Chapter Sixteen

Eleven put his finger inside the metal collar around his neck and tugged at it, making a face at the tightness of it. He and Clara had been fitted with a restraint collar that would deliver a powerful shock to the body if one of them tried to resist. It was uncomfortable and he could tell that Clara didn't like wearing hers either but he would put up with it in order to get his future self and Rose back safely. Meanwhile, Xapta showed them a couple of hidden compartments in the floor that were used for storage. Both of them were deep enough for Ten and the War Doctor to hide in when the time came. After making sure that no CCTV was on board, the Doctors and Clara walked up to the cockpit where Xapta was piloting the ship back to the freighter. They stayed quiet while Xapta radioed someone in the radio room on board the freighter and explained that they had captured Clara and an unidentified man and she was bringing them back to the ship while the others searched. She asked the woman to relay her message to Ortha and the radio went silent for several minutes. Then suddenly she heard Ortha's voice coming from the speaker.

"You have two prisoners?" Ortha said.

Xapta glanced at her friends standing behind her chair before she spoke to her.

"Yes, I have the one called Clara and an unidentified man. We managed to ambush them and they have been restrained. The others said I should go ahead and bring them to you while they stayed behind and searched for others."

"Very good. Make sure they are truly restrained so they don't attack you," Ortha said. "The last thing we want is for you to end up captured."

"Yes, Ma'am," Xapta said.

"Keep me updated if the others radio you with news. Until then, keep an eye on the captives."

"Yes, Ma'am."

Ortha ended the transmission and looked at her friends.

"Can she hear us?" Eleven mouthed to her as he pointed to the radio.

"No, I switched it off."

"Good," Eleven said before he put his hands around her neck. "I captured you then."

Xapta gave him a bemused look while Clara chuckled. Eleven grinned and let go of her neck.

"So…" Eleven said. "So far she's believed our story."

"Yes, but she's no fool, Doctor," Xapta said, looking over her shoulder at him.

"I never said she was," Eleven said. "Just because we fooled her now doesn't mean she won't twig to what we're doing eventually. That's why we need to create a distraction so our colleagues can have time to search and rescue."

"What about CCTV?" Ten said to Xapta. "Do they have it there?"

"Yes, that's the only thing wrong with the plan," Xapta said.

"Not really, we can use the cloaking devices we used to sneak up on the Sisterhood," the War Doctor said. "I have several in my pocket."

"Let me have three then, if you have them," Eleven said to him. "One for me, Clara and Xapta to use when the time comes."

The War Doctor nodded, reached into his pocket and pulled out several tiny black spheres that projected a forcefield around someone if they activated them and put them in their pocket. The forcefield rendered the wearer invisible and shielded from detection. He gave one to Ten as well before he put them back in his pocket.

"I have enough for the other Doctor and Rose but you better take a couple just in case you find them first," the War Doctor said after a moment's reflection.

He gave Eleven two more spheres and he gave one of them to Clara in case they got split up. After that, they stood and waited for Xapta to dock with the space freighter.


"I'm a bit hungry now," Twelve said as he lay in the bed with Rose. "Bit thirsty as well."

"What if that stuff in the fridge is poisoned?" Rose asked him.

Twelve snorted.

"Come on, Rose. Really? You really think they'd go through all this trouble to get us to mate just so they could poison us with milk afterwards. Be sensible."

"You never know," Rose said with a shrug.

She started to get out of bed and then remembered that they were being watched and suddenly became self conscious about it. The Doctor sensed why she was hesitant and chuckled.

"I have a feeling the good sisters probably have some sort of x-ray device to look under the blankets at us," he said. "Besides, they probably seen it all before after dressing everyone in their daft clothes. I would pretend they weren't watching and just go get the food."

Rose nodded and the Doctor sat up, watching with bemusement as she still flung one arm across her breasts and put the other over her crotch while she ran to the fridge. She kept her hand on her crotch while she used her other hand to open the fridge door.

"So…water or milk?" Rose said to him.

"Milk, let's be adventurous," the Doctor said as he lay in the bed.

Rose made a face as she took the pitcher out of the fridge. She kicked the door closed and the Doctor looked at the ceiling and rolled his eyes when she ran back with her hand still over her crotch.

"I love how you make this little half an effort to be so modest, even though you're completely starkers otherwise," the Doctor said as she sat down on the bed and covered her crotch area with the blanket before putting the pitcher down on the bedside table.

"So…where are cups or glasses?" the Doctor said to her. "Or are we just going to swig it out of the pitcher like a couple of savages."

