Chapter Twelve

Ten and Eleven sat at the dining room table while Clara and the War Doctor brought the food to them. They pretended to make a big deal about who got to sit in Rose's throne before Eleven declared age before beauty and plopped down into it. Ten chuckled and sat down on his right and the two of them grabbed some empty plates, cutlery and goblets and pretended to be medieval lords demanding their supper.

"Come, wench, give us our munge!" Ten yelled.

"Yes, munge galore, peasants!" Eleven added.

"How old are you?" the War Doctor said as he and Clara entered the room with the food.

"I'm only as old as I feel inside," Eleven said pompously.

"Then you must be two years old then," the War Doctor said while Clara chuckled.

He had a huge dish filled with roast and potatoes while Clara carried in a large bowl filled with salad and a pitcher of wine. They sat the food and wine down near the Doctors and Clara sat at Eleven's left side while the War Doctor waited to see where she was going before setting down beside her.

"You don't want to sit by me?" Ten said to the War Doctor, pretending to pout.

"No, I want to sit by the only adult in this room," the War Doctor replied as Clara began to cut the roast and give out portions of food and drink to everyone.

"Thanks muchly," Ten said when Clara finished with his plate and goblet and handed them to him.

"I'm the lord, I should have been served first," Eleven teased his companion when she took his plate and goblet. "I rule over this castle and all of you are my vassals."

"I'm not included in your vassal count then," the War Doctor muttered as he helped Clara with the salad.

When she finished with Eleven's plate and goblet, she handed both things to him and started to take the War Doctors plate and goblet. He smiled and held up his hand, telling her to worry about herself.

"I appreciate the gesture but you go ahead and eat, Clara," he said to her.

Clara nodded and fixed her plate and poured herself some wine while the Doctor did the same.

"So…how will we know if we're receiving visitors while we eat?" Ten said to everyone while they ate.

"I patched the computer's speakers into the intercom system and set up an alert if something is approaching the planet," the War Doctor said. "If you hear a sudden, high pitched beep, that'll be them."

"Or it'll be Godzilla," Eleven said.

"What?" the War Doctor said while Clara sniggered.

"Godzilla. You never know," Eleven said shrugging.

"If you say so," the War Doctor muttered while Eleven winked at Clara.

"I agree. It could also be Mothra, Rodan…" Ten said.

"The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters." Eleven added.

"Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time," Ten added.

"The entire cast of Eastenders," Clara said, joining in, while the War Doctor tried not to smile.

"Freddy Krueger," Ten said. "Catwoman, Batman, Joker…"

"Your auntie," Clara said to Ten.

"Nah, Auntie would never invade us," Eleven said. "She's at home knitting doilies."

They snickered when the War Doctor gave them all an odd look before shaking his head and eating a bit of potato.

"So…what was it like, fighting in the Time War?" Clara asked the War Doctor.

Ten and Eleven fell silent and looked expectantly at the War Doctor as he finished swallowing a sip of wine.

"Very hard and very depressing," the War Doctor said, glancing at her. "Lot of strife and misery."

"Lots of lives lost," Ten said solemnly while Eleven nodded.

"Did you go it alone?" Clara asked.

"Sometimes," the War Doctor said. "Did have help. I recently had a friend called Cinder that helped me. But we got separated."

Ten and Eleven shared a glance but said nothing about Cinder or her future.

"Sorry if I'm depressing everyone," Clara said suddenly. "I was just being curious."

"No, you're alright," Eleven said, patting her hand. "It's not like it's the only bad thing that's ever happened to us."

"Got that right," Ten muttered.

"What about Rose? Do you have any happy memories about her?" Clara asked, changing the subject to something more positive.

She smiled when Ten and Eleven grinned at that.

"Heaps of good memories," Eleven said. "We had a blast just like I have a blast traveling with you."

"Like what? Tell me something you did," Clara said.

Ten and Eleven glanced at each other and Ten motioned to Eleven to do the talking. Eleven thought for a moment and then told her about The Wire and the story of that adventure. The War Doctor and Clara listened in an enraptured silence while Ten ate and smiled, relieving the memory in his own mind. Clara flinched when he described finding Rose without any face and she grimaced, hoping something like that would never happen to her. He was near the end of his story when suddenly they heard a shrill beep coming from overhead and everyone groaned.

"Damn, have to save the end for later, I suppose," Eleven said, standing up. "I feel just like a fireman getting called off to fight a fire."

"Let's just hope we can get this particular fire under control," the War Doctor said before the four of them headed out of the room.

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