due to her being captured, disrobed and restrained by some nutter. This disrobing was more intimate plus it didn't help that they were being watched by hidden cameras. She wondered again if the sisters were betting on the outcome or just critiquing them as they watched the action. Once the robe was off and on the floor, Rose started to take off her bra and panties when the Doctor put a hand on her shoulder and told her to wait. Rose watched as he started to disrobe and lay aside his clothes and regalia. It amused her that she finally had the answer to the question boxers or briefs when she saw his y fronts. She also noticed that he had quite a significant bulge inside them and also that he was in good shape for the age of his body. He took everything off except the underwear before he walked to the front of the bed and drew the blanket down. The sheets underneath were the same red color as everything else which Rose thought made it look more sensual.

She watched while the Doctor walked around the bed and her heart raced when he walked up to her back and stopped. She began to breathe heavily in anticipation of being with him and shivers went up her spine when he laid his hand there and slowly moved it up to her bra.

"Perhaps this is for the best," the Doctor murmured as he laid his other hand against her right side.

"How'd ya mean?" Rose said, glancing over his shoulder.

Her heart beat even faster when he leaned his head into her ear.

"If you do become pregnant," he whispered in her ear. "They wouldn't torture you as badly. They wouldn't risk damaging the child."

"But what about the timeline?" Rose whispered. "You're not suggesting aborting the baby after we escape?"

"No, I wouldn't do that," the Doctor whispered as he pretended to fiddle with her bra. "But if by chance, this does happen, we'll figured out a way to make it work and keep your timeline intact."

Rose nodded. She felt another shiver when the Doctor kissed the rim of her ear before he finished unhooking her bra. Rose felt the bra loosen but she kept still while the Doctor eased it off her before letting it drop to the floor.

"Hate that we have voyeurs while I'm doing this," the Doctor muttered to her.

Rose nodded. She kept still while the Doctor leaned his head back in, figuring he was going to whisper something else. Instead, he came in closer and wrapped his arms around her before laying his hands on her breasts, cupping them gently. Rose's breath caught in her throat momentarily at the sensation and she felt herself getting hard and wet as the Doctor kissed her cheek and her ear. They were so close, she could feel him getting hard and it thrilled her that she was able to turn him on even if he acted like he wasn't interested in her any more. As the Doctor continued to kiss her cheek and neck, Rose reached up and ran her fingers through his short, graying hair as she breathed heavily and leaned back into him. The Doctor finished kissing her and urged her to go towards the front of the bed. Rose complied and the Doctor glanced around, still angry that they were being watched and hating that there was nothing he could do about it. He gently turned Rose around so she was facing him and took hold of her panties sliding them down while Rose did the same with his underwear. When the underwear was past the goods, Rose took an appraising look at them and raised her eyebrow.

"My, my, Bob, you're well hung," she teased as their underwear slid down their legs and dropped to the floor.

"I really wish you never thought of Bob," the Doctor said, rolling his eyes while Rose giggled.

"Could call you Spock then."

"No. On second thought, stay with Bob," the Doctor said while Rose giggled harder.

She began to fondle his privates and now it was the Doctor's turn to breathe heavily. He thought perhaps he would be able to control his emotions and keep himself from becoming horny but he hadn't counted on just how deeply he desired Rose even after all these years apart from her. He had made love to River numerous times but he'd never felt as much desire for her as he did for Rose at this moment. It still amazed him that a simple human had the power to make him feel this way and he knew now that he had to have her. He figured that was the point of all this, to increase the torment afterwards by giving them both a night of pleasure. But with Rose stroking his balls, he suddenly didn't give a damn about controlling himself. He grinned. Let them watch how much fun he was having. He felt sure that not one of the sisters had even had sex and if they did, it was nothing like this. If they got their jollies from watching him bang his mate, so be it. He lay Rose down gently onto the bed and followed her, grabbing the blankets and pulling them up over his back to afford them a small measure of privacy.

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