"I didn't see anything to drink from, Doctor. So I suppose we'll be savages," Rose said, over her shoulder.

The Doctor chuckled at that and flung the blanket off his body. Rose watched while he got out of the bed naked and proceeded to strut around the room.

"Yeah, get a load of me then," the Doctor said to the ceiling as he pointed to his penis. "See, I'm not like Little Miss Modest over there, I'm proud of my manhood. Get a gander at it, ladies!"

Rose was snorting out laughter as the Doctor gyrated his hips and pointed repeatedly to his penis while he kept his eyes on the ceiling.

"Yeah, you like that, don't ya?" he said to the ceiling. "You wish you were in here with me doing the nasty instead of my wife, huh?"

"Doctor, if you don't shut up, they'll come in here and gang rape you or something like that," Rose said after she calmed down from laughing.

"They couldn't hold me inside them, I'm much too massive for their puny fannies," he said, sashaying around the room. "You hear that, you Clown Faced Gits! I'm the Oncoming Storm, yeah!" he said, pointing to his penis with both index fingers. "Get a dekko at my Oncoming Storm, right here!"

"Doctor, sit down before they come in here with a knife and chop off the Oncoming Storm," Rose said, trying to be annoyed with him and failing miserably.

She laughed when the Doctor thrust his groin out once before strutting back to the bed and sitting down on top of the duvet beside Rose.

"You know, this is very freeing being in the altogether," the Doctor said as he put his hands on the bed and leaned back slightly. "Bit drafty sure, but quite worth it because my John Thomas was just dying to come out and play."

By now, Rose was bent over laughing while the Doctor grinned at her.

"So…milk then?" he said casually as he leaned across her to grab the pitcher. "I like a bit of milk in the altogether. Makes it taste nummier."

Rose sobered up and watched while he took a small experimental sip from the pitcher before taking a huge swig of it. Rose chortled as he pointed repeatedly at his penis while he drank the milk. Then after twenty seconds, he lowered the picture and let out a huge "Aaah!" before offering the pitcher to Rose. Rose looked at it dubiously while the Doctor waited for her to take it from him.

"Is it worth drinking?" Rose said to him.


"Are you lying to me?" Rose said.

"Well, I'll leave that up to you to decide. But whether or not you decide to drink it, take the pitcher from me because my arm is getting tired."

Rose took the pitcher and snorted out laughter when the Doctor proceeded to point out his penis to the ceiling with both index fingers.

"Have a dekko, ladies, it's on me!" he yelled up at the ceiling.

"They're gonna make you suffer for that," Rose said to him.

"Eh, I'm not afraid of Holier Than Thou and her eager little disciples," the Doctor said. "I've heard Clara sing before and that was far worse torment than anything they could devise. HEY, DID I MENTION I WAS MASSIVE!" he yelled up at the ceiling while Rose giggled. "I AM THE DOCTOR AND THIS IS MY DOCTORY DILDO RIGHT HERE! IF YOU'RE GONNA WORSHIP SOMETHING, WORSHIP THIS, YOU LOT!"

"Damn it, Doctor, you're gonna make me wet myself," Rose said, putting the pitcher down on the table before she dropped it.

"I'm just pointing out why so many across the universe fear and admire me so," the Doctor said innocently. "Can I help it if have a massive dingaling?"

Rose snorted out laughter again while the Doctor chuckled.

"Wow, you're even more snarky than you were in your ninth body, if that's possible," Rose said after sobering up.

"I'm just saying, Rose, that I'm massive. Can I help it if I like to toot my own horn from time to time? I certainly had no complaints from you while we were mating."

"No, that's true. No complaints definitely."


Rose was now lying back on the bed laughing hysterically while the Doctor flipped the vees to the ceiling.

"Oh God, I'm gonna die of laughter before they even get in here," Rose said after she recovered enough to speak.

The Doctor lay back on the bed beside her and smiled at her as she kept on giggling softly.

"Eh, you and I, we can withstand anything they can throw at us, yeah?" he said to her.

"Yeah," Rose said. "We're the stuff of legends."

That we are. You with your courage and perseverance and intelligence and me with my massive meaty doodah, we're unbeatable."

Rose giggled anew and the Doctor rolled onto his side, leaned up and kissed her cheek.

"So anyway, I'm still a bit famished. So since you're being all Victorian, I will go over and see what is edible."

Rose laughed when he got up and very slowly and deliberately made his way over to fridge while he kept his eyes towards the ceiling and his finger pointed at his penis.

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