Chapter Fifteen

After securing the women inside the prison cells, Ten and Eleven brought Xapta to the Interrogation Room and strapped her into the chair. Ten left to check on any more intruders with the War Doctor and Clara, leaving Eleven to find out information from their captive. Eleven waited until the door was closed before he turned his attention back to Xapta who was sitting in the chair in front of him, glowering at him with pure hate.

"So, it's just you and me now," the Doctor said to Xapta. "So why don't we just cut the formalities and get right down to business. Where is the Doctor and Rose? Where are you hiding them?"

Xapta smirked.

"Whoever you are, you won't be able to find them," she said smugly. "We've hidden them somewhere."

"FYI, I'm the Doctor and I will find out what you know," Eleven replied.

"You're not the Doctor. We have the Doctor."

"I know. But if you know anything about Time Lords, you'll know about regeneration and guess what, I'm an earlier version of the Doctor you captured and that man that just left, he's an even earlier version and the old man is even earlier. So you're facing three Doctors now and all of us are pissed off and want answers so cut the crap and tell me what you know!"

"You are a blasphemer, an infidel; you will never defeat the Sisterhood!" Xapta spat out.

The Doctor sighed and without warning, lunged at her, putting his fingertips against her temples. Her eyes rolled back in her head as Eleven entered her mind and began to try to break down the barrier around her mind. He felt some resistance from Xapta but he found the barrier extremely flimsy and he was able to punch through it in no time. As soon as he did, the barrier began to crumble and the Doctor found a scared little girl behind the arrogant brainwashed cult member. When he saw that the barrier was being eradicated with no chance of coming back, he took himself out of her mind and took his fingers away from her head. He stepped back and watched while Xapta seemed to awaken from a trance before looking around in confusion. She then focused on the Doctor.

"Hello, welcome back," he said gently.

"You…you freed me," Xapta said.

"Yes. You were brainwashed and your true self was sealed away so you could be controlled. Luckily, they don't know how to make a strong enough barrier to stop me. Now what is your name?"

"Xapta. From the planet Trios."

"I know that world. Beautiful place. You were kidnapped then?"

"I was on a luxury cruiser with my parents, on holiday. We were flying past Karn when something hit us and we crashed onto the planet. I was the only survivor, I think. At least that's what they told me when I came to. I was badly injured with broken bones and they mended me. They pretended to be kind at first and tried to get me to join them. But I wanted to go back home and when I resisted…"

"They brainwashed you," Eleven said, nodding.

"Yes. Look, I'm sorry for what I did. I didn't want to do it but I couldn't help myself…"

"It's alright, it's fine, I understand," Eleven said, holding up his hand. "The important thing is you're free now and you can help us get them back."

"I'll do what I can, Doctor, but Ortha is powerful and she's not brainwashed like most of the others. She really wants to be a part of this cult."

"She's hungry for power?"

"Yes," Xapta said, nodding. "She's crazy. I think she hoped that Rose would be a puppet and she could control her but it didn't work out that way. The other Doctor managed to free her and now Ortha is forcing them to wed and have a child."

"What?" Eleven said, his eyes widened. "For what purpose?"

"To torture them and also because she wants the child to become the next Pythia."

"Oh no, no, no, no," the Doctor said, shaking his head. "It's imperative that we find them then as soon as possible. Especially Rose, if can conceive a child, we need to rescue her before she becomes a brood mare for the sisterhood."

"I can help you, please let me help. I'm not like them anymore, I promise."

Eleven nodded. He unstrapped Xapta and she breathed a sigh of relief as she stood up.

"I believe you. I took down the barrier around your mind so you can think independently of them now," Eleven said.

"They don't know about you, Doctor. All they know about is Clara."

"Then we can use that to our advantage. For now, let's introduce you to the rest of the team and let them know that it is possible to "cure" you. Come."

Xapta followed the Doctor as he left the Interrogation Room. He ran into Ten a few minutes later while he was making his way back to them. Ten stopped and frowned when he noticed Xapta was free but after Eleven explained, an overjoyed look came on his face and he shook her hand and told her how happy he was that she was free at last. He then led her back to the others and after another explanation, Xapta shook hands with Clara and the War Doctor. Xapta then apologized to Clara for any mistreatment.

"S'alright, I understand," Clara said. "No need to apologize. Just happy you're you again."

"They aren't being harmed…yet," Xapta said. "They have one night together and the torture starts tomorrow."

"Then we need to strategize and come up with a plan," Eleven said.

"I have a beginning of a plan," Ten said.

"Oh? What is it?" the War Doctor said.

"Xapta said they don't know about us," Ten said, indicating himself and his counterparts. "If we can deprogram the others, we can have one of us go with Clara as a prisoner while the other two hide on the gliders. The deprogrammed women can get us inside and get us close to Ortha. They can also provide a distraction while whoever is left sneaks on board the freighter and tries to undermine what is going on. Maybe Clara and I can provide enough of a distraction and keep them busy while the others find the Doctor and Rose and get them to safety."

"Who will be the captive then?" Eleven said.

The three Doctors looked at one another.

"Draw straws for it?" Ten said, shrugging.

"Don't have any straws on me at the moment," Eleven said with a shrug.

"Here, I'll solve this," Clara said.

She stepped in front of them and did eeny meeny miney mo while she pointed to each Doctor in turn. When she finished her finger was pointing at Eleven.

"Hardly scientific way of choosing who goes into captivity, Clara," Eleven said while Ten snickered. "But since you've chosen me, I'll volunteer. You and my wartime self here will hide in the glider for a time and then come out and start searching."

"Why search?" Ten said. "Have Xapta stay with you and let her lead you to them when the time comes."

"Can the others be freed from their mind control?" Eleven said to Xapta.

"A few of them might but some are there voluntarily like Ortha or Mira. They want to be all powerful."

"We can try them out one at a time and see who has a barrier around their mind," Ten said with a shrug.

"Yes, but…time is of the essence here," the War Doctor said. "We only have one night before they start to torture them. Xapta, can you tell me and my other self how to find the room and then you can take him and Clara to Ortha?"

"And leave the rest here?" Xapta said, frowning.

"They know that there's more than one Doctor now," Eleven said. "The others, I mean. They might say something if we keep them as they are."

"How about this?" Ten said. "Tell Ortha that you captured me and Clara and since you found someone else besides her, the others sent you back while they searched more thoroughly."

"Good thinking," Eleven said. "Is that alright?" he said to Xapta.

"Yes, I think I can convince Ortha of that," Xapta said.

"There's restraints in the cupboard near the arsenal. I remember seeing them during our search," the War Doctor said. "Let her restrain you and Clara but keep close to them," he said to Xapta, "and try to convince Ortha to let you escort them to a prison cell. You can free them then."

Xapta nodded.

"So…" Ten said. "Shall we ready the team members and carry out our plan then?"

Everyone nodded. Xapta led the way as they walked towards the cupboard that contained the restraints.

